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The Search for a Home and a Friend: Part Two

by hannahcreep


Spike would've turned back if it weren't for all the loot underneath it. Spike tried to grab the closest thing to him: a fish negg. He grabbed it and barely made it out of the cave with Jason. He hid the fish negg into his bag and walked with Jason. Jason and Spike walked on onto the snowy mountaintop until the reached the igloo of the Snow Faerie. They walked inside where surprisingly it was very warm.

     "Have you come for one of my quests?" she boomed.

     "No, we need a place to stay for the night. Do you think we could stay here?" asked Spike.

     "Only people who complete my quest may stay here! Now, be gone!" she yelled.

     Jason and Spike left the igloo to be caught in a blizzard. The ran as fast as they could to the ice caves and tried their best to not slip and slide again. Spike then noticed the Neggery and the Negg Faerie.

     "Why not there?" Spike asked as he pointed to the Neggery.

     "We can't. We need a negg and my owner locked them all up in the safety deposit box," Jason explained.

     Spike reached in his bag and took out the fish negg he took earlier from the Snowager. Jason was dumbfounded.

     "Where did you find that?" he asked.

     "From that big sleeping ice snake," Spike said, pointing to the Snowager.

     Jason's eyes were wide open. "You mean you took a very valuable negg from one of Neopia's most dangerous creatures?"

     Spike didn't know it was so dangerous but just nodded yes. Jason grabbed Spike's hand and ran towards the Neggery.

     "Negg Faerie, we need a place to stay tonight. Think you could let us stay for a fish negg?" Jason asked.

     The Negg Faerie laughed. "Sure, why not? The last time someone gave me a fish negg was five years ago."

     Spike showed the Negg Faerie the fish negg. She was as dumbfounded as Jason was before. The Negg Faerie opened the door to her negg house and they walked in. They saw negg plants growing all around and neggs on shelves.

     "How do you grow all these in this cold cave?" asked Spike.

     "I had a fire faerie charm this place so it's room temperature." Jason and Spike started to sweat in their coats.

     The Negg Faerie led them to a room with a couple of beds. Jason and Spike put their coats on the floor and decided to lie down.

     "This is nice. I still can't believe you stole something from one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet," said Jason.

     Spike slowly started to fall into a deep sleep.


     Spike woke up to the sound of a pan sizzling. He walked to what seemed like a kitchen and saw Jason cooking omelets.

     "Good morning! We're going to be eating these on the go. We need to find you a petpet," Jason said.

     Spike walked to his room and gathered his stuff. He noticed Jason had brought out his royal Angelpuss. Spike stared at the beauty of his petpet.

     Jason handed Spike a hot omelet in a paper towel and said, "Get your coat on. We're leaving in a minute."

     Jason packed his petpet into his bag and put his winter coat on. Spike took a bite out of the omelet and put his coat on. They walked out of the room and thanked the Negg Faerie for the rooms. They slid down the Ice Cave and into the Happy Valley. Jason finished his omelet while Spike was only half way through his.

     They stopped at the petpet shop and were greeted by a plump blue Bruce. "What can I do for you boys?" he asked.

     "What petpets do you have?" Spike asked.

     The Bruce pulled up two petpets: an Abominable Snowball and a Yullie.

     "The Snowball is 553 neopoints while the other is about 8,713."

     Spike knew the Yullie was out of the question. He then stared at the Abominable Snowball.

     "Is it alive?" he asked.

     The Bruce looked nervous.

     "Of course it is! I mean, look at it! It wouldn't be a petpet if it wasn't, not would it?" He patted the petpet on the back, which made it fall apart.

     Spike and Jason left the store and started walking east. "Terror Mountain is out of the question."

     Spike and Jason trekked on through the snow until they got to Tyrannia. They put their jackets and any other clothing into Jason's bag because it was over 122 degrees. They sweated until there was nothing left to sweat. "I'm not living here. It's too hot, the houses are made of rock, and it's prehistoric!"

