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Making Fast Cash through Gaming - Month of Storing

by cdrex22


Life on Neopets begins with earning Neopoints. Whether your hobby is customizing and painting your pets, fighting in the Battledome, restocking in the Neopian shops, or building a spectacular collection, you won't get far at all if you don't know how to line your pockets. Some Neopians earn their money through the game room; others through restocking, Key Quest, or Habitarium. Many make do with only the pennies they pinch from Neopia's many daily freebies. Whatever your method of making money, it's quite possible that you are attached to it, and not ready to adopt a new strategy – after all, you tried that once, and it's just not for you. However, the Neopian Game Room is one place where even if you don't feel like a game expert, you can make money like a pro. It's a place where even a few minutes a day can help you grow your bank account quickly if you use it wisely.

It's very easy to make the game room work for you if you're familiar with how it works! Just follow these steps!

1) Never believe that the Game Room isn't for you. Different amounts of gaming may be best for different people, but being determined to take something home from the game room each day is a must in order to use it properly!

2) Understand the Neopoint Ratio. The home page of each game in the Game Room contains the neopoint ratio for that game. For example, if the ratio is 2.00, you will earn 2 neopoints for every point you score in that particular game. The amount you can earn is capped at 1,000 neopoints, so in this example, if you reached a score of 500, you could immediately stop playing and send the score for the maximum possible reward.

3) Learn which games are the best use of your time. This can be accomplished in several ways. Many petpage guides have a list of common games which are known to earn Neopoints fast; the Games neoboard is a great place to find help with this. I will present an example of a more precise (but also more time-intensive) way to do it below.

4) Set a Favorites list! By clicking the heart button on the front page of any game, you can add it to your favorites list. How many games you can favorite depends on your account age; it may be as low as 12 or as high as 27. Whatever the number, though, your favorites page gives you a convenient game hub from which to operate daily.

5) Stick with it! Having a great plan for earning Neopoints doesn't help much if you don't follow through! Whether your daily routine includes 2 minutes or 45 minutes of gaming, put some time into playing the games on your favorites list daily.

Now that is all well and good, you say. But what about now? How do I get started earning Neopoints from the game room today? Well, here are some games that might be right for you! I have played all of Neopia's games many times, and have recorded both the money I made and the time it took me to do it. These are the best of that bunch! Of course, this is based on my personal skill levels at each of these games. These recommendations may not work for you; on the other hand, I may have left out some games that you are able to earn Neopoints from in a huge hurry! It's all about finding what's right for you, but here's a nice place to start. The payouts described here will be true until the 25th of the Month of Storing, at which point a new set of best games for your time may emerge!

GROUP 1 – Speed Round

Fashion Fever. Earnings: 100 NP/second. This game offers many different clothes to try on; however, if your fashion sense is limited, you can still make a quick bag of Neopoints just by playing the game for a second. Any score sent fetches you 300 NP!

Kass Basher. Earnings: 60 NP/second. This game requires a bit of work before you can reap fast money. By successfully riding the winds to a 175m whack with the loaf of bread and a 450m whack with the stick, you can unlock the bat for all future games. After this, any whack of at least 782m will earn 1,000 NP.

Catch the Petpet. Earnings: 54 NP/second. Finding the hiding petpet in each of these levels will be a breeze, and will earn you a rapid 490 NP per play. This game can be located through the site search bar, but not through the game room search bar.

(Sponsor games). Earnings: 43 NP/second. Sponsor games are often a great way to earn quick Neopoints, but come with the downside of being limited time offers.

Tunnel Tumble. Earnings: 24 NP/second. Whether you can hang on 30 seconds in the harsh Moltaran environment to earn a full 1,000 NP, or merely take a smaller payout for a quicker game, this frenzied game is sure to be worth your time.

GROUP 2 – Daily Dime

Attack of the Marblemen. Earnings: 21 NP/second. This game takes a bit of time to learn how to control the constantly moving marblemen, but when you master it, you can take home 1,000 Neopoints with a score of just 64.

Maths Nightmare. Earnings: 21 NP/second. If arithmetic is your cup of tea, getting a score of 420 in Division mode on Potato Counter difficulty will quickly earn you 1,000 NP.

Wrath of the Snowager. Earnings: 21 NP/second. Playing on Hard difficulty and aiming to grab the high-scoring snowballs in Level 1 will allow you to quickly reach 100,000 points. In order for your score to count, you must then either finish the level or lose a life; I'd recommend the latter. This will earn you 1,000 NP!

Hot Dog Hero. Earnings: 17 NP/second. Use mustard for quick traveling. Once you have played this game a few times, you'll know right where the key and exit are for each level and can quickly earn 1,000 NP by scoring at least 12,500 before ending the game.

Chariot Chase. Earnings: 17 NP/second. This fast-paced Altadorian chariot game sees you rushing to complete as many laps as possible without colliding with the other vehicles. If you complete seven laps while surviving for 43 seconds, this will be enough for 1,000 NP.

GROUP 3 – For the Devoted Gamers Out There

Darigan Dodgeball. Earnings: 16 NP/second. This game may seem very familiar to those who have already tried out Tunnel Tumble. It operates on the exact same principle, but pays out slightly less.

Zurroball. Earnings: 16 NP/second. Learning to perform Left and Right Zurros off the wall will allow you to rack up points in a hurry. I would recommend using the Energy Ball. If you can manage a score of 153, you'll receive the max Neopoints in short order.

Nova Defender. Earnings: 15 NP/second. Many know this game as a source of Daily Dare frustration; fewer realize its potential as a rapid money earner. Finishing the first two levels will usually earn you 100,000 points, good enough for 1,000 NP.

Tubular Kiko Racing. Earnings: 13 NP/second. Using the left and right arrow keys to rapidly navigate the watery inner tube slalom set up for you on Kiko Lake. A score of 387 will allow you to pick up another hefty bag of NP!

Top Chop. Earnings: 11 NP/second. Whether you send your score quickly or attempt to pass a number of levels, this game will be over in a hurry, and pays well.

Snow Wars II. Earnings: 10 NP/second. While you're practicing for the avatar that goes with this game, you can also easily grab 1,000 NP if you end the game after reaching a score of 207.

Crisis Courier: Earnings: 10 NP/second. The maximum reward possible for this game can usually be achieved by grabbing most of the bags in levels 1 and 2. Learn to use the Faerie and Mutant powerups properly to make your games even quicker.

These are the games that will get you off to a great start making money in the Month of Storing, and can be used in many ways. Neopians with only minutes to devote to games can play only Group 1 games for the quickest money possible; those with more time can add to this with selections from the other groups. Of course, if you love a game that's not on this list, continue to play it too! There is no limit to the possibilities in the Games Room! I wish you the best of luck in finding a set of Neopian games that allows you to grow your bank account while continuing to have fun on the site!

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