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Mutant Day Customization

by kuroge


Mutant Day is upon us again! A day to celebrate Sloth and his most wonderful creations. If you have a transmogrification potion lying in your safety deposit box, now’s the time to transform your pet into a wonderful mutant color. And what better way to show your gratitude than to dress up your mutant pet in a dazzling array of marvelous styles? It can be hard to customize your mutant pet, as mutant species cannot wear most wearables. I have listed some suggestions to make your mutant pet stand out in a crowd or just add a little more enigma to your pet's overall demeanor.

1. Elegant Mutant Cape

This wearable is special in that it is exclusive to mutant pets. Currently, it is the only non-background wearable that mutant pets can wear. The Elegant Mutant Cape is perfect for adding a touch of regality to your mutant pet. The red color also does well to contrast against backgrounds, allowing your pet to stand out. This wearable can be obtained from the NC Mall for 150 Neocash, and since it does not retire, you will have plenty of time to obtain it for your beloved mutant pet.

2. Spooky Moon

A limited edition NC Mall item from Halloween last year, this nifty item will add a little spook to your mutant pet. If your mutant pet is the kind that just can’t express his or her emotions very well, the Spooky Moon wearable will create a menacing mood for your pet. Because the capsule from which this item is obtained has been retired, you will have to trade for this item if you do not already own it.

3. Thorny Vine Garland

If you just can’t obtain the spooky moon wearable. however, the Thorny Vine Garland is a nice alternative. Priced at only 1,000 neopoints, this wearable is definitely in reach for all players. Adding a malevolent feeling to your mutant pet, this wearable is simple yet effective. Its brownish green colors goes well with most mutant pets' color schemes. If you are a frugal owner, this wearable will be very well-suited to your tastes.

4. Holiday Ghost Marshmallow Garland

If you’d rather your mutant pet not have a mood too sinister like that comes with the spooky moon or the thorny vine garland wearables, then the Holiday Ghost Marshmallow Garland might be the one for you. Rather than being completely scary, the ghosts in this garland will lighten the mood of your pets. Mutant pets are usually regarded as scary and hideous, but with this garland, you can add a happy or even cute side to your special pet. Given out as an Advent Calendar item, this garland is affordable for all players. You can easily find one on the Shop Wizard for about 600 neopoints.

5. Mutant Chia Gnome

If you feel that your pet's customization has a bit too much empty space, try adding the Mutant Chia Gnome as a companion for your mutant pet. This Mutant Chia Gnome embodies all that is malicious and evil—it’s even trying to eat a flower! Sure to add a revitalized feel of hostility, this wearable will blend right in with your mutant pet. This wearable restocks in the Neopian Gardening Centre. Because of its considerably low rarity, it can be found on the Shop Wizard for just 2,000 neopoints.

6. Spooking Shadows

The Spooking Shadows wearable is perfect for adding a dark personality to your mutant pet. It will appear as if all the malignant intent of your pet is pouring out. Also, it is fun to watch the awesome animation that goes with this NC wearable. The Spooking Shadows wearable was a prize from the JubJub Power Bounce NC Mall Game, so you cannot obtain it from the NC Mall currently. You will have to trade for this spooky wearable, but it will definitely be worth it!

7. A Rolling Fog

Just as the item name might suggest, this wearable will veil your pet in a rolling fog. Appropriate for any pet that dislikes an audience, this wearable will mask your mutant pet from oncoming visitors. Your pet might just like to appear mysterious, and with this wearable, you can do just that. Like the elegant mutant cape NC Mall wearable, this wearable can be bought for 150 NC in the NC Mall. Since it is not retired, you can find this item in the Mall right now!

8. Darkness Attacks

This nifty wearable can serve as an alternative to the previous one if you’d rather not have the entity of your pet covered. The Darkness Attacks wearable will serve to add a shroud of, well, darkness in front of your pet, creating the perfect evil look. This was a prize from the Games Master NC Challenge from last year, so you’ll have to trade for this item if you do not already have it.

9. Gross Food Buffet Background

If your mutant pet loves to gobble down food, perhaps this background would be fitting for your pet. Most mutant pets will blend right in with the background—color, mood, tone and everything! Because this background has such a low rarity, it can be bought with only a few neopoints, perfect especially if you cannot afford more expensive backgrounds. If you wish, you may also buy the Basket of Gross Berries trinket to go with this background. I find that the Gross Food Buffet Background is very easy to customize, and nearly all foreground items fit well with this background.

10. Dark Cave Background

If you prefer your mutant pet to have a more solitary look, consider the Dark Cave Background. The dark red color of the cave goes well to compliment the color schemes of most mutant pets. Furthermore, the shadowy feel about this background is a nice addition for those who want a dark mood hanging about their mutant pets. Using the A Rolling Fog or the Darkness Attacks wearables in conjunction with this background makes for a great combination. The only drawback to this background is its cost. Because it is a retired plot item, it is valued at around 55,000 neopoints. Hopefully if you cannot afford it, you can save up for it!

And those are my suggestions for a perfect Mutant Day customization. Try around different wearables to find the ones that best match your mutant pet. And don’t forget to pay your tribute to Sloth!

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