     "Fine. Let's just go to the petpet shop and leave," Jason said.

     They walked inside and were greeted by a Tyrannian Elephante. They couldn't understand what he was saying so they just looked around. In a cage in a shelf was a Gruslen for over 8,000 neopoints. They immediately walked out the door into the blistering heat.

     "Where to next?" Spike asked.

     "Maraqua, it's in the sea. We can probably find a port near here that will take us underneath," said Jason.

     Jason and Spike flew around the coast of Tyrannia and found a port. They flew down and walked onto the ship.

     "Next stop: Maraqua!" said the captain. The ship was pretty full but there was some room.

     A sailor started coming over and giving them all underwater equipment. Jason and Spike stared out the window as Tyrannia started disappearing from view. Everybody started go to the inside of the boat when it dropped to 19 degrees and a blizzard formed. The boat had to stop early because icebergs were coming up in the water and most of the water had frozen over.

     "Sorry, folks, but this boat cannot go any further. We will have a guide come over and lead you to the closest open spot to Maraqua. If you would like a ride back, we would be happy to give you one," said the captain.

     "Should we?" asked Jason.

     "No! The adventure just started! We can't give up now!" Spike cheered.

     Jason gave Spike a warm smile as the walked near the exit of the boat. They had to walk a long way in flippers to get to a small little hole in the ice. People, one by one, jumped in the freezing water. Unfortunately, the suits weren't heated and the water probably wasn't any warmer. When Jason and Spike dived into the water, they started to shiver.

     "I didn't know it was going to be colder in here than it is up there!" yelled Jason.

     "Never mind that. Let's just go and find the petpet store. The faster we get out of here, the better," said Spike.

     They swam to the coral made store that said "Petpet store." As they got inside, they noticed no petpets.

     "Sorry, sold out," said the owner.

     "Great. It's a long swim back so we better get started," said Jason.

     The owner started to feel guilty and said, "Wait! If you're going to Mystery Island, I can get you there in less than a minute!"

     The boys turned around. "Hop on my trunk here and I can get you there!"

     The boys climbed onto the owner's trunk and were blasted out of Maraqua, through the ice, and all the way to Mystery Island. They took off their gear and relaxed on the nice, warm, sandy beaches of Mystery Island. They both took a small nap and woke up relaxed and better than ever.

     "Okay. To the Rock Pool!" declared Jason.

     As they walked, Spike noticed all the tourists and such. "I would live here if it weren't for all the tourists. Other than that, this place is nice."

     They got to the rock pool and to their surprise, there were petpets in stock. There was a Meturf for 3,933 neopoints, a Catamara for 3,705 neopoints, a Sproing for 2,930 neopoints, a Ramosan for 4,553 neopoints, and a Peadackle for 6,427 neopoints. All of which were out of Spike's budget.

     "Where to next?" asked Spike.

     "The Lost City of Geraptiku. We'll only be looking at petpets though if they have any," said Jason as he started to pace himself.

     When they arrived, Spike got a horrible feeling in his gut. The stone shake looked run down and there was no cashier, just a jar that said, "Put money here."

     "Is this place safe?" asked Spike.

     "If you pay, yes," Jason responded.

     Spike and Jason found one pet on the counter: a Morkou for 6,797 neopoints. Jason and Spike walked out the door with disappointment.

     Jason pulled out his map and said, "We'll go to Moltara, then Shenkuu, and stop for the night at my house in Altador."

     Jason and Spike flew on. Before Spike could fly above the clouds, he noticed a small, foggy island. He flew down and walked around to see only houses but no people. Were the people inside? Before Spike could go over to a house, Jason came over and grabbed Spike.

     "What are you doing?!" yelled Jason.

     "Looking to see who's here," Spike responded.

     "You don't go to Lutari Island. Barely anyone lives here. It's a place no neopet should go," said Jason.

     Jason pulled Spike up while Spike wondered what Lutari Island was all about.

To be continued...

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