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The Search for a Home and a Friend: Part Three

by hannahcreep


Spike and Jason landed in the hot, blistering Moltara. Spike and Jason ran up the hot stairs. When they reached the upper part of Moltara, they started to fly so they wouldn't have to touch the ground. They reached inside the store to see it had no petpets. They sighed and sat down on a cold stone chair.

     "We only have about five locations left. I'll never get a house or a friend," said Spike.

     Right before Jason could say something, a red Kacheek burst in and yelled, "The guy who runs the Magma Pool is letting a couple random people take a dip in it!"

     Spike and Jason ran out and flew above the pool and watched hundreds on neopets gather around it.

     "The most deserving neopets will be able to become a magma pet. I shall decide and they will come forth to the Magma Pool," said the magma Tonu.

     The pets that were picked were a Halloween Gelert, a speckled Lenny, a yellow Kacheek, and.... Jason. Jason wanted to fly away but other flying neopets brought him down. Jason stood in line with the other three pets.

      As the Tonu pushed the pets in, Jason said, "You don't understand! I'm a royal pet. If I turn magma, my owner will kill me!"

      Before the Tonu could feel guilty, he pushed Jason in. Spike tried to run up and get him, but he disappeared into the magma.

      "Whoa there, buddy!" said the Tonu. "Watch, they're coming out!"

      The first one to come out was the Gelert. Everybody was cheering. He ran around in circles because he was so excited. The next one was the Lenny who flew up and down the way Lennies did. Then the Kacheek came out. She looked shy but a couple brave girls tried to give her a hug. Then came Jason, who was shocked by his appearance.

      "Somebody throw some water on me!" he shouted.

      He started crying lava when he realized how much trouble he was going to be in. People started to ignore him and just walk away.

      "What am I going to tell my owner?! My owner will kill me!" Jason complained.

      "Well, how does it feel being magma?" asked Spike.

      "A tingling feeling. It doesn't feel hot anymore. I feel lighter and stronger," said Jason.

      Spike tried to pull Jason up without totally burning himself.

     Jason stopped complaining and said, "Let's just get to Shenkuu and I will explain this to my owner."

     Jason and Spike flew up, but he realized Jason was falling behind.

     "Are you okay?" asked Spike.

     "Fine! Just keep going!" Jason yelled like nothing was wrong.

      Jason and Spike stopped one mile before Shenkuu because a blizzard started to form and Jason couldn't fly any further. Jason started to lose his magma and started to turn more into stone. Spike tried to carry Jason on his back the rest of the way.

      "All right back there?" asked Spike.

      All Jason did was moan and groan on Spike's back. They finally reached the city when Jason started being able to actually talk. Spike constantly had to ask Jason for directions to his house. After an hour, they reached the house without getting frostbite or any other sickness. Spike knocked on the door and was responded by a green Buzz.

      "What do you want?" he asked.

      "Do you have a royal Shoyru named Jason?" Spike asked.

      "Yes... why?" the Buzz said.

      Spike dropped Jason off his back and onto the welcome mat. The Buzz scrambled to grab Jason off the mat.

      "What happened?!" he yelled.

      Spike sighed and said, "Why don't we all go inside and I will explain it all."

      Spike went inside and explained their adventure and how he was picked to go inside the pool. The Buzz listened to every word until Jason woke up

      "It's not his fault, Zorg. I was forced in. I was the one who wanted to find out why everybody was gathering around the pool," Jason explained.

      Zorg sighed and said, "Dad won't be happy. I'm going to have to send a letter to him."

      A faerie Kacheek came down the stairs and said, "What happened to Jason?!"

      "I was pushed into the pool. It's my fault," said Jason.

      The Kacheek ran down and hugged Jason. "You still have the clothing, right?"

      Jason checked his pack and said, "Yeah, why?"

      The Kacheek turned to Zorg and said, "You don't have to call Dad. He told me he was going to bring Jason to the Magma Pool so he could be the new color and also have the clothes. He should stay here because it's going to be a blizzard out there."

      "But I need to find a home and a petpet," Spike said.

      "I'll take you. We can take Jason too for a pit stop," she said.

      "I don't even know your name," said Spike.

      "My name is Jennifer. As you can tell, I'm a faerie Kacheek. I'm the youngest," she said.


      They slept at the house for the night and waited an hour after breakfast to head out. The blizzard was still going on and covered the doors and windows.

      "How do we get out?" asked Spike.

      Jennifer pointed to the ash-covered chimney. Jennifer, Spike, and Jason suited up in winter jackets (a fire-proof one from Jason) and were ready to fly out. Jennifer flew out first. Spike then held onto Jason and flew up through the chimney. He let go of Jason and tried to shake off as much soot as possible.

      They all flew to the petpet store. They were greeted by a Koi who presented a Tomamu for 2,001 neopoints and a Quintilc for 6,735 neopoints.

      "Would you want a Tomamu?" asked Jennifer.

