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Journal of a Wimpy Xwee

by chat_adik


Also by rodel_27phoenix

Entry #1      29th Day of Storing

Today is our day- Xweetok Day, that is. To celebrate this momentous occasion, tons of us were 'created'- where hopeful soon-to-be owners all line up, choose a name and color (red, blue, yellow or green) for their future pet.

      It's silly, really, how others believe that when one creates a pet, a pet immediately appears out of thin air. There's more to it than that. However, I shall say nothing more about this matter, else, Dr. Death would come and get me. Yes, the secret's that heavily guarded.

      I was 'created' on this day. My owner, Lily, wanted me to be painted yellow, since she says that 'yellow bring out the color' of my eyes. And so, Rose the yellow Xwee was born.

      Let me tell you, dear Journal, that Rose is not really my real name- it's more of a nickname, since my real name is too long. To make it easier, we- Lily and I- have decided that I would be called Rose instead.

      Lily told me after we left the agency that yellow would not really be my permanent color, since she plans to paint me soon. As much as I pleaded to know what my future color would be, she wouldn't tell me. All she told me was that as soon as she had enough neopoints, she would use the neopoints to buy a paint brush. To be honest, I'm really looking forward to my future color, although I'm secretly hoping that she wouldn't paint me a pink- the bright color hurts my eyes, and I won't enjoy having to look at the mirror each day and seeing my bright pink self.

      She gave me lots of stuff- a great-looking notebook, which had thunderbolts on the cover (that's you, Journal!), a fancy pen to write with, and even a mazzew to play with. As soon as we got home, she showed me to my room (which is decorated with posters like 'Brave Jeran Poster', 'Magax Poster' and even an 'I Love Mazzews Poster'). As soon as she left me to settle down and make myself comfortable, I wrote to you, dear Journal, so that next time, when I am bored or just want to remember the past, I want to see it happen again, with my own words.

     Anyway, I got to go, Journal. Lily wants me to meet my other siblings. I'm looking forward to that. I'll tell you when I get back.



Entry #2      24th Day of Celebrating

      I'm sorry I haven't written like I promised to- the last few days have been very hectic! Let me start from the beginning.

      Remember me telling you that Lily wanted me to meet my other siblings? Well, as soon as I went down the stairs (yeah, my room's on the second floor), I saw a pretty white Kacheek and a fierce-looking rainbow Kyrii. I know- rainbow's not really a manly color, but trust me, the Kyrii's anything but weak.

      Lily introduced me to them, and them to me. The Kacheek's name is Jade and the Kyrii's, Bob. Jade's outfit is really pretty- a pink coat with matching skirts and shoes. Her hair is also perfectly made-up. Bob, on the other hand, had a purple bandana on his head. Purple, purple, purple. From his shirt to his pants and from his boots to his sword, everything was purple.

      'I take it you like the color purple?' I blurted out. I covered my mouth immediately. It just slipped out. I closed my eyes and silently wished that Bob has a sense of humor.

      Jade giggled and winked at me.

      Bob grinned, 'No, not really,' he said, brown eyes twinkling.

      And that was that. We talked for a really long time after that- sharing some of our favorite things, our not-so favorite things, and even our wishes and goals.

     Throughout the next few days, we spent a lot of time together- playing games, visiting different lands with Lily and shopping. We bought a lot of new clothes and tried various kinds of food. I found myself admiring Jade's impeccable fashion sense as well as her friendliness. I enjoyed Bob's sarcasm and his refreshing honesty. I loved Lily's intelligence and her determination.

     I believe I'm going to enjoy it here.



Entry #12      25th Day of Celebrating

      Happy Day of Giving!

      Everyone woke up early to exchange presents and drink hot cocoa by the fireplace. We all wanted to be the first to open the presents. However, since there were four of us, we decided that whoever was older would open their presents first.

      And so, naturally, Lily opened her presents first. The first one was from Jade- she gave Lily a beautiful dress with matching shoes. She tried it on. She looked stunning. After thanking Jade for a dress that she 'would cherish forever', she opened Bob's gift next. It was a bestselling book written by Queen Fyora. Lily said that she would read it as soon as she has time to spare. The last gift was from me- I gave her a sweater to match the dress which Jade gave her and other accessories. She thanked me and promised to keep them forever.

      Jade opened her gifts next. A mootix petpetpet from Lily, a sparking tiara from Bob and concert tickets to her favorite band- Chomby and the Fungus Balls from me. She hugged us all, saying that she 'absolutely loved' her gifts.

      Bob opened his gifts next- a lethal-looking sword from Lily, shirts and pants of different colors from Jade (since she said that she was tired of him wearing the same color all the time- he laughed at this) and Kyrii Rocket Boots from me. He thanked us all, saying that he would use them (and wear them, once in a while- referring to Jade's gift) always.

     I was the last one to open my gifts.

      'Open mine first!' Jade insisted. I complied. She gave me Rose Petal Wings and a pretty red dress. I tried them on.

      'You look so pretty!' Jade said, smiling. I smiled back.

      'Now open mine!' Bob said, grinning, 'I'm sure you'd love it.'

      I opened the present and saw a gorgeous leather-bound notebook, as well as a black fountain pen.

      'I know how much you liked writing,' he said, beaming.

      I thanked him.

      'Open mine now,' Lily said.

