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10 Grarrl Day Special Treats For Your Grarrl

by girlpower836


Grarrl Day is here! Yes indeed, that day has finally arrived! The one day of the year when these fearsome creatures were discovered and were introduced to Neopians for the first time. Awed by their power and that loud, strong roar, Neopians immediately rushed to add a Grarrl to their Neofamily. They were the ultimate cool Neopet.

Some may say they looked better and much more frightening before the big conversion; some disagree and enjoy their looks as they are now, adding features and clothes to emphasize their character. Either way, the Grarrls have kept their reputation as one of the most aggressive, brave and courageous neopets, though always remaining with a warm heart.

And with Grarrl Day here, along with new colours, clothes and trinkets especially for these divine beings, it would be a sin not to pamper them as they deserve. So, for those of you who waited for this day to run and add a Grarrl to their families, as well as everyone else who already have that honor, but are a little stuck on what to shower their Grarrls with, Aristograrrl and I composed a short list of 10 things you should treat your Grarrl to, just because they deserve to be spoiled to the fullest, at least today.

1. Grarrl Breakfast Platter

"Rise and shine... before your breakfast bites you!" The description says it all. This meal is indubitably the perfect amount of excitement to wake up your neopet. Start the day with a healthy meal full of adrenaline and awesomeness and let the rest of your day slide with your coolness. ;)

2. Any kind of Grarrl plushie

What? Just because they're big, muscular and intimidating doesn't mean that Grarrls don't have a softer side! Lure that mushy Grarrl out of your pet with the numerous Grarrl plushies to choose from. If you're worried about your wallet going dry, try the basic colored plushies – a classic and never a miss, but if you feel like spending big, well don't worry, we have the right pick for you: Cuddly Grarrl Plushie! You can go even bigger than that; the choice is yours, but if you ask me about the perfect plushie that would satisfy both you (your wallet) and your Grarrl, I would choose the Rainbow Grarrl Plushie – goes excellent with every colored pet and the price range is just enough to keep that smile on your face.

3. Grarrl Mythology

It's always good to know something more about yourself, or your ancestors in this case. No matter if you're a mythology fanatic, a fighter to be or a writer in progress, this book is a must for every Grarrl. It will fire up your imagination and tell you great stories that have been passed on from generation to generation.

4. Bony Grarrl Club

It's not a real Grarrl Day if we don't mention the Bony Grarrl Club a.k.a. BGC. The weapon so many strive for, the item to make them the real warrior, and not to mention that elusive avatar! If you can't afford to buy your Grarrl a BGC (and I'm guessing you can't) go for a lend; who knows, maybe the lenders will have mercy and be more generous due to this special date.

5. Fake Grarrl Footprints

Hmm, we don't know how happy this next item will make you, but it's definitely worth mentioning for your pet! This item will fit perfectly in your Neohome, but what for, you ask? Well... remember that broken vase you were sure your Grarrl pushed (unintentionally, of course) but he couldn't have, cause you saw his dirt footprints leading from the garden to the kitchen, never even being close to the vase? Well... I'm pretty sure you can put all the pieces together from here. *cough*

6. Chef Grarrl

It's great to cook for your pet, the pleasure you get when you see the smile on their face and fill that (not so little) tummy. But as they grow up, you must show them how to take care of themselves and expand their food horizons beyond cheeseburgers and Neocola. You know what they say, give a Grarrl a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a Grarrl how to fish and he'll steal your fish... or it was something like that.

7. Pretty Pink Grarrl Slippers

Even though Grarrl girls may look a bit vigorous, they are just like every other girl in Neopia – they love the new clothes and especially enjoy the princess feeling they get while wearing them. So, if you have one just like this running around in your home, these Pretty Pink Grarrl Slippers will be a perfect gift for her – soft, fuzzy and warm, making her day perfect right from the first step.

8. Grarrl Sleuth Trench Coat

Don't think we forgot about the boys! They may be rough and ferocious, but they too have a sense of fashion. This trench coat will not only make them look cooler and more mysterious, but it also visually slims you down. And for those who want to taste the whole "secret detective" experience, combine this lovely coat with the sleuth boots, hat and spyglasses and off to your adventure! Just be careful not to be misled by those fake Grarrl footprints. ;)

9. Lost Desert Grarrl Stamp

Yes, we know not everyone is a mad stamp collector, obsessing about not having the last stamp of the album which costs only 40 million NP, we really get it. But because you don't want them stacking in your inventory/safety deposit box, or for whatever other reason, I can bet you have at least 10 stamps in your album. And since you already have those, at least make it complete by adding one with your pet's species in it! For this occasion and this day, the perfect choice would be the Lost Desert Grarrl Stamp, a cheap yet elegant addition to your album.

10. Marshmallow and Cherry Grarrl Cake

And what better way to finish off this marvelous day than with a piece of marshmallow and cherry cake? (Whoa , that was almost a perfect rhyme!) Treat your lovelies with a big piece of this cake and satisfy that sweet tooth of theirs! Don't forget to also give yourself a piece and pat on the back for making this day for your Grarrl even more special and memorable!

Aristograrrl and I wish you a very merry Grarrl Day!!

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