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Mmm. Petpets. { A guide to stress-free Feed Florg }

by wolfspirit15


A lot of Neopians believe that "Feed Florg" is a difficult game. Difficult to get the avatar, difficult to play, and nearly impossible to master. People complain about it often, people's heads explode over it, people throw their computers against the wall due to it. Trust me, though, I don't think the insurance people want to hear that your computer broke because you threw it against a wall. I don't think they know what a "Florg" is. Personally, I'd rate this game medium-hard. Actually, luck has a lot to do with it. You can't tell what petpet Florg is going to eat next; hopefully it's the petpet that will benefit you the most. I'll try to explain, as best I can, some pointers and things to remember while playing the game.

First off. The objective of the game is to keep all of the petpets on the table, so that Florg can eat them. Simple enough, right? Wrong! While whining and fussing, Florg leaves you to contain the petpets on the table with a small, metal hand, while more and more petpets are released from overhead.

That ugly, blue-ish green thing at the top of the screen is Florg, himself. He's a mutant Chia. A really, really, REALLY big mutant Chia. You control a metal hand, which rotates around a table. There are six different petpets to contain, which will all be released from a metal ball overhead. Simple! Sorta.

Let's talk about points. Each time you hit a petpet with the hand, it's worth one point. Each time Florg eats a petpet, you get ten points. Don't worry too much, though. One point per hit doesn't seem like a lot, does it? It adds up, though, I promise!

Now, you have a choice between using your mouse, and using the left and right arrow keys. I suggest the arrow keys; they're easier to maneuver and there isn't a chance of the hand moving in the wrong direction.

Let's quickly touch upon lives. You have five lives. So, therefore, once five petpets fall from the table, your game is over. You need to remember to budget your lives. Conserve them. I suggest restarting your game if you lose a life before you get 50 points. I have it planned out in my head: there are five lives, and there are five intervals of 50 points before you get the avatar. (You need 250 points for it.) So, if you lose one life, every 50 points, aside from the first 50, you should be pretty well off. By the time you hit 200 points, you should have 2-3 lives.

A major, MAJOR problem with Feed Florg? It bugs. Yeah. If your computer is running slowly, there is a chance that your game will automatically end, and you'll basically see Florg popping out at you, and an annoying buzzing sound. It can get quite annoying; it's happened to me when I was 200 points in once. So make sure you close all of your other programs on your computer before you play!

As already stated, Feed Florg has a lot to do with luck. He can go after a petpet that's been bouncing around for ages, or one that's just been set on the table. The petpets can scurry off in weird, impossible directions, and they can move painstakingly slow or incredibly fast. Try not to get too frustrated with the "luck or chance" aspect, though. There's still a strategies, tips, and things like that.

That's the basics of the game. Now, I'll give you a few pointers that helped me! Remember, these are just my pointers. If you have any tips that work for you, make sure you use them. Whatever makes obtaining the avatar easiest for you.

Always go after the slower petpet. That is, if two petpets are running for the edge of the table and you can only save one. That's just what I do, but make sure you do what's best for you. I think that going for the slower petpet gives you more time to react in the long run.

If two petpets are running towards the edge of the table, and you're unsure as to which one to save, keep the hand in the middle. Florg might always eat one of them. If that happens, go for the remaining petpet. If not, then go for the slower one.

Make sure you mentally calculate the shortest distance to the petpet. It can save precious time. Although there are only two options, clockwise and counter-clockwise, one is usually better than the other.

I suggest turning off the sound. It can be distracting, yes, but also pretty depressive if you think about it. Those poor, innocent petpets! I suppose everyone has to eat, though.

Distractions really, really are bad. Make sure the room is silent. Kick your siblings out, shut the door, and turn off your music. Remember the old saying, "silence is golden?" It's true. It'll create a better playing atmosphere.

Try not to glance at your score too often. Aside from it being distracting, it's like watching water boil. It slowly goes up, and up, and up. If you concentrate on the game itself, and only glance at the score when necessary, it'll seem like it's jumped a great deal from the last time you looked.

Don't get frustrated! Yes, you will get scores like "249." It's happened to me. Don't get too frustrated, though. After a few plays, or a lot of plays, you will get bored and angry. It's okay! It happens to the best of us. It happens to all of us. Take a break, and make sure you don't throw your computer against the wall. With practice, you'll get the better of Florg! After winning your avatar, celebrate! Get a Florg plushie and feet it to your Grarrl, make a Florg plushie and eat it yourself, do whatever! Then you don't ever have to play the mind-numbing game ever again. Good luck!

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