      Spike stared closely at the Tomamu, inspecting it. All of a sudden, the Tomamu started pecking Spike. He couldn't get it off, but Jennifer did.

      "No. In fact, I probably don't want anything with a beak," Spike said.

      They left the store and went into the frosty blizzard. They flew for miles until they landed in Altador, which was blistering hot, worse than Tyrannia but better than Moltara. They walked into the air-conditioned store and saw four petpets, roaming around.

      "What's the cheapest one you have?" Spike asked.

      The blue Yurble pointed to the Altachuck. Spike picked up the Altachuck and it immediately started to yell and whine. Spike dropped the petpet and it started to run towards him. Spike flew up in the air to dodge it, but it was a good jumper. Spike flew out the door with his friends and sat down on a bench.

      "I'll never find a home or a petpet. Why can't I be like you guys? I don't even know my owner. I don't know if it's a she or a he," Spike complained.

      Jennifer put her arm around his shoulder and said, "It's fine. You'll be all right. I know a ton of people who don't know their owners or don't have any petpets. You're not alone."

      Spike sniffled and said, "Lets get to the Lost Desert."

      They flew off, past the mountains and to the Lost Desert. Only Jason could tolerate the hot sand. Spike looked around and saw all the horrible, yucky looking foods around him. He then realized who hungry he was. So did Jason and Jennifer.

      "I'll go buy some food. Jason, take Spike to the petpet stall," Jennifer commanded.

      They walked to the stall and saw a lot of petpets. A Wadjet, a Horus, a Turtmid, a Scarabug, a Khnum, an Anubis, a Selket, and a Pyon. Spike wanted the Anubis because it looked like a cute and loyal creature. The Pyon was pretty cool but 1 neopoint out of reach. The Khnum looked so manly and masculine.

      "Nothing I want that I can afford," Spike said.

      They walked out and saw Jennifer eating a scarab cookie. She gave Spike a red eye egg and Jason a sandy sandwich. They decided to walk around and watch people try to sell stuff to them. They walked for a while until they walked into the Haunted Woods. It was breezy but it would give neopets a cold chill up their spine.

      "I'm not moving here. I might see the petpets, but I'm not moving here," said Spike.

      "Let's just see them and go. The witches here scare me," said Jennifer.

      They walked into the stone-made store and were greeted by a vampire Cybunny.

      "How may I help you today?" she asked.

      "Have any petpets for under 2,500 neopoints?" asked Spike.

      "Nope, ssssorry," she said.

      Before Spike could exit the shop, he stepped in something very gooey and warm. He looked down and saw a Sludgy. He kicked his foot and flung the Sludgy into the wall.

      "Gross!" he yelled.

      They ran out of the shop and Spike asked, "Where next?! I want to leave!"

      Jennifer smiled and said, "Faerieland!"

      They flew off to Faerieland, leaving the Haunted Woods behind them. They flew to Faerieland in breakneck speed. When they got there, Jennifer noticed the Rainbow Fountain. She grabbed Jason and flung him into there. She backed away and smiled.

      "Why did you do that?!" Spike yelled.

      Jennifer pointed to the fountain to show the new Jason: an electric one. Jason laughed at his new color.

      "I look awesome! Thanks sis!" he shouted.

      Jason came over to hug Jennifer but gave he a static shock.

     A couple of faeries came over and asked, "Did you just use the Rainbow Fountain without permission?"

     Before they answered, they flew away and into the city. "Quickly, into the shop!" yelled Jason.

     They ran into the shop and stayed for a little while before the faeries disappeared.

     "I don't want to be in Faerieland anymore! I don't want a faerie petpet either!" Spike yelled.

     "Where do we go now?" asked Jennifer.

     "Duh, Kreludor. Then to the Virtupets Space Station," said Jason.

      They flew out of the store and to the next rocket to the planet. As they flew from the planet to the moon, Jason, Jennifer, and Spike watched in amazement. They saw shooting stars and other rockets pass. They saw petpets float in space. When they landed, they bounced off the rocket and floated in space.

      "Even though we can fly, this is awesome!" Jason shouted.

      "I should totally live here! It's so awesome!" Spike shouted.

      "There's only one problem." Jennifer then pointed to the big robot asking everybody for IDs.

      "I don't want to live near that thing!" Spike shouted.

      They bounced away and onto the next rocket. When they landed, Spike automatically said, "I don't want to live here. Too many Grundos."

      He looked at the petpets and saw how depressed and expensive they were.

      "I can't afford a petpet or a home. What do I do?" Spike asked.

      Spike sat down on the cold steel. Jason took out his pack and pulled out a Mirgle. Spike stared at it in amazement.

      "Where did you get it?" Spike asked.

      "I won it in a bet. I don't need it so you could have it," Jason told Spike.

      Spike held the Mirgle and it purred. "I'll call him Ming."

      Jason got up and said, "I have to go. I hope to see you one day again. It's been fun, Spike."

      Jason shook Spike's hand and ran off. Spike had made four friends in his quest for a home and a friend.

The End

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