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Coconut Shy - Five Reasons To Play It!

by sky_lady


Also by realidade

Located at the Deserted Fairground, Coconut Shy can be one of the funniest and non-shy games of the whole Neopian world.

If your aim is not good enough for this game, you can always try the other games in the fairground. However, I can ensure you that you will just lose your neopoints instead of making profit, like you can do by just hitting a few coconuts.

Most of the players have a negative opinion about Coconut Shy. The game is known to be boring, the most ridiculous game in the entire Neopian world, unnecessary, waste of time... It's really not well seen by the Neopian players. Even when the Quiggle says "Knock one down and win a fortune!", it doesn't seem to convince anyone to play...

So if you're one of those players who think Coconut Shy isn't the most challenging game for you, I'll give you five reasons to, at least, try one more time. And believe me, after what you're about to read, you won't see this shy game the same way.

1: If you're not interested in neopoints, you can still play the game for fun; yes, I meant fun!

That sweet Quiggle appearing in the corner will never ever trick you! I can tell you that by the way he laughs, he has the most hilarious laugh you can imagine, and that laugh always convince me to keep throwing coconuts even if I'm losing really bad.

So just give it a shot and throw some balls at the coconuts and if you get bore, you can still hit the poor guy; he really doesn't mind. He gets happy if you just play his simple and honest game. *cough*

2: This is obviously a game for all the avatar collectors.

Why? Because it gives you an avatar, duh! And guess what?? This one is not random! Hum... Well, it's some kind of random, actually... but not that random.

Let me make it clear: you need this evil and shinny avatar, right? So, just prepare your aim (yes, because you will need it) and start playing! To get the avatar all you have to do is to knock down one of those coconuts and look! There are so many to choose. Sounds simple, hun? And it really is that simple, believe me. The little shy Quiggle on the corner told me it was piece of cake - let's just believe him, because he sounded so honest. *cough*

Yes! There it is! You got an avatar, plus 10,000 neopoints and a special prize! Isn't this game lovely?

So, congratulations! By playing Coconut Shy your avatar count has just increased!

(But there is one thing I have to tell you: if the coconut explodes, unfortunately you will not receive the avatar – but you will receive five hundred thousand neopoints! It sounds like an awesome consolation prize, doesn't it?)

3: If you are not an avatar, but a stamp collector, there you have your opportunity to fill up your stamp album without clearing your bank account (...ahem... but only if you're extremely lucky...).

Yes! You heard right! Besides being such a funny game, it can give you an exclusive prize - an evil coconut! To get it, do the same thing you did for the avatar: just knock down a coconut and the prize is yours; put it into your stamp album right away! You'd better be fast; there are so many evil ghosts lurking around Haunted Woods... Oops! Maybe I shouldn't have said that...

To complete your Evil Coconut's album you will need 25 evil coconuts which will cost something around 35 million neopoints*. Maybe it's not much for the stamp collectors, but it would be better if you win some of the evil coconuts by playing Coconut Shy; it is totally worth it and funnier than just buying it at the Shop Wizard or Trading Post.

Here is a list with the names and the estimated prices* of all the Evil Coconuts: (list made in the order the coconuts appear at your stamp album)

Angry Evil Coconut - estimated value: 70,000 – 80,000 neopoints

Sinister Evil Coconut - estimated value: 84,888 – 90,000 neopoints

Ugly Evil Coconut - estimated value: 95,800 – 99,999 neopoints

Screaming Evil Coconut - estimated value: 78,000 – 83,000 neopoints

Horned Evil Coconut - estimated value: 75,000 – 80,000 neopoints

Infernal Evil Coconut - estimated value: 75,000 – 83,000 neopoints

Burning Evil Coconut, estimated value - 80,000 – 89,000 neopoints

Mini Evil Coconut - estimated value: 65,000 – 78,000 neopoints

Silent Evil Coconut - estimated value: 73,500 – 80,000 neopoints

Monstrous Evil Coconut - estimated value: 70,000 – 80,000 neopoints

Tusked Evil Coconut - estimated value: 72,500 – 79,000 neopoints

Hairy Evil Coconut - estimated value: 67,000 – 73,500 neopoints

Painted Evil Coconut - estimated value: 85,300 – 95,000 neopoints

Stitched Evil Coconut - estimated value: 60,000 – 74,000 neopoints

Wailing Evil Coconut - estimated value: 82,000 – 89,000 neopoints

Light Brown Evil Coconut - estimated value: 80,000 – 85,500 neopoints

Damaged Evil Coconut - estimated value: 52,000 – 59,000 neopoints

Flaming Evil Coconut - estimated value: 33,000,000 – 40,000,000 neopoints

Seasonal Evil Coconut - estimated value: 15,500 – 17,000 neopoints

One Eyed Evil Coconut - estimated value: 60,000 – 65,700 neopoints

Vicious Evil Coconut - estimated value: 85,000 – 98,000 neopoints

Moaning Evil Coconut - estimated value: 70,000 – 80,000 neopoints

Sliced Evil Coconut - estimated value: 73,550 – 85,000 neopoints

Scorched Evil Coconut - estimated value: 77,500 – 88,900 neopoints

Golden Evil Coconut - estimated value: 125,000 – 132,000 neopoints

*(Prices checked on July 27th and July 29th 2011 at the Shop Wizard, Trading Post and with some Neopians due to the rarity of the Flaming Evil Coconut.) The price of your Evil Coconut collection can change a lot because of the Flaming Evil Coconut's price.

