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Halloween Faux Pas

by lil_princess_of_evil


Also by alamar49

It's that time of year again! It's time to get ready to show off to Neopia your unique costume ideas for Halloween. Some of you will dazzle the Haunted Woods showing off your new classy costume ideas for the year. Some of you will sport those mundane, tried but true costumes that get the job done. Hopefully none of you will wear the costumes listed. These are the worst costume ideas for year 13:

Zombie – Before you jump on me and yell, "WHAT! How are Zombies one of the worst costume idea?" please read this. I get it, zombies are in this year. It's easy to buy some white face paint, rip up some clothing, and yell "brains". They are so in this year that EVERYONE will be doing them this year. It's no longer cute when you're the tenth zombie that stopped by the Brain Tree as a trick-or-treat joke. Talk about your overplayed costumes. If you want to be unique, stay away from this costume, or put a funky spin on the zombie idea. If you go as a zombie, have your pet dress up and go along as your favorite Neoplant.

Hubrid Nox – Almost any other year, and Hubrid Nox would be a great costume, but this year, stay away from the Hubrid Nox theme. It's disrespectful this year. It's only been one year since the fall of Faerieland, and more importantly, the Death of Hubrid Nox. Even if you try to be as classy and respectful as possible, it's just not going to look good. Sure, he may be your favorite super villain of all time, but avoid being him this year because this is the biggest Halloween faux pas of the year. Once the sting of his death starts to die down, then you can dress up as him.

The Tooth Faerie – Alright, I admit it; the tooth faerie is adorable and she gives out free neopoints! You can't go wrong with a costume of a character who gives out free neopoints, right? Wrong! Just consider another faerie for Halloween. You can dress up as her any other non-treat giving time of the year. If you hate being that kid that gets dental floss on Halloween, then you definitely don't want to wear this costume, especially if you go with friends. This is exactly the type of costume that would encourage such shenanigans. Not only are you ruining your potential treat income for yourself, but anyone who goes with you.

Mashed Potato Man – You remember that cute garden decoration made for those original neohomes. They are great for neohomes that do not regularly get snow. It is actually a seemingly really witty costume idea. Who doesn't have mashed potatoes lying around their neohome somewhere? There are just too many things that can go wrong with this costume, though. First, there is something wrong with you if you think applying piping hot mashed potatoes on your skin is a good idea. Be prepared to carry along some burn ointment if you try this. Second, everyone loves mashed potatoes. You'll be walking around, and others will be gnawing on your costume. By the time you make it to the third house, your costume will be all gone!

Meuka – Ewww, who on earth would want a costume made from snot? Sorry, snot coloured pets, I don't mean to offend, but I have yet to find a way to make this outfit look classy. Snot is messy. Snot is sticky. Wearing snot is likely to spread some kind of illness around too. There are just no ways to make a snot costume look like anything other than a person that has just been sneezed on. Other costume ideas to avoid: anything made out of slime, dung, mud, or sludge. They are all just too similar.

Punchbag Bob – You wear this costume at your own risk. The effects of this costume should be pretty obvious. This costume just beckons random trick or treaters on the street to come battle you. Carry your own healing potions if you absolutely must go as Punchbag Bob. As a matter of fact, avoid going as Punchbag Sid as well. Going as Punchbag Sid is also not a good idea because people will try battling you for that avatar then. Not only will you end up being chased down the road by a bunch of battlers looking for a trophy, you'll lose valuable trick-or-treating time.

Dress up having the scourgies – Reminding everyone of last year's April Fools Prank, this would normally be a cute idea. You could even go around "infecting" others. It sounds pretty harmless, right? Remember though, there are two sides to the coin of "trick or treat". Being handed a bowl of hot soup is a great treat. Having a bowl of hot soup thrown at you? Not so nice of a trick, is it? Don't be surprised if you ring someone's doorbell and then have hot soup thrown on you. You'll find yourself not only with a ruined costume, but also a piping hot mess.

Habitarium Petpetpets – Avoid wearing any Mootix, Pinchit, or Larnikin costumes this season. There's no faux pas for wearing this one out there. You probably will not be hit with hot soup, piping hot mashed potatoes or dental floss unless someone is playing a really mean prank. You won't be chased around by all of the neighborhood kids looking for avatars and trophies. So, what is the big deal, right? Well, think about how you run your Habitarium. Those petpetpets work many hours at a time harvesting resources with very little treats and sleep time. You will be expected to work for your treats! You knock on someone's door, next thing you know, you're harvesting wood for eight hours before they even hand you that Glitter Heart Candy you have had your eye on. Even worse, all of the good candy could be gone by that point! Then you will be stuck with the boring goods: the hard candies that nobody eats, the spoiled candy that was left over from last year, or the healthy foods. That's right; I'm talking about you, apples.

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