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Eyrie Day Makeovers!

by _toffey_


I'm sure all you Eyrie owners out there are excited to celebrate Eyrie Day! If you're a true Eyrie fan, you probably already know which Eyrie colors you love the best, but maybe you're thinking of painting your Eyrie a new color. Perhaps you're a new Eyrie owner and don't know what to do with your awesome Neopet! Whatever your reason, I've compiled a list of what I think is the top five coolest and best Eyrie colors for you to consider painting your Eyrie, along with some wearables you might consider. Whether you like to create roleplay characters for your pets, write stories about them, draw them, or just dress them up, each one of the Eyries listed below will be a lovely addition to your Neo-family. Let's go!

5. Tyrannian

Think about it, do you see Tyrannian Eyries very often? Neither do I, which is strange because they look pretty cool! This guy looks like an ancient monster waiting to attack. With its pointy horns and jagged beak, the Tyrannian Eyrie is perfect for those who like to have pets that look fearsome. It might be harder to create a character with this guy, so I'd recommend a Tyrannian Eyrie if you like to draw or paint. Here's what'll really seal the deal:

NC: Tyrannian Destruction Background; Bone Necklace; Tyrannian Wings

NP: Tyrannian Spear; Creepy Cave Background; Thorny Vine Garland

4. Baby

Personally, I greatly dislike Baby Neopets. They are a little TOO cute for my taste. But I must admit that Baby Eyries might be just cute enough. They don't have any clothes, which to me is a plus because it allows for more customization without taking up space in your Closet with the extra Paint Brush clothes. This color is especially great if you love to dote on your Neopets. What's better than a cute, cherubic face smiling at you when you've just fed them a gourmet treat? Turn your Eyrie into a Baby and you'll have an adorable pal to snuggle with and hug. (: Wrap your bundle of joy in:

NC: Spring Baby Dress; Lady Blurg Background; Petpet Plushie Garland

NP: Bear; Merry-Go-Round Garland; Birthday in the Park Background

3. Darigan

What could be cooler than being a minion of Lord Darigan? Being a Darigan Eyrie, that's what! These wicked creatures are full of deviance and cunning. If you'd like a villainous character for your pet, this is the look for you. Also, with Halloween coming up, a Darigan Eyrie would be great to customize for the 31st! You can put your Eyrie in all sorts of scary costumes. Good luck finding one more fearsome than they already look! Think about getting these items to go with your Darigan Eyrie:

NC: Wings of Darkness; Glow in the Dark Facepaint; Floating Dark Faerie Sisters Dolls

NP: Dark Cave Background; Dark Neovian Eyrie Wig; Cover of Darkness Foreground

2. Lost Desert

When this color option for Eyries came out, I nearly dropped everything to get to the nearest Lost Desert Paint Brush supplier. The headdress is gorgeous, the eye-makeup is beautiful, and have you seen that BEAK? It's the most brilliant shade of blue! This Eyrie looks like it might have ruled the Lost Desert, that's how cool it looks. I almost made this color number one. It was especially popular on the pet-trading boards when the color option first came out, and I imagine there are still plenty of people out there who want to get their hands on a Desert Eyrie, so this might be a good color for you pet-traders out there. My suggestions to go with your lovely Desert Eyrie:

NC: Girly Mechanical Wings; Lost Desert Oasis Background; Light Shower Garland

NP: Long Lost Desert Scroll Trinket; Desert Fan Staff; Lost Desert Silhouette Background

1. Faerie

Faerie is by far the most beautiful and wonderful color for Eyries. What really makes this color is... well, the colors! Purple, lavender, and teal-green blend together in a truly pleasing image. Faerie Eyries are GREAT for customizing and making up fanciful characters. Some Faerie Neopets just look like regular Neopets with mediocre wings tacked on, but the Faerie Eyrie goes all-out for the Faerie color. You don't need to clothes or different wings to hide this beauty, so here are some items I'd suggest instead:

NC: Feather Shower; Flower and Jewel Circlet; Pink Peony Field Background

NP: Valentines Earrings; Spring Courtyard Background; Lighted Faerie Bubble String Lights

How to Achieve Eyrie-Awesomeness:

Obviously a lot of these color options and wearables are sometimes expensive, but they can be so worth it.

For the wearables, try asking your Neofriends if they have any, or hitting up the Customization Chat to see if anyone is willing to trade or sell, depending on if they are NC or NP items. There are also ways to win some of these wearables via NC-Mall games (i.e. JubJub Power Bounce, Blumaroll, etc.), or through Neopia's many shops and game challenges.

As for the colors, you can always try for a lucky zap with the Lab Ray if you have one. My suggestion is to go on the Neopian Pound chat boards and look for one of the above Eyries up for adoption, or "UFA", or to try to trade a pet you already have for your favorite Eyrie.

If you're a lucky Neopian who has oodles of Neopoints sitting in the bank, you can always go out and buy your own paint brush! Pick an Eyrie with a nice name and slap some color on him or her. You can even buy Eyrie Morphing Potions! A Darigan Eyrie Morphing Potion is available for only a small fortune. Or if you found the perfect name but the species is something other than the magnificent Eyrie, you can buy a basic Eyrie Morphing Potion and then head over to the Rainbow Pool with your Paint Brush of choice!

So that's all, folks, go spruce up your Eyries. And don't forget to have a wonderful Eyrie Day!

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