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Visions III: Revealed - Part One

by yotoll


A Kyrii gazed out on to the sleeping city that lay out before him. It was bathed in the orange glow of the rising sun that had not yet begun to radiate its intense heat. The buildings sat in the familiar pattern, forming alleys and streets between each other. He knew the city well since he was born in it and grew up inside its walls. Now, he ruled it as its king. It was truly his city, the city of Qasala. He would willingly guard it with his life, and had on several occasions.

     A radiant pink Ixi came to his side, dressed in a simple purple sleeping gown. He turned to his wife and smiled at her.

     "Good morning, Nabile," he greeted her. "Did you sleep well?"

     "I slept fine, but I'm worried about how you slept," she replied, concern showing in her eyes. "You've been up most nights."

     He rested a hand on her shoulder. "I'm fine. Just a little anxious about tonight. That's all."

     "It's not just about tonight, though," she guessed, taking his hand from her shoulder and holding. "What else is making you worry?"

     He thought for a moment about dismissing his troubles, but the look in her eyes confirmed that she wouldn't believe him if he did. He had no choice but to tell her.

     Jazan sighed and turned back to the balcony, gazing out at the city once more. "It's about the Kyrii assassin. She hasn't been spotted for a long time, so I think she's been traveling to the Lost Desert. I'm afraid of what might happen if she comes here."

     Nabile rested a hand on his shoulder. "I can defend myself. Plus, every guard in Qasala and Sakhmet is trying to find her, not to mention every land that's been involved and all the ones in between.

     Jazan shook his head. "I know, but I feel like something is going to happen to you."

     "Nothing is going to happen," she insisted. "Now, I'm going to check on how tonight's dinner with King Altador and the others is coming along. Why don't you try and relax before then? Take a stroll around the city or something."

     He nodded and looked at her. "Alright."

     Nabile leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, then left.

     A stroll around the city, he thought, gazing out once more at the streets below. Not a bad idea.


     "It's so hot," Nil complained, leaning against one of the buildings. "Why does he have to live in the desert?" She rubbed her left eye and looked over at a red Xweetok that stood next to her.

     Karan smiled at her, amused to the yellow Kyrii's complaints. They had just gotten into the city after a long travel and already she was complaining. "It's not that bad. I mean, sure it'd be nice if the place was cooler, but it's still pretty beautiful." He looked up at the buildings around him, not noticing the glare he was receiving from the Kyrii.

     She sighed. "Sure, it's fine for you; meanwhile I have to wear all this cloth!" She pulled at the black scarf that was wrapped around her entire head aside from her left eye. It was uncomfortable and hot, especially with the desert's temperatures.

     She looked around to make sure no one was staring at them, but she figured it was safe. Everyone around them looked pretty suspicious, so her attire didn't seem too unusual. It was definitely an area for thieves like the two of them.

     "Let's try to find Jix," Karan suggested, looking at a group nearby that was talking in low voices.

     "I thought I made it clear that we can't find him," Nil replied. "He's capable of disguising himself as anyone. He can even disguise himself to just us and no one else, or to everyone else except us. The thing we have to do is find this Jazan guy. If we can't do that, we turn ourselves over to the guards and stay in jail so that Jix can't attack anyone without bringing suspicion towards him.

     "He's not just a 'guy,'" Karan insisted. "I'll forgive you for your lack of exposure to the world, but this is the King of Qasala. Calling him, 'this Jazan guy' is exactly the kind of thing they'd expect the killer to do."

     "Fine, let's just find Jazan, or should I say King Jazan." She rolled her eyes and started off.

     Yes, you should, Karan thought, and followed after her.


     The city moved about, unaware of the cloaked Kyrii slinking through the city among them. He kept his heavy brown hood up over his ears and made sure not to look up to often so that no one would recognize him. Although he enjoyed being king, he also appreciated the moments when he wasn't responsible for the world around him. The moments when he could just relax for once.

     I really needed this, he realized, ducking into an alleyway. Things have been hectic ever since Altador was attacked. I just hope neither of us is attacked again tonight.

     He headed back out onto the busy street, unaware of a blue Wocky staring at him from the shadows, a smile spreading across his face.


     The two siblings made their way through the streets of Qasala, reaching a market place. Many of the locals bartered for food and any tourists were looking around at the jewelry and clothing. Nil managed to swipe some food from the vendors, eating it as they went along. Karan did the same, though he kept the food with him.

     Suddenly, Nil felt a vision pushing its way into her mind. She quickly found an alley and ducked into it. Once she was sure she was alone, she closed her eyes and allowed the vision to unfold inside her.

     Images flashed before her mind and she took it in, realizing the danger behind the message.

     "Nil?" Karan asked as she felt herself return from the vision.

     "We have to go," she said, her voice firm and determined. "Now."

     She took off quickly without explaining further and Karan followed, wondering what she saw in her vision.

     It must be about Jix or King Jazan, he figured, but what is it?


     "Queela fruit! Queela fruit! Ripe, juicy, Queela fruit!" a vendor chanted. He turned towards an oddly familiar Kyrii who stood, looking at the different things. "Want some Queela fruit?"

