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The Dream Of An Usuki Fanatic

by ice_shard_2000


So another Usukicon has come and gone. (Look at the news dolls.) SQUEE! While updating my Usuki wish-list, I thought to myself: "Why am I just looking at pixels when I could have the real thing? To the merchandise catalogue!" Surely something as popular and awesome as Usukis would be available for purchase... right? Cue my pitiful whimpers as I realised, with dismay, that that would be a BIG FAT NOT. *gasp* Some quick research later, and I had to admit defeat - real life Usuki dolls did not exist. That's why I am making it my personal mission to beg, grovel and bribe until my ultimate Neopets dream becomes reality!

Think of all the merchandise available to you already. Think of your many games, play sets and figurines, of your stationery and mouse pads. Think of your mugs, your buttons, your key chains and bags. Perhaps you even read the books, or are known for your Trading Card Game skills. Maybe you're even wearing Neopets clothes, or hugging a Neopets plush RIGHT NOW. No matter what you own, or whether you own anything at all, it's impossible to deny the fact that there are COUNTLESS types of Neopets merchandise out there – and we love it all! We wouldn't buy it if we didn't. But looking at the wide range of merchandise out there, doesn't it feel like something is missing? The one thing that almost every Neopian can agree on, the very thing that is loved by so many, is out of our grasp. Surely if so many wondrous items can be created for us, Usukis can be as well? When looking at all the intricate games and toys devised for our enjoyment, do Usuki dolls really seem all that impossible?

Fyora knows the public would want it – even non-Neopets users of a certain age would find the pretty little furry dolls darling and irresistible. And TNT can't deny it; just look at the ways they've enabled our love for them. Usukiland, for one; an entire store dedicated to the selling of Usuki Dolls! Sure, plushie collectors have the Plushie Palace, chocoholics have the Chocolate Factory, and stamp, shell and coin enthusiasts have the Post Office – but, though each store in Neopia supplements a collection of some kind, how many have their own advertisement? Does Unis Clothing get an ad? No! And wearables are supposed to be the 'big thing' lately. So what does that mean? That TNT considers Usuki Dolls bigger than customising? It seems so, considering the existence of Usuki Frenzy, the Usuki Paper Doll, and the Usuki Paint Brush! We're able to turn our own pets into our beloved dolls. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING else in Neopia has all of that. Usuki enthusiasts are also privy to not one, but TWO avatars! One of which requires the permanent placement of a certain gothic shopkeeper... a constant reminder of the Usukis' place in society. Add the amount of Usuki based Neohome items, Usuki based food and books, and Usuki centred Neopedia articles all created by The Neopets Team... it becomes pretty clear that when they see us, TNT see Usuki lovers. Don't believe me? One word: Usukicon.

What's that you say? "All those Usuki-based things you listed - that's just TNT trying to advertise?". "That doesn't tell us what the PUBLIC thinks about Usuki Dolls?". Right you are, my friend. Hence why I spent days and days looking through HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of past contest winners. *Twitch* So many... by early last year, there had already been three Usuki-based Gallery Spotlight winners, 3 Usukicon User lookup winners, and 3 Random Contests in which two first and one second place were taken by those who chose Usuki Dolls as their subjects (great job, by the way). I'd say the public loves 'em, wouldn't you? But don't take MY word for it – let's ask them ourselves, shall we? A past poll shows that almost 26 000 people would go to Usukicon – if only it were real... *sigh* Follow that by recent research on the Neoboards (Usernames omitted for privacy):

"Yeah! That sounds really interesting – a great idea!"

"I love Usukis – I would definitely buy them if they were real."

"OMG! Usuki dolls are my most favourite thing on Neopets. I would LOVE to have one."

See? The public loves 'em, and the public wants 'em.

But can it be done? A mere glance at the Random Contest seems to suggest it can. Many Neopians already own their own real-life Usuki merchandise, and that's just those who CHOSE Usukis as their subjects. Never mind the contests which asked Neopians to design and create their own Usuki Dream Castles/Houses, Usukicon T-shirts, Usukicon guidebooks, even recording a conversation; at Usukicon! And to all those nay-sayers who are sneering as they read this, thinking that "shirts and dolls are not the same!"... allow me to direct your attention to Random Contest #169. Yep, you read correctly. Make your own Usuki Doll. I was amazed with the sheer brilliance of some of the entries – it inspired me to create my own. Aside from the neck ruff, my Easter Bunny Usuki turned out perfectly, if I do say so myself (unfortunately a certain pet mistook it for a chew toy before I could get a photo *twitch*). My point is, though: IT CAN BE DONE. Take note, people!

Look, I'm not trying to cause trouble or sound ungrateful and whiney. Neopets and co. have done an amazing job over the years. But if we can get white weewoos, then who's to say we can't get Usukis? Yes, I am aware that there are WAY too many to do them all – hence why I've compiled a list of the most common, stock standard ones that pretty much EVERYONE has; these alone would be perfect. Or even if there was simply one base doll and all the outfits were sold separately... Just some suggestions. ;) And finally, thanks for reading Neopia. Check out Rudreamia's petpage if, like me, you dream of a world in which Usukis are more than just pretty pixels.

POSSIBLE USUKIS: Artistic, Flight Attendant, Magical Hair, Beautiful Bride, Barbecue Chef, Mermaid, Little Witch, Hawaiian, Fun In The Sun, Alpine Adventurer, Tyrannian, Cowgirl, Teenage, Easter Bunny.

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