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Guide to the Neopian Pound Board

by ultimatekai123


If you've ever clicked on the Neopian Pound Board, you might have been a little overwhelmed with what you saw. The board moves a million miles per minute. It can be nerve-wracking for someone who spends a lot of time on slower boards where not much goes on. Another thing that can be overwhelming is all the abbreviations and terms people use. "UFT" is the one you'll see the most often, and you might not even know what that means! This guide will help you out if you haven't spent a lot of time on the Pound Board.


The description says, "Learn about Neopets that other users are going to abandon and find out stories about other Neopians who have adopted Neopets." However, the Pound Board is mostly where people go to trade pets. People used to trade pets through the Neopian Pound, but Neopets has since introduced a lovely feature that allows you to safely transfer pets to another user without any risks.

Let's say you wanted a Jelly Kacheek, but your lab ray hasn't been very nice. You can't seem to zap a Jelly Kacheek no matter how hard you try! Luckily, there's the Pound Board. You can find someone who has the pet you are looking for and trade them one of your pets.

Another cool feature of the Pound Board is that users adopt their pets out for free. I've even seen Krawks and Draiks being adopted out! This is a great place to go if you're not having any luck finding the perfect pet in the Neopian Pound.


Frequent visitors to the Pound Board are familiar with all the terminology that is used there. If you're new, you might be a little confused. This is a small list of some of the terms you'll come across on the Pound Board.

"UFT" -- Up for trade. This refers to a pet that a user wants to trade for another pet.

"UFA" -- Up for adoption. The user wants to give this pet away for free.

"UC" -- Unconverted. A pet that still has the old artwork from before all pets were converted to the new artwork.

"Dreamie" -- A pet someone wants above all other pets. Their dream pet.

"WN" -- Well-named. This refers to a pet that has a name (usually) without underscores or numbers in it.

"BN" -- Badly-named. This refers to a pet whose name has underscores, letters, or is simply too long.

"Custom" -- When someone is offering to paint a pet and give it the name of your choice in return for one of your pets. Example: If you traded someone for a Royal Custom, they would create a new Neopet of your choosing, name it what you want, and paint it Royal. Then they would trade it for your pet.

"D/UC/K" -- Draik/Unconverted/Krawk. Usually people use this term when they are seeking one of those three kinds of pets.

There are many other terms -- too many to list here. But these are the ones you will see the most often.


What is your Neopet worth? The word "worth" is very subjective. On one hand, we can all agree that a Cybunny has more trade value than a Gelert because Cybunnies are limited edition. On the other hand, everyone has different tastes. I personally like Gelerts more than Cybunnies and would rather trade for a Gelert.

In general, you can expect Draiks, Krawks, and Unconverted pets to be high-valued in a trade. This is because they are very rare and hard to obtain. Everything else is opinion based. Some people love Gnorbus and only want to trade for Gnorbus. Some people only like pets with amazing names. Some people don't have a preference and just want to see what kind of offers they get.

If you know what you want to trade for, post about it! Offer on those pets! Don't be discouraged if you don't get any offers right away. The best trades I ever made took me a long time to find. Patience is key.

One more thing I can tell you is that certain colors are very popular. Royal, Chocolate, and Baby pets, for example, are in high-demand. Colors such as Jelly, Mutant, and Magma may not be as popular but they are still very possible to trade. Remember what I said before: All trades are based on opinion. The general public may think Swampgas is a gross color, but there is someone out there who would love to trade for your Swampgas Kau -- you just have to be patient and keep trying!


The main thing I can tell you is that if you don't know what you're doing, don't be afraid to ask. Let's say someone offers you a trade, but you are unsure about it. Is this trade worth it? Feel free to post a topic asking, "Is this a fair trade?" Users on the Pound Board are pretty knowledgeable about the ways of trading and are more than happy to answer your questions.

To conclude this article, I'll give a word of advice: I had barely any neopoints and all my pets were plain when I first went to the Pound Board. I wanted a White Kacheek so badly but I couldn't afford it. Through the helpfulness of others and some tough trading, I now have my White Kacheek (as well as many other pets I never thought I'd have)!

If there's a certain pet you want more than anything, don't be discouraged by your lack of neopoints. Don't let yourself believe you will never get the pet you want. The Pound Board is amazing because so many people who simply aren't that good at making neopoints can still achieve their Neopet goals. I think this is a wonderful thing. :) If you're patient and spend time getting to know the ways of the Pound Board, it's possible for you, too!

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