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15 of the Best Neopoint Garlands & Foregrounds

by pinkpaint


You might remember me from the byline of an article by the name of '15 of the best Neopoint Backgrounds'.

Well, here I am again; however, this time I bring you not one, not two, not ten but (yep, you guessed it; aren't you smart? here's a cookie!) FIFTEEN of the best Neopoint Garlands and Foregrounds.

Yes, that's right, my friend. Not only did the brilliant minds behind the invention of Neopoint Wearables release backgrounds, but they also came up with a few other wearable neopoint bits and pieces for your enjoyment! Awesome, no?


Below are my top 15 favorite Neopoint Garlands and Foregrounds to date. As before I'm here to tell you a little bit about each and how you might like to use them.

Again, don't be fooled by my lists; these are just some of the neopoint items available for you to spend your NP on. There are lots of others out there!

15. Stately Tree Foreground

Not all that glitters is gold. This tree (though it's not animated) manages to somehow send glittery rays of sunlight across your pet, transporting them instantly into an outdoor arena of zen-ness and tranquility! It's also a really cheap foreground if you're running a little low on neopoints, or just terrible at saving them (like me!)

14. Scenic Fallen Tree

If a Scenic Tree falls in Illusen's Glade and no one is around to hear it, does it even make a sound? Who knows, but it sure does look pretty sitting in front of your pet! :D Try this one out with all sorts of backgrounds. It's a pretty, light coloured tree with very vibrant leafy greens/moss growing along it. Nice huh!

13. Altador Cup Colosseum Archway

This here archway is very versatile in my opinion. Although it is of Altadorian origins it still looks great as a frame for many backgrounds. It's a much cheaper alternative to the very pretty and versatile Beautiful Columns Foreground, and a little less girly too if I might add. So this one works well for both boy and girl neopets.

12. Thorny Vine Garland

Can you really go wrong with thorny vines? Okay, so maybe they hurt when you prick your finger on them, but who's silly enough to do that on purpose? Certainly none of my neope- Chiyrah! What have I told you about playing with that garland! 0_o

Okay, okay, so for those neopets who are a few flakes short of a Neoflakes Cake, this garland probably isn't the best idea... Nonetheless it's a really cool item!

11. Negg Windchime

Oooh, neggs! Neggs in the wind that clink with those weird tube things and make beautiful music! Okay, so they don't really make music, but you can pretend they do! I really like this item because it's a bit festive (for Easter) and looks quite quaint and homely at the same time. It's not for everyone, but it definitely makes my list.

10. Old Stone Wall Foreground

This old wall of stones will make the perfect foreground for your pet if they're afraid of social interaction (your grey pet?). They can just duck behind it and pretend they're invisible! In all seriousness though, this one's quite nice, I'd suggest using it with a nice outdoor scene background for optimal prettiness!

9. Pile of Logs Foreground

Perhaps your neopet is outside practicing his or her top chop, or they could be building you a log cabin or maybe he or she is just chopping you some wood to put in the fireplace of your cabin? This one isn't just for the handy or choppy, but I feel it would suit them best.

8. Knee Deep in Neopoints Foreground

"Whoa! You sure do have a lot of neopoints there, wanna be friends?" – Your pet can expect a lot of friend requests if he/she decides to wear this background. On the upside, your pet will make lots of new friends, on the downside... "Awww, come on, friend, I'll pay you back. I promise!" Everyone will believe you actually have neopoints to spare! Hah, who has neopoints to spare when there are so many awesome neopoint wearables to buy? ;)

(Contrary to belief, this foreground won't cost you a knee deep pile of neopoints!)

7. Cloud Garland

This garland looks great on not only cloud pets but faerie pets and pets with wings too! It reminds me of Faerieland's skies so I often try to team it with a soft coloured background. The best thing about this garland is that it not only acts as a garland, but as a foreground too. You see, the clouds lace both the top and bottom of your background. It's heavenly!

6. Flower Petal Foreground

Do you love spring? Do you love pink? Do you love blue? Do you love flowers? Do you love their petals? If you (or your pet) answered yes to any of the above questions, then you better head down to the shop wizard with some neopoints in hand. This garland is a must have for anyone who loves pastel pink or blue and flowers. It looks marvelous on girly pets, but nice on boy pets too. The perfect gift for your little princess!

5. Hanging Vines

Hanging Vines are the pet-friendly equivalent of the Thorny Vines Garland. So for those neopets who can't help but play monkey bars with their garlands, this one is probably a safer option. Plus, it looks really cool too! I use this one on my pets that live in valleys of trees and those who have gardens that are a little on the overgrown side. It's a very nice item and adds a bit of charm to some of the simpler backgrounds out there.

4. Old Cobwebs Foreground

Does your pet live in an old mansion? Or a haunted forest? Or perhaps they just fail at dusting? Well, whatever the case these old cobwebs will add the perfect touch of authenticity and creepy crawly-ness to your pet's customization. It looks awesome with spooky pets but just as good with girly pets. Chiyrah hate spyders so sometimes I put this foreground on her while she's not looking. Haha, me evil? No...

3. Willow Tree Foreground

This willow tree has a very light coloured trunk and very vibrant, almost fluro, green leaves. It's very quaint and looks quite classy on some of the outdoor backgrounds that are available. The leaves of this tree dangle over the top of your pet and provide a great shady place for them to enjoy the breeze, count the clouds, have a picnic or read a good book.

2. Shrubbery

Don't let the name of this little gem fool you. Shrubbery is one of the prettiest foregrounds I own. It's basically just a few light green bushes that sit in the foreground of your pet. Don't get me wrong; it is a simple item, but it looks awesome on just about any background or pet there is. Try it out and see where it takes you.

1. Beautiful Columns Foreground

And lastly, but not leastly (not a word you say? Pretend it is I say!), we have the Beautiful Columns Foreground. This is by far my absolute favorite foreground. Yep, that's right, I like this one even more than the oodles of NC ones I own and believe me, that's saying something. Beautiful Columns Foreground lives up to and above its name. Entangled around the columns are gorgeous little vines and pinky-purple blossoms. Beyond beautiful if you ask me.

So there you go. 15 of the best Garlands and Foregrounds for you to not only play with but make your neofriends envious with at the same time. Oh and not to mention, about 1300 words of wisdom, from that really awesome girl who brought you "15 of the best Neopoint Backgrounds".

Oh yeah, that was me! Well, then, until next time, make sure you customize to your heart's content and then some!

P.S Big thanks to TNT for publishing my 15 of the best Neopoint Backgrounds article!

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