      When I did, I gasped in shock. I stared at her present lovingly. Words failed me.

      'Let's use it now!' Jade exclaimed. 'I'm sure you're so excited!' Bob nodded, smiling.

      'Well,' Lily asked, 'shall we go?'

      There was no question- 'YES!' I shouted, tears running down my face. I hugged them all.

      We went to the Rainbow Pool.

      Journal, I am now a Snow Xweetok, and I love every minute of it.



Entry #30      20th Day of Awakening

      Today, I woke up to terrible news- Lily would be leaving us. As much as we pleaded, she wouldn't tell us why, only that there was no other way, and that she was very, very sorry. She cried as she said this, we all did. We must pack our thing today, bringing only the necessary things, since Jade, Bob and I would have to go to the Pound and Lily to wherever she must go. We cried again, all four of us, hugging one another tearfully. We promised one another that we would write. That we would never forget one another- all our memories together, no matter how short. Today would be our last day together. Tomorrow, we go on our separate ways. I am glad that you're with me, Journal, for I don't know what I would do without you- you contain all of the loving memories that we shared together.



Entry #37      15th Day of Running

      Though we are well-cared for in the Pound, not lacking in food or shelter, we have no say whom our owners are going to be. Some unfortunate pets had owners who would care for them, while some adopted pets went with their owners, unfed and unloved.

      Jade and Bob both went to good homes, having owners who loved them for who they are. Mine was a different case entirely.

      I had two owners in three weeks. My first owner, a young girl named Amber, adopted me. At first, I was ecstatic. She fed me well and occasionally both little toys for me to play with. However, as soon as she got the avatar (I didn't even know that snow pets have an avatar), she abandoned me without even saying a word.

      My second owner, a boy named Billy, adopted me so that his other pet, Mike, could have a playmate. First day in my new home, Mike immediately picked on me- laughing at my clothes, my stuff ('They're so... ugly!') and at me ('You're so ugly!'). Yes. He is, for lack of words, an idiot.

      At first, I tried not to pay attention to him. However, I could only tolerate his behavior for so long. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, hoping against hope that he would smarten up and stop fighting me. Billy was useless- he was only happy when Mike was happy. He was deaf to my pleas for help.

      Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I did what I should have done in my first day here.

      I punched him.

      Well, you could see how that turned out- as soon as Mike blabbed to Billy what I had done, he immediately put me back in the Pound, which was a much better place.

      My third owner, Jane, was... weird, to say the least. She has a huge collection of meepits, all of whom drooled as soon as I stepped into their home. Thankfully, they were in cages- brightly-decorated cages. Blue meepit, yellow meepit, faerie meepit, Tyrannian meepit- she must have all of them! All of her said meepits, with their yellow front teeth, stared at me as if I were food.

      I immediately ran toward the nearest room and hurriedly locked the door.

      I am afraid.



Entry #38      16th Day of Running

      Dear Journal, great news!

      I am back at the pound, after a very horrifying twelve hours with Jane and her army of meepits. What did I do? When I was cowering in the room, I thought of a very brilliant plan! Meepits are afraid of feepits, right? Or, at the very least, meepits hate feepits and vice versa. And so, I ran out the door, went to the petpet store and borrowed (after much pleading) a lot of feepits. As soon as I went back to Jane and the meepits' home, bringing the feepits with me, the house went crazy. Since the meepits were in their cages, the feepits all went near them and taunted them. The meepits went crazy. Jane, aghast at what I did, kicked me out after collecting the feepits and bringing them back to the shop.

      I am brilliant.

      I have also learned my lesson- I will not willingly go with weird-looking strangers, or with possible adoptees who I feel will not be suitable for me.

      I know I'm picky, but trust me on this, dear Journal.

      It's the only way to survive.



Entry #65      25th Day of Relaxing

      Fourth time's the charm?

      After rejecting various possible owners- some were smelly, some looked mean, some seemed to only want to adopt me for the possible avatar, I have a new home.

      Her name's Trixie.

      After asking her various questions like 'Do you only want me for the avatar?' 'Do you plan to keep me forever?' to which she answered 'No, of course not! I would like you to come home with me because you're such a beautiful pet, and a smart one at that. Plus, I'm sure Donna and Vince would love you!'

      Great answer, right?

      And so, I agreed to go home with her- one of the smartest decision I have ever made.

      She has two other pets- an Island Kacheek named Donna and a Halloween Lupe named Vince. Both of them remind me of Jade and Bob, although their personalities are anything but similar. Donna loves to read and write- she has shared her books with me, and I loved them. She loves playing games, too. Vince, on the other hand, loved to battle- that much he shared with Bob. However, Vince was quiet, unlike Bob, who loved to make jokes all the time.

      Trixie? She's awesome. Like Lily, she loves us all equally. She brings us to Faerieland to watch the Poogle races, let's us ride the Merry Go Round in Roo Island and also trains us at Mystery Island. She's funny. She's loving. She's kind and loyal. She's everything.

      They're everything.

      Of course, Lily would always be in my heart. As would Jade and Bob. Even though we don't live in the same roof, I will always remember them.

      But I'm here now. With Trixie and Donna and Vince- I'll never forget my past, loving the present- taking it one day at a time, and looking forward to the future.

      I'm happy, Journal, I really am.


The End

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