     Jazan carefully kept his face down. "No, thank you. I will take a few of those Qandos, though."

     "Sure," the vendor replied, gathering up a few into a small basket. "Hey, do I know you."

     "No," Jazan lied, pulling out his coin bag.

     The vendor shrugged and put the basket down. "1,256 each."

     They bartered for a bit, and Jazan finally bought them for 894 each. He paid the man and left with the basket in tow, deciding to take an alley route back to the palace.

     Nabile will get worried if I'm not back soon, he thought, unwary of the threat glancing at him from afar.

     That's it, the Wocky thought. Be alone. That way there will be no witnesses when I kill you.


     Where did you go, Nil? Karan wondered, searching around. He had lost her in the crowd and there was no way of telling where she could have gone.

     Sweet Fyora, give me the patience to deal with her and her visions. Only you know how difficult she can be sometimes.


     Nil finally reached the alley she had seen in her vision. So far, there was no sign of Jazan or Jix, but she knew that it wouldn't be long before they were both here.

     Where to hide? she wondered, glancing around the small area. Then, she spotted some crates and climbed behind them, accidentally breaking one in the process. Still, she was in the perfect position. Through the cracks, she could see what was going on. She would know exactly when Jix arrived.


     Jazan entered an alley and looked about. He sensed something was wrong and, when he checked with his magic, he found there was a dark being of some sort.

     What is it, though? he wondered, casting his gaze about the narrow passage and resting his eyes for a moment on a pile of crates. He turned around and spotted a blue Wocky.

     "Hello, King Jazan," the Wocky said, approaching him. Jazan could feel a dark energy within him, hidden beneath the surface. It was potent, but he felt he could handle it.

     "Who are you?" Jazan asked, moving his cloak aside so that he could reach his sword if necessary. It was carefully strapped to his waist, just in case he had to use it.

     The Wocky smiled and stopped, only a few feet away from him. He didn't move, just stood there, grinning evilly and watching him with hungry eyes. Something seemed wrong with how he stood, so Jazan thought it best to take action before the Wocky chose to.

     Jazan reached for the hilt of his sword to pull it out, but it pulled itself out. The next moment he was elbowed in the stomach by another Wocky, identical to the last but this one was solid whereas the other was already fading into nothing.

     "Unique metal," the Wocky commented, examining the blade. "Capable of cutting through most magic." He grinned at him again. "You're a magical creature."

     The Wocky raised the sword again, about to strike his chest, but Jazan managed to back away, releasing his stomach for a moment so he could use his hands. The Wocky tried to strike to his stomach, but he quickly put up a shield and the sword halted against it. The Wocky quickly realized he had lost his advantage with the sword and discarded it, tossing it well away from Jazan.

     The Kyrii scoffed. "You gave up a good weapon, not that you could have beaten me with it."

     "I will beat you, for my father's namesake," the Wocky replied, gathering up dark essence in his hands.

     "Your father's namesake?"

     "Magax," the Wocky replied. "My father was Magax."

     Jazan rolled his eyes. Naturally. He spotted the darkness shooting towards him a moment too late and it hit him square in the chest, making him back up a pace. He could feel the spell taking hold already, trying to sap his magic. Now I need my sword.

     The Wocky smiled and began gathering more dark essence into his hands, but Jazan quickly muttered a reverse incantation, though it was hardly that strong. He had never learned much to defeat darker magic, but he knew enough to beat this amateur. The form was bad, and it was clear that he had to put a great deal of effort into holding just a small ball of darkness.

     "If you wouldn't mind introducing yourself before I have you arrested," Jazan said, trying to ignore the pounding in his head and how heavy his limbs seemed to be growing.

     "My name is Jix, good King," replied the Wocky, mockingly bowing and trying to keep a small amount of a shield around him at the same time. "I believe you haven't heard of me before, since Magax hid my existence, but I actually grew up here in Qasala, after the curse, of course."

     Jazan felt his legs suddenly give out and colors swirled before his eyes for a moment before he could see properly again. When his vision cleared, Jix stood above his kneeling form, gripping a dagger tightly and holding it to Jazan's throat.

     "I tried to put this off, hoping I would kill someone else for Xandra in return for what she did for Magax, but now I have no choice." Jix spoke in a hushed voice, and Jazan realized just what the Wocky was talking about.

     "You were the assassin before this began, weren't you?" asked Jazan, trying to get to his feet, but the blade at his throat made him wish not to.

     The Wocky nodded. "Yes, I was." He looked into Jazan's eyes and sighed. "I won't make you die by my blade. Just die by the spell." He sheathed the dagger and turned away. The moment he did, Jazan tried to leap up, but he fell forward and hit the ground.

     "Goodbye, Jazan, my King," said Jix sadly, and left the alley.

     He was completely alone now. The spell began to fully bind his magic and he began to feel himself slipping away. This can't be the end, he thought fiercely, but already he could feel his mind slip away. Nabile, I have to see her one last time. He had neither the strength nor energy to sit up, though, and soon he didn't even remain conscious. He fell into a sleep he was certain to be permanent.

To be continued...

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