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Top 10 Pineapple Items

by evilone712_27


Also by mercy_angel

Do you have an obsession with fruits but can't decide which fruit deserves most of your attention? We're here to tell you which fruit is the most worthy of that honour. Which fruit might that be? Pineapples, of course!!! With their unique texture and pointy tops these fruits are not just eye-candy, but they are also a tasty treat for your taste buds. Below is a list of the top 10 pineapple items all pineapple connoisseurs should have.

10) Pineapple Dessert Stamp

Do you enjoy collecting stamps? If the answer is yes, then the pineapple dessert stamp is a must have for your collection. This delectable looking stamp will make any pineapple lover's mouth water. Hmm... I wonder if the back of the stamp tastes like pineapples too.

Warning: This stamp is NOT edible!!! Despite having the word 'dessert' in its name, this stamp is not a food item.

9) Pineapple Sorbet

Wow, such a hot summer day! What better way to cool off than by having a pineapple sorbet. The sweetness and coolness of this sorbet will surely make you forget about the sizzling heat outside. You also don't have to worry about feeling guilty since sorbets are less fattening than ice cream. As an added bonus, this delicious treat comes in a perfect trophy shaped bowl so you know you're a winner when you have one.

Warning: May lead to brain freeze if consumed too quickly.

8) Blackened Pineapple

An oddly coloured pineapple is sure to make a person suspicious. You might ask yourself, "Is it rotten?" but fear not, my fellow Neopians, this is merely a pineapple covered in black goo. Why is it covered in black goo? It is to preserve its taste and protect it from pests of course! With the black goo covering the outer layer of the pineapple, none of those nasty pests can even come close to taking a bite. The goo also help to keep the aroma of the pineapple inside. Once it is ripe and ready to be eaten, simply wash the goo off and you're set with some very juicy, sweet, and absolutely divine pineapple.

Warning: We advise that you do not touch the black goo with your bare hands. Unspeakable consequences may occur. You have been warned.

7) Pineapple Lollypop

If your Neopet isn't a fan of visiting the doctor's office, then it might be time to find a new doctor. The most successful doctors in Neopia know that the best way to make a Neopet want to go in for their regular check ups is by luring them with a reward. There is no better reward than the Pineapple Lollypop. This lollypop even comes with the green leaves on top so it has to be way better than those regular lollypops given out by those other doctors.

Warning: Some pets may feign illness just to visit the doctor for the lollypop. We advise owners to be extra observant when your pets are sick.

6) Pineapple Bed

If spending your waking hours thinking about pineapples is not enough, then consider buying a pineapple bed for your Neohome. This fashionable bed will have you dreaming about pineapples all night long. Not only that, but the yellow of this bed will add a splash of colour to any bedroom. Who says that pineapples cannot be functional and practical?

Warning: We are not responsible for any missing pillows, blankets, or duvet while you sleep.

5) Pineapple Blumaroo Gummy Die

Think about the yummy gummy candy your pets love to chew on. Now think about those dice you and your pet enjoy playing with. Now combine them and you have a Blumaroo Gummy Die. To top it all off, you get it in multiple flavors including... pineapple! Its cute and extraordinary exterior and sweet pineapple taste would be a fast favorite amongst your pets. So the next time you visit the Chocolate Factory, be sure to try them. You won't regret it!

Warning: This candy has severe similarities to a die. Please keep out of the reach of avid Dice-a-roo players.

4) Organic Pineapple

What can we say besides the fact that organic is always better than inorganic? Not only is the organic pineapple much healthier than your every day pineapple, its skin is also much softer. It is an especially good treat for younger pets who are still in the process of growing up. No longer do you have to fear the possibility of your pet getting sick from eating their pineapple. This pineapple is guaranteed safe!

Warning: Due to the extreme similarity it shares with a normal pineapple, please be careful when buying. If you are unsure, check the name of the fruit before proceeding to pay. If you still can not tell the difference, then you best go see the doctor because you might be suffering from Blurred Vision.

3) Pineapple Pizza

Forget the traditional pepperoni and mushroom pizza. The Pineapple Pizza is by far the best tasting pizza in Neopia. The scrumptious taste created by the sweetness of the pineapples combined with the tartness of the tomato sauce cannot be beat. One bite of this pizza will have you thinking that you are basking in the sun on Mynci Beach without a care in the world (well, except for tan lines). The next time you stop by the Pizzaroo dare to ask for a piece of Pineapple Pizza. I promise you will not regret it.

Warning: You may be susceptible to severe tanning during the process of consuming the pizza. Do not, and we insist, DO NOT eat without at least applying the Factor 50 Sun Tan Lotion.

2) Lupe Dance Show Makeup

A big fan of the performing arts, we now introduce to you the Lupe Dance Show Makeup wearable! For those doting owners out there, this cute little wearable would be a superb gift for your Lupe. Everyone knows how much Lupes adore Chias. This gift would be just perfect as a birthday or Christmas gift. Just think, every time when your Lupe is getting ready for their big show they can use this adorable little set to freshen up their makeup. Not only will they turn out beautiful, but they'll enjoy the process as well!

Warning: Keep out of reach of male Lupes. They are susceptible to eating the set rather than to use it for its intended purpose.

1) Magical Pineapple Chia Pop

Despite its bland and lack of creative flare, the Magical Pineapple Chia Pop is probably the most significant pineapple item in existence. While most pineapple items can be easily obtained through the Shop Wizard, this item can only be obtained through the Trading Post or through the Neopian Auction House. However, it is not the cost that sets the Magical Pineapple Chia Pop apart from the rest; it is its elusive nature that makes it so desired. While there is an abundance of pineapple related items in the Neopets economy, only a few, if any, of these Chia Pops are in circulation at a given time. For any collectors of pineapples, being able to obtain the Magical Pineapple Chia Pop is probably the most momentous event of their pineapple collecting career.

Warning: This item will turn your Chia into a Pineapple. We will not be accountable for any bitten/eaten pets.

We hope out little guide encourages you to step into the world of pineapple goodies. So the next time you're stressed about what to give your pet for their birthday, what to give your pet as their daily fruit, or what to get that you both can enjoy, think no further; pineapple items are the way to go. As a wise Kyrii once said, "It's never too late to try something new."

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