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Dressing Your Baby

by yourlynn


One of the most frequently asked questions I've noticed during my time lurking the Help Board is, "Can my Baby wear clothing?" Many responses people receive amount to, "No. They cannot." Like with certain other colors (such as Mutant and Maraquan), painting your pet Baby will disallow them to wear normal clothing, as well as some trinkets and accessories, and, though some Baby pets do have their own pajamas and binkies, most do not. As the caregiver to a Baby girl Aisha, I understand how frustrating this can be. It seems as if the only way to customize our Babies is to give them a background. But that isn't true! There are quite a few items available to clothe our little bundles of joy, and here I've listed a few great ones to hopefully give you a bit of guidance on what your Baby actually CAN wear!

1. Mobiles

What item is more suited for a Baby than a cute little mobile to look up at as they lay in their cribs? There are a wide variety of mobiles available for your Baby to look up to.

The Colourful Rock Mobile is topped off with a cute spaceship. The Grey Rock Mobile is topped off with an adorable purple Grundo. Both include hanging space rocks and are pretty colourful. The Shiny Nova Mobile is gorgeous. Topped with a glowing golden Nova, three more Novas hang from the mobile, one above the other. All three are space-themed and would be wonderful if you have a Baby who wants to grow up to be an astronaut. The Gormball Mobile features three hanging gormballs, each designed in three interesting ways. One is simple and blue, while another is swirled in bright neon blue, pink, orange, and yellow, and the third looks like chocolate coated in marshmallows. Finally, the Kookith Mobile is crafted to look like the cute little Kookith Petpet. Six little Kookiths hang from the baby blue frame, and each Kookith is a bright, cheerful color. All are available for purchase with Neopoints, and a few can be found on the Shop Wizard.

Other mobiles include the Sweet Valentine Mobile, Robot Petpet Mobile, and the Neopian Mobile. The Sweet Valentine Mobile is coloured with red, black, pink, and white. It's themed with hearts, and it's truly a lovely item. It doesn't have to be used specifically for Valentines day, either! The Robot Petpet Mobile is self-explanatory and features five different Robotic Petpets: The Millipod, the GX-4 Oscillabot, the Avabot, the Rotawheel, and the Roburg 3T3. The Neopian Mobile may be something your baby would love if they have an adventurous streak, though it also has a space-feel to it. Hanging from the brown frame is a detailed globe of Neopia, a spaceship, the Virtupets Space Station, and the planet Kreludor. Each of these Neocash items are animated, and they are also all retired.

2. Pile of Baby Bottles

Because your Baby is in the process of growing, they're sure to have a big appetite! This item, purchasable with Neopoints, is just the thing to show that off. When your Baby finishes with one bottle, all they have to do is grab for another. It'll tide them over for quite a while.

3. Sweet Dreams Crib

The Sweet Dreams Crib is a great Neocash item still available in the NC Mall. It gives your Baby an adorable place to rest. The fabric above and inside the crib is pale purple and patterned with stars and moons, and a cute Petpet-themed mobile spins overhead. Matching pillows rest inside the crib, and bows tie around two of the posts. It's sure to be a favorite sleeping place of any Baby, and my little Aisha would be totally lost without hers.

4. Baby Pajamas

As stated earlier in this guide, some Baby pets do not come with their own pajamas. It's a shame, but don't fret! Luckily there's an adorable set available for your Baby in the NC Mall. Made of fabric that comes striped in green, yellow, and orange, this pair of jammies comes with attached gloves and footies. The collar is lined with white frills, and the outline of a bib is also done in frills. This button-up set of pajamas is sure to make sure your little darling is totally snug and cozy on those chilly winter nights – and every other night, too!

5. Spring Baby Dress

This pretty dress is another NC item, still purchasable, that could positively delight your little girl. The fabric is a lovely shade of green with yellow details, such as the cute frill at the bottom. The skirt truly looks as if petals are flowing from the golden waistline, and the sleeveless top will keep your Baby cool on those warm summer days.

6. Valentine Baby Bonnet

This retired Neocash item is, personally, a favorite of me and my Baby. The pink cap sits atop your Baby's head, and a bow ties under their chin. Patterned with frills and hearts around the front and on the bow, this item is great for showing Valentine spirit but is still adorable enough to wear all year round.

7. Valentine Baby Dummy

Much like the Valentine Baby Bonnet, this binkie is as a retired Neocash item – and so adorable your Baby will want to wear it long after Valentines Day! It's shaped like a heart, outside of a heart, outside of a heart, and so on, and it is also animated. It's the perfect item for your Baby if the paint brush didn't include them a binkie!

8. Baby Valentine Blankie

Last but certainly not least, this security blanket – another retired item from the NC Mall – is possibly my Baby's most cherished possession. She carries the piece of cloth around with her everywhere she goes and sleeps with it at night. One side of the fabric is white and patterned with red hearts, while the other side is the opposite – red and patterned with white hearts. Sparkling hearts, each a different color, are attached to all four corners.

These items, when paired with backgrounds and foregrounds, are sure to give your Baby a look that is cute as well as unique. Happy dressing!

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