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by roxy1042


The title says it all. I'm forgotten. I'm like the ashes of a fire or the last drops of water. However, I wasn't always like this. I used to be handsome, rich, and perfectly royal. And now you see me as a scrawny lump of grey on the earth. To explain how this happened, I will tell you myself...


     In the beginning, I was born from a royal blood of kings and queens. Later on, my family and I had discovered that I had inherited the money and treasures from my sadly deceased parents. Ever since that day, I was given mountains of money and riches literally around the clock.

     But one day, my servants and guardians were tired of my birth color, which was a sunny light yellow. And gradually, with my piles of coins, my family went from markets to auctions to find a new color. And of course, we did. There were so many paintbrushes to color with, I had to label them. So every year, on my birthday, I choose one paintbrush for my new color. My first color was Faerie, to express my beauty and wealth. My second color was Baby, to restore and keep my youth. Years passed and I used almost every one of my colors, and I grew tired of them quickly. But one birthday, I chose a Royal paintbrush. Every one of my servants and maids adored my color and my wealthy beauty. So I kept my royal color, and nothing else. Luckily, I sold the unused paintbrushes, and I grew even richer.

     I went around my town to show off my color. And of course, I got many praises and compliments. Some had given me gifts and invited me to their celebrations, and some had envied me and tried to ignore my beautiful color. However, I cared about myself. I would never get myself into the most foolish antics of the poor, filthy peasants that mostly wander around my town and palace. The peasants would come up at my door, go on their knees, and beg for a portion of my food and money. I would never give into such foolishness. Never would I touch the dirty, smudged paws of the poor and never would I give them a tiny crumb of my exquisite cuisines. Lastly, I would never let one poor one step one toe into my priceless castle.

     Speaking of castles, mine was a true palace. My castle was so grand that kings and queens like Skarl and Fyora envied my true home. Inside, my abode had a hallway of rooms and kitchens. I precisely had 17 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms, 23 kitchens, and one grand living room with all the entertainment I needed. Ever since my arrival, this very living room was filled with more toys and small instruments than the very eye could see. My kitchens were crowded with chefs chopping and stirring my breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. My bedrooms were the most exquisite, and the reason I had 17 was that in case one got too ruined I could go into another.

     My intelligence was far more than any other's. I used to go to the schools, but I couldn't stand being in one room with the uneducated peasants blabbering nonsense to each other. I later used at-home teachers to be educated without seeing another poor student within a mile. A year later, I was a fully-graduated student at my palace.

     Oh, I had almost forgotten about my grey predicament. Anyway, this was how it began...

     It started as a cold autumn evening. Dry fall leaves blew harshly against the window of my living room. I, on the other hand was sitting on my loft chair. It was the weekend, and tragically I had nothing to do. At least I thought I had nothing to do...

     Suddenly, my front door banged hardly. I tried to ignore it, but the banging grew louder as I sank deeper into my chair. Finally, I gave in. I stomped to the door and swung it open with a loud bang. As I opened the door, a cool night breeze blew in. I looked outside and winced in disgust. There, standing on my doorstep was another one of those peasants. But this one was a very filthy and very elderly Lenny. He was painted Grey, but I couldn't tell well, because the Lenny wore a thick and black hooded cape over himself. And since the cape was hooded, I couldn't see the Lenny's eyes. When he saw me, he began to speak.

     "Spare a crumb of food?" the Lenny croaked with a raspy voice. Briefly, I saw the Lenny's eyes, which were a cloudy grey.

     As he spoke, the Lenny extended his wing. His wing was of course was horribly tattered and filthy. I gasped in horror. Like I said, I wouldn't give one crumb of food to a filthy old peasant!

     "Go away, you filthy little brat!" I hissed. "I would never give a bit of food to you!"

     I slammed the door shut, with the Lenny outside. Through a window I saw the Lenny hobbling off into the night, never to be seen again. Even if I was happy not to be touched by a poor one, I felt a little sick. It felt like I was changing, hopefully not a change of heart. Luckily, I didn't come back to the Lenny, but I did feel a little depressed. I tried eating a short snack or reading a little book, but my feeling remained miserable. Finally, I decided to sleep it off. But before sleeping, I tossed and turned uncomfortably.

     The next morning was very confusing. As I walked into the kitchen for breakfast, my servants and maids gave me a strange look. Some of them even gave rude looks. The chefs refused to give me any food. Then, a servant grabbed me and dragged me to the door.

     "What are you doing?!" I shouted. "Let me go! That is a demand!"

     The servant strangely refused my request.

     "I would never allow a peasant in this castle!" he snapped. "The master won't allow it!"

     "But I am the-"

     My sentence was cut short by the door slamming. I was left outside my castle in the rain, along with a breeze. I wondered to myself what was exactly going on, and as I did I put my paw on my head. I gasped; my paw was gray as a raincloud, and my second set of ears hung over like noodles. I almost looked like the Lenny from last night. Speaking of which, he was right there in front of my door!!!

     But this Lenny was no longer grey, for he was pained royal. His eyes were changed from grey to crystal blue and his cape morphed into a royal cloth. He turned to me and chuckled, knowing he had stolen my life. He walked in my house without delay. I cried, knowing that now I'm forgotten and now a begging peasant.

     So if you see a miserable Aisha, give him anything to make him feel royal again.

The End

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