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Memory Like An Elephante

by angel_star7


“Grenelon! Get your fresh grenelons!”

     The salesmen screamed as I sat on the lonely Brightvale sidewalk. I glanced over my shoulder watching all of the other children play Neodecks. One would lay down a card and jump for joy, and the other would sit with his arms folded.

     I was always the odd one out. I never dared to talk to the others. I had the yellow fur, while everyone else was painted Spotted or Disco. They would always brag about their colors, but I did not really give a care at all. I thought it was just a way to brag about your Neopoints.

     I stood up from the smooth beige curb of the street with a few Neopoints in my hand. It was all I had left for the week. My allowance was small amount; my family was not the best. Even if I was the eldest, or the girl of the bunch, I never received a big amount. I headed over to the small fruit stand, and gazed up at the large Red Skeith.

     “May I have a Grenelon?” I asked, reaching to the top of the stand. I placed the last three Neopoints on the splintery wood as the man took them. Grenelons were always cheap; they had been a Wheel of Knowledge prize for everyone these days, especially my family.

     He handed me the circular fruit and tipped his hat. “Good eatin’.”

     “Thank you, sir.” I nodded back and headed back to the curb where I always sat. I took a small bite out of the mysterious-looking fruit as the juices lingered in my mouth. I stopped in my tracks, hearing a yell from behind me.

     “Stop! Thief!” someone had screamed. Was that for me? Was there a problem with paying the correct amount of Neopoints and taking the food you deserved?

     I turned around with my heels on the ground, spotting an Orange Kougra run. She was chasing someone, but I could not quite make out the species, but he was fast--the fastest thief I ever saw. She was running as fast as she could, but I knew she had been doing this job all day, and she was tired.

     I looked at the track ahead of her, and saw a fruit on the ground. I blinked for a moment and tried to say something. “Fruit!” I tried to speak loud, but all she did was look at me and continue running with her sword in her paw.

     “You get back here!” she yelled at him. I knew what was going to happen, and I knew it would not be good.

     She tripped.

     She fell face first in the rocky ground, and I knew that hurt. I heard her groan as a few people crowded around her. She slowly got to her knees and rubbed the rubble off of her orange face and stood up with the help of others. I dropped the Grenelon and ran over to the silver-hilted sword and picked it up. It was light, and it has strange inscriptions on the sword itself. The crowd of people moved away as I heard the guard reassure everyone that she was fine. She walked to me and picked up the sword from my paws.

     “Thank you,” she said, smiling. She placed the sword back in the sheath, as it made a sound I'd never heard before.

      “Of course...” I said. She turned her feet and was about to run, but I interrupted her. “Are you okay?”

     “I-I’m fine...” she said, holding her head. “He’s a hard one to catch; I just hope I don’t get demoted.”

     I could tell by her voice she was not fine.

     “Hold on.” I ran back to the curb and picked up the Grenelon. I walked back over to her and handed it to her. “You need the energy.”

     She looked at me surprised and in confusion. She sighed happily and accepted the fruit. “What’s your name?” she asked me as she took a bite of my Grenelon.

     “T-Tori, but my full name is-” I stopped as she looked at me chewing slowly. “What’s your name, miss?”

     “I’m Brynneth. I am in King Hagan’s lower class of guards. I hope someday to receive a star on my uniform and a golden-hilted sword. It’s my dream,” she said, taking another bite. She walked over to the curb where I always go, and sat down. I did the same as she.

     I looked up at her in confusion. A dream? I had never heard of someone having a dream.

     “Do you know what I’m talking about?” she asked, giggling a bit.

     I shook my head.

     “A dream is like... well....” She could not seem to find the words. I giggled at her confusion and her trying to place the words together. “It’s a person’s desire.”

     “Oh. So everyone has a dream?” I asked, shrugging.

     “Yes, everyone has a dream.”

     “Will I ever find my dream?” I asked with my eyes gleaming up at her.

     “Someday you will. I promise,” she said looking down at me and ruffled my fur on my head. “I like you; you’re a nice kid to talk to.”

     I nodded to her. “You’re a nice lady to talk to.”

     She laughed as she handed the half of the Grenelon back to me as she drew her sword.

     “Remember me?” I asked gazing up at the Orange Kougra.

     “Memory like an Elephante.” She nodded and made an ‘X’ on her heart. She ran off in the direction of the thief.