4: Oh, so you are still playing Coconut Shy? You already got the avatar and one evil coconut, but you got addicted? Great! No problem!

You can keep playing because this game can last forever. It's not like most games that you play and win and then you find yourself bored; this game can be played every day and it can make your heart beat faster each time you try to hit a coconut. The reason? You may be lucky enough to knock down another one! Yes, that's true - the guy will get a little upset, but he will hand you another evil coconut. And if you already have that coconut on your stamp album, you can simply sell it and make enough neopoints to keep playing.

Above are listed the prices of all the evil coconuts. As you can see, the most expensive coconut is currently the Flaming Evil Coconut (cost: around 30,000,000 neopoints) and the cheapest is the Seasonal Evil Coconut (cost: around 15,500 neopoints).

However, not all the coconuts listed are obtainable at Coconut Shy... You can get all the Evil Coconuts listed above, except the Flaming Evil Coconut and the Seasonal Evil Coconut. Isn't it interesting? Precisely the most expensive and the cheapest!

Anyway, if you can knock down one coconut, you will get a random Evil Coconut, which can be the most expensive or less, but you can still making a good profit if you sell it! And since all of them make part of a stamp album, it will be sold quickly.

5: The statistic's reason...

Even if the statistics revealed that you're more likely to lose your neopoints instead of making profit, they're not correct all the time. And, of course, each person has a different way to play the game and has lucky days, so maybe one day it can be yours. Who knows if that day is not... today?! There's only one way for you to know that: playing!

My collaborator and I played Coconut Shy for a few days to show you our results. And even if statistics show that we have lost neopoints, I can ensure you that there were some days that I've got like 200 neopoints as profit! And not to mention that, each time we've played, we were able to knock down a coconut!

So, speaking in exact numbers, the maximum you can lose playing this game is 2,000 neopoints per day, but remember you always have the chance to get 10,000 neopoints plus an item that you can sell and make even more profit, or you can get 500,000 neopoints if you explode one of those coconuts.

We played Coconut Shy 25 times and, in the end, the total of neopoints lost was just 9900. So, note that if one of us had knocked down a coconut the statistics would be positive and we would have made some profit selling the Evil Coconut. Since we played 25 times and lost 9900 neopoints, this means that for each time we played we lost around 396 neopoints. As you can see, it's not a fortune, it's even less than you have to pay to spin some wheels!

After all, it's just basically about your lucky day; if you're feeling lucky, go hit some coconuts. By the end of the day, maybe your bank account might be a little higher!


For these five reasons, I'm sure that Coconut Shy is one of the lucky games in which you are more likely to get neopoints. It's way different than the wheels and the other games from the fairground.

Now, let's focus on the game. Like I have already mentioned above, the game is really easy to play (but that doesn't mean it would be easy to knock down a coconut...). Just pick one coconut; that's the easy part, since there are five of them. Get prepared and do your best shot to knock down one! To throw a ball to one coconut all you have to do is to click on the left button of your mouse. Simple, hun?

"OMG!" You just realized that the cursor disappears when you click on the Start button!

Let me tell you that is perfectly normal; it couldn't just be easy peasy, right? But calm down, after some tries you'll get used to it. If you play Coconut Shy every day, then you will not even need to have your eyes open to hit a coconut.

So, about tips, "Is there any useful tip I can really use on this game?" – you're probably asking.

I don't think so... Well, as you can check in some guides, people say it's easier to just click on "a" of the Start button word. Which means when you click on Start your cursor will be pointing to the middle coconut, and most of the times you'll hit it. As the game keeps going on you will have to click on the second "a" of the again word instead of the start one.

I totally disagree with this method, though... I tried to use it a lot of times and I realized that I missed more times than I really hit the coconut.

Maybe it's just me who is mistaken, but if you're having trouble with this method, here is what I always do: first, I like to start with the second coconut (counting from the left); I just try my best to center the hand and try to hit that coconut. After that I like to switch, I usually do this combination: 2 - 4 - 1 - 3 - 5... Yup! I even try to hit the one that is hidden by the Quiggle and sometimes I hit it and it shakes! So, as you can see, it's not really a big deal.

I also used to believe that the bigger coconuts would be easier to knock down. According to the rules of physics, it should be that way, but I found out that in the Neopian world everything is random and reality doesn't really matter here. Why am I saying this? Because the first coconut I ever knocked down was the yellow and small one! I never thought I'd knock down the yellow coconut, since it's so small and it fits so well in the support's shape, I thought I'd knock down the bigger that shakes most of the times. But it looks like I was wrong...

Also the second coconut I knocked down was the round brown one! Yes! I knocked down two coconuts in my whole neolife and none of them was the bigger one I thought I'd knock down most of the times.

So just follow my advice and pick one coconut at your choice, you don't have to take much time choosing. Just pick one and try your luck, you never know when you'll be surprised!

So, ladies and gentlemen, don't be shy!

"Hit those nails in harder, you don't want...*ahem*... I meant, Come on Neopians, Good Luck!" – the Coconut Shy Quiggle said while some neopets were approaching the Deserted Fairground to have some fun.

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