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Wishing Well Avatar Mystery

by mikh26


So it has been over a year since the Wishing Well Avatar has been released and we have yet to discover how obtain it. TNT has given us another avatar that is a mystery to obtain it. Within the first few months of it being released, people were already comparing it to the Bonju avatar, which took nearly three years to find. Now within the last year they have given us many hints. The only accounts that actually have it are TNT accounts used to test that the avatar was obtainable. If you ask the Avatar chat, half of them will tell you that there are a few users who have it, but those users have yet to prove it. NEVER use screenies as proof because they can easily be faked. If someone wants to prove they have the avatar, they need to post on a board with it active or you can search someone's username through the side search and it will show that user's active avatar. Luckily TNT has been generous enough to give us many hints. Too bad not many of them are that helpful, since a lot have funny wording and they can mean a few different things.

Most hints that TNT has given us have been through the editorial, but a few other hints have come from Dragona (a TNT Staffer just in case anyone doesn't know). On June 17, 2011 during Jellyneo's trip to TNT headquarters, Dragona gave a piece of paper to the Jellyneo staff saying '7' then with her signature on it. The other hint from Dragona was '6' which she posted on a premium board on June 28, 2011. She then mentioned that it was a hint for both the new bottled faerie smilies (this was when there was new smilies and nobody knew what they were yet; the 6 hint helped since there are 6 bottled faeries) and the wishing well.

So now the problem with the 6 and 7 hints is that it could be anything. Or what if they aren't even hints and Dragona was just telling us random info about the well? For example, you can make 7 donations (must be a donation of 21 or more to count) in a 12 hour time frame for a chance at having your wish granted. (Note: the item you wish for has to be Rarity 89 or lower or you won't get your wish granted.) Another example would be that the Well grants at 6am/pm during Daylights Saving Time and 7am/pm any other time.

Many other simple theories with the numbers 6 and 7 have been tested. Some of these would be donating 67 and 76 up to 1000 times each. Or donate 6, 7 times and 7, 6 times. Another Theory has been to have your wish granted 6 or 7 times, but some people have had their wish granted over 10 times within the last year since the avatar came out.

So now it comes down to what's the simplest theory including 6 and 7 to get the avatar? Well, around the Avatar chat and more importantly the Wishing Well - Occam's Razor Theory boards we believe that it's just donating the right amount. For those of you who don't know what Occam's Razor is, in short, it's the simplest solution is often the correct one. Now many people come in and complain that 99,999 different amounts to test is not easy at all. TNT has told you guys you're over thinking it. For these people I ask them what is simpler than donating an amount (xx,xxx) and getting the avatar? Very simple, right? Now the downfall to this theory is how much it will cost. To test every amount from 1-99,999, it's just under 5 BILLION neopoints. That's an insane amount, right?

This is why we think that the Dragona hint of 7 and 6 are 2 of the numbers in the amount needed to donate for the avatar. This cuts down a lot of amounts that needs to be tested and it really reduces the amount of neopets it will cost. How about if Dragona was giving us the clues in order? So we got 7 then 6. Maybe it's a 76,xxx amount. This would reduce it to only 1k different amounts needed to be tested. That's still going to be around 80 million NP, but that's WAY less then 5 billion, right? If we were to all work as a group, we could have it done in no time. If we got even a quarter of the users to donate at least once we would be finished with all the 76k amounts and have a lot less work to do, and it would only cost each person 77k or less. I know to some people 77k is a lot and they don't want to spend that much but it's not that hard to make it back. And it's going to a good cause, especially if you like to help solve a mystery, or you just like avatar collecting. Or even if you're not an avatar collector, wouldn't it be cool to say you figured out how to get an avatar before everyone else and not just any avatar but one that has actually been a mystery and around for a while before anyone got it? And even if the amount you test isn't right, you still have a shot at an item, so overall you could possibly profit from helping.

I know there are still going to be a lot of people that disagree that this is the right way to get the avatar and that's fine. My goal is to convince people through the process of elimination of simple theories that this is the simplest and most likely. So if anyone has ANY theories, feel free to neomail me about it or even if you want to help with the Occam's Razor boards (Even Dragona thinks the petpage for the board is a nice petpage), neomail me for the details or find the board around the Avatar chat.

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