     I drew the ‘X’ on my heart.

     Was this a sign? Was this my calling for a dream? How was I supposed to find my dream, and find out what to do with the rest of my life? I was baffled for nearly the rest of my life.


     I walked the crowded streets of Brightvale, standing on that very same curb, at the age of fifteen now with my blue coat shining. I had built my confidence and stood up for everything I believed in. My family, regained their hope and strength (not to mention wealth). I had a small notebook in my hand, along with a pencil.

     I was ready for anything.

     I spotted an orange spot, surrounded by a group of people. I shoved my way past, providing extra “excuse me”s as people shouted at me. Finally, I was there, in front of the Orange Neopet. She turned to me.

     “Hello there!” she said. “Autograph?” She swiped the pencil and notebook from my hands and signed it, shoving it back to me.

     At that moment, when our faces looked at each other, I knew who she was.

     “Br-Brynn?” I asked, dumbfounded.

     “That’s my name!” she said, smiling. She was still signing autographs at the same time, over the roaring crowd.

     “D-Do you remember me?” I said, stuttering. She turned again. “I gave you my Grenelon, when you tripped, I helped you; you taught be about dreams an-”

     “No, I can’t say I do...” she said, sighing. “Nice to meet you! Come back soon!”

     I stood in the crowd, being shoved backwards slowly. I was at the end as I reached out my arm. “No...” I sighed as the tears began to swell in my eyes.

     I sat, on that very same curb.

     The sun was setting, people began to leave. All I was to think about was my dream. I still hadn’t figured out anything about it, but I was determined. At this point, it mattered.

     All I wanted to do was see that orange face of the nice Kougra guard, the one that taught me everything.

     Everyone was gone.

     I felt a firm paw on my shoulder.

     “Memory like an Elephante,” she said, barely audible.

     I turned around and whipped the tears from my eyes. “You... you remember me?”

     “How could I not?” She smiled. “You taught me everything. You regained my strength; I could have never saved Faerieland if it weren’t for you.”

     I stood up and she embraced me. I saw her golden-hilted sword, and her uniform- it did not have a golden star!

     “Your uniform!” I exclaimed. “Where’s your golden star?”

     “I traded that in...” she said.

     Was this another sign? Was this a sign to give up what you love to do and what you’ve worked for so long, and throw it away?!

     “...I was promoted to a higher position to Captain of Fyora’s Guards,” she said.

     Maybe I was overreacting.

     A blue Ixi approached us both. “Oh, hi there! I’m Hanso, hero of Neopia, but I’m sure you knew that.” He reached out his paw as I shook it.

     “Why no, I did not know that,” I said, giggling.

     He stopped shaking my paw and stared at me with his mouth open. “Oh. And you know her?” He asked, arching an eyebrow.

     “Yes, I do, she’s an old friend of mine,” I said, smirking.

     “This is the thief I was trying to catch. A fast one, am I right, Hanso?” Brynn said, rolling her eyes.

     “I’m too fast for you, Brynn; you’ll never catch me again!” he said, laughing.

     I smiled at their funny friendship. It must have been a long one, at that.

     “How’s that dream, Tori?” Brynn asked starting to walk with me. Hanso stayed behind to give us time to talk.

     I gazed down slowly.

     “Nothing? Nothing yet?” She sighed.

     “I tried everything, Brynn! Nothing works! No inspiration, no ideas, I have no clue!” My voice cracked. I knew I was about to burst into tears any moment.

     She looked at me and placed her paw on my shoulder again. “I know what your problem is. You are thinking too outside of the box, try and see what’s in front of you first, and find out whom to be.”


     I stopped. Brynn turned her tracks and looked at me.

     “You,” I said one word and she knew what I was thinking. I could tell by the smirk on her face.

     “Good path to start, Tori,” Hanso said catching up with us. “Very nice path.”

     Brynn blushed and said, “I almost forgot.” She tossed me a Grenelon and smiled. “Eat it, you need energy.” She headed to the Castle with Hanso. She stopped and turned around and made that same ‘X’. “Remember me?”

     I responded, smiling as we headed out separate ways making that exact same ‘X’, “Memory like an Elephante.”

     I knew what I was going to be. I knew what I had to do, my purpose in Neopia, my reason. A Brightvale Guard.

The End

Thanks for reading, everyone! Comments welcome!

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