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Chia Bomber 2 – Shooting Through the Neighborhood

by dawwetje


Also written by fruityexotic

Do you like Chias? But you don't like bombing Chias? Then Chia Bomber 2 is the game for you! Chia Bomber 2 stars Geoffrey Chia, who lives in a nice and quiet neighborhood in Tyrannia with his friends. The neighborhood is being invaded by evil Chias from the outskirts of Tyrannia bringing their bazookas filled with mud-balloons into Geoffrey's peaceful little world. Geoffrey can't allow those evil Chias taking over his world, so he decides to show them who's boss. Geoffrey fills his gun with water-balloons and sets out to take those invaders out. Will you be able to help him? With this guide you will!

Chia Bomber 2 is an action game, in which you have to fire your water-balloons at those enemy Chias. But beware of them; they will try to shoot you with mud. So be prepared to dodge some mud coming your way, in the twelve action packed levels. The first levels will be easy, but the further you get in the game the harder it gets. The game has a maximum score of 1,687 points. When you reach a high enough score, you can also get an avatar. When you reach the maximum score of 1,687 you'll receive a shiny golden Chia Bomber 2 trophy, isn't that cool? Well, before you go to mentally adding that gold trophy to your lookup, let's start with the basics.

How to move around the neighborhood?

Use your arrow keys to move around the different blocks of your neighborhood. Since you'll want to take out the enemy it is recommended to shoot them with water balloons when you face them. To do so, please hit the space bar on your keyboard, and see what happens! But since you are not only equipped with that water balloon gun, but also with a few mines, you might want to know how to place those. While playing hit the M key on your keyboard and your mine will be placed.

Let's discuss enemies now.

Each action game seems to have them, and Chia Bomber 2 is no exception. Since we want to keep it exciting, the game has different types of enemies. And this time the enemy comes in different colors.

Green Chia: This is the weakest enemy. You can defeat this little guy by hitting him with one water balloon.

Blue Chia: This is a weak enemy but stronger than the green one. You defeat him by hitting him two times.

Yellow Chia: This is an average enemy. You defeat him by hitting him three times.

Red Chia: This is a strong enemy. You defeat him by hitting him four times.

Black Chia: This is the strongest enemy. You defeat him by hitting him five times.

Your enemies have a limited shooting range. To make the game a little more difficult, the range limit is increases after level 6 and in level 12. Each level has eight enemy Chias to kill, except for level 11 (9 Chias) and level 12 (10 Chias).

So now we know who we are facing. Are you still up for the challenge? This game is not for the faint hearted among us, you know.

Scoring in this game is easy.

Just shoot 'em! You'll get ten points for every enemy you kill. If this happens by firing water balloons you'll get three bonus points. If you kill them with your mines, you'll get two bonus points. Conclusion, firing gets you more points. Keep in mind that you can only get the maximum score if you did not use any mines during your game. If you happen to get hit by a mud balloon, you'll lose a life, and you will lose the 'kill' points you have accumulated during that level, but not the bonus points. If you reach level 12 or complete it, then your lives left are worth 100 points each. You start with three lives, but by typing the code 'geoffrey' you can get an extra life. This means 400 extra points when you reach level 12!

Onto the tips to beat this game...

First of all, don't forget to use the code for the extra life. It matters in the end. Also, keep in mind that your gun can only shoot one water balloon at a time, which means the balloon needs to explode before you can shoot another one. Not keeping this in mind can be the difference between surviving the game or get smacked with mud all the time. Another helpful trick is to start each level in the top left corner. When you finish one level, you will have a few seconds left. Make sure you are in the top left of the level! (kill your last enemy close to the corner) You'll get a screen saying get ready for the next level? When you get this screen you have to push space and the right arrow key at the same time. When you do this you will start in the top left corner. You can easily run, while you are holding space, into your enemies. This strategy is recommended until you finished level 10. After this level the enemies will be too powerful. There are mostly black enemies and only a few red enemies from now on.

How to get the maximum score of 1,687?

Well, of course you need to be an elite shooter. Survive all 12 levels with only using your gun to kill enemies. Do not use mines to destroy enemies; these give less bonus points. It is imperative that you have your four lives remaining at the end, since these will give you 400 extra points. And of course be in the top 100 of the high score list when trophies are awarded. This shouldn't be all that hard, since the high score list is rarely filled with all maximum scores.

We hope that this guide has been somewhat helpful in your quest to master Chia Bomber 2 and getting the avatar and/or gold trophy. Even if you aren't able to get the maximum score, it is still possible to get a silver or bronze trophy for this game. Check the high score list for the score needed. Go ahead and try your skill and luck in this action filled game. Off to the playing fields of Tyrannia with you all! Good luck!

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