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19 Ways to Enjoy an Apple

by jamespongebob


Is your pet overloaded with sweets? Does he constantly complain his tummy hurts? DOES HE ALWAYS EAT THINGS LOADED WITH SUGAR!!!???? Well, if your answer is no, read this article anyway. I mean, if you didn't want to read it, why would you click on it? Ok, besides that. If your answer is yes, I have a solution for you (yes, a real solution!)! Neopets tend to like sweet things, so how can you give it something sweet, but make it healthy at the same time? The answer is fruits. Fruits; Nature's candy. Most desserts actually use fruits as main ingredients. But with this article, you'll see simple fruity foods that are healthy and will help your pet not become a sugar maniac in no time.

19. Apple Flavoured Borovan

We all know what Borovan is. Borovan is a hot drink unique to Neopia. There are many variations of it, but some are tasteless, bland and nasty. Putting some apples will add sweetness and flavor. Try it, you'll like it! Also, Borovan isn't high on calories and sugar. This might be what your neopet needs.

18. Hot Apple Oatmeal

A lot of people eat oatmeal every day because it's very healthy and filling. Not only that, buy oatmeal gives you a lot of energy and is actually really good. Some pets, however, want to add flavor to it. So a Hot Apple Oatmeal is a great choice. Also, it's cheap.

17. Water Faerie Apple

I admit. In the first place, apples are sweet and healthy to begin with, so sometimes eating variations of actual apples can be good for you. Picking the right apple? That's the problem. Some apples are more calories than they're worth! You can't go wrong with a Water Faerie Apple. They're sweet and juicy. Like a sweetened orange or something like that. They're a snack and a drink!

16. Apple Strudel

Who doesn't love strudels? Although they might not be the healthiest option, they're actually going to fill you with energy. Adding an apple gives health benefits too! Bring them along on an adventure. They'll fill you up and you can continue adventuring. Also, they taste pretty good!

15. Apple Soup

Who wouldn't want to try this? You hardly ever see fruits in soup. I never actually tried it, but it looks sweet considering it comes from apples. Plus, apples + soup = Healthy Apple Soup. It's also cool that the container is an apple. Drink up!

14. Fire Faerie Apple

As I said earlier, apples are healthy and sweet in the first place, so better try this out. It's crisp, hot and baked. Think of a yummy cooked apple. One cool thing about it too, is that it'll never get cold!

13. Healthy Apple Pretzel

You have to try this! It's absolutely amazing. Your sweets-loving pet could gorge on this all day. Why? Unlike actual pretzels, this treat is made from a baked apple. Isn't that amazing? Now you'll experience the taste of pretzel in a new way and get healthy from it. WooHoo!

12. Earth Faerie Apple

Another Faerie Apple? Well, this is probably the best from the three mentioned so far. Considering it's from Nature itself, this is one of the most perfect apples. The Earth Faeries invested a lot of time into creating this treat. By investing the essences of nature into it, they have created a very sweet apple that's perfect for eating! And like any apple, it's healthy!

11. Healthy Apple Cake

Most of us tried apple pies and carrot cakes. Both are actually quite healthy for desserts. But! By merging the two we have a Healthy Apple Cake. Just as healthy as a carrot cake, but it tastes better like an Apple Pie! They didn't put "Healthy" and "Cake" there for no reason, you know?

10. Apple and Cheese Sandwich

The best thing about this is that it's purely organic, which means it's healthy! Using only the finest, this sandwich is delicious and healthy! Quite remarkable, eh?

9. Apple Walnut Tea Sandwiches

Another apple sandwich! Although not as healthy as the one earlier, this sandwich is much sweeter. Apples and candied walnuts are actually not that high on calories. Try some!

8. Dewy Apple

Like the Water Faerie Apple, this apple is really juicy. It's actually really sweet and healthy, too! Try it the next time you cross a Brightvale Fruit Store. You might love it!

7. Pine-Apples

...Uhhh... Let's skip this one. I'm not sure if Pine-Apples are even apples. I think they're a completely different category... Just skip this number.

6. Pickled Apples

They are actually just normal apples. But this way, they don't rot. Plus they're mini-sized. They're really sweet and healthy so put one in your bag it will make a great snack!

5. Triapple

Ok, they don't look appetizing, I know. They are pretty thorny, so use some gloves when eating one, but the insides are really sweet and juicy. Super healthy too! It tastes really good and is probably something that's worth your money. Although, you'd have to get gloves or end up stabbing your paws, (or hands... or flippers... ok, maybe JubJubs shouldn't eat this..) I honestly think it's worth it.

4. Apple Juice

The organic one. They're loaded with vitamins and are pretty good. They'll quench your thirst and leave you refreshed. But, the best part is that you can get it for a cheap price. This is classic, so there's nothing to be worried about in trying this.

3. Krawk Apple

This apple is really good. Very healthy and it's worth every neopoint you invested into it. Yum!

2. Organic Green Apple

Remember: an apple a day keeps the doctor away! This crunchy organic apple was created with no pesticides or artificial ingredients. It's like a regular apple, so you can't go wrong with it.

1. Organic Red Apple

The best way to enjoy an apple is by eating it. A plain organic apple will be the best way to do that. It might be boring or whatever you say, but remember apples are healthy. Almost all of the other 18 ways use plain apples, so try munching on one! You'll never go wrong with one. They're sweet and healthy. So, go out there and the next time you neopet wants something sweet, feed them an apple. I hope this list helped. Remember, don't limit yourself with apples. There are plenty other ways to get sweetness and healthiness. But an apple is actually a pretty good start. :)

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