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Paint Brush Polls: Robot

by kallykat_03


*Clank! Clank! Bzzz shh phew... bop! Whirr.*

Strange noises, you say? Why, that’s just the sound of the latest Paint Brush Polls fashion icons getting ready to present their fashion-forward (think futuristic) flare for your viewing pleasure. Mutant Day is just past, but today we’re celebrating Sloth’s other favorite color: Robot! These pets’ looks are modern, super sleek, and come with a few built-in surprises. Their fashions are engineered to be aesthetically pleasing as well as conveniently utilitarian. And while they may not have much to say, we have a lot to say about them!

There are currently 52 Robot looks in Neopia (and its orbiting satellites), none of which can be obtained by any mere paint brush. Robot pets are rare treasures that must be coerced from your friendly neighborhood mad scientist Scorchio (or his long-retired, single-use, zappermajig home product). Whether you own one of these beauties or not, we know you have an opinion about them. That’s why we asked you, the users of Neopia, to vote for your favorite Robot styles. Over 200 users voted and the top 10 pets are on display below. Prepare yourself to be awed--just don’t stand too close, in case someone short-circuits...

#10--Gelert (405 points)

The first pet on display today is the Robot Gelert. This pet is definitely cool with its intimidating red lenses and the classic Robot color scheme: a silver-blue sheen and red accent pieces. However, if you glance through the window on its chest, you’ll see a beautifully crafted faux heart. Say it with me now... Awww! Removing the casings, allows a better look at this adorable and unique addition to the Robot’s wiry inner workings. Although the green of the eye sockets, the silver metal ribcage, and the yellow tubing can be a bit harsh, one glance at that bright pink heart, and your own will start to melt.

User Comment: “This one truly looks like a robot, inside and out. The casings definitely make him look like he’s ready to carry out whatever you’ve programmed for him to do next.” --myflickyflapp

#9--Hissi (505 points)

The Robot Hissi is one pet that looks almost as good on the inside as it does on the outside. The outer casings of this pet include dim greenish plates that are crafted to allow for optimal range of motion reflecting its organic counterpart. Attention-grabbing golden and red plates are used for the belly and wing-tips/forehead respectively. The eyes are lit by light green bulbs that show through even more prominently when the outer casings are removed to reveal the inner casings in a slightly more yellow shade of green. Most of the wiring is hidden behind this second stunning layer of protection, which holds the components in place, keeps dust and dirt out of the circuits, and ensures functional longevity. Looks like you won’t need that warranty you forgot to purchase after all!

User Comment: “I like the cased Hissi of pound transfer fame. :)” --funtime16543

#8--Cybunny (510 points)

Imagine sitting down with your new Robot Cybunny for the first time. The warm, golden glow of its casings is accented beautifully by the pretty pink of its accessories and shining eyes. A simple yet noble and inviting pet sits before you. For a pet made of metal, you can’t get much cuddlier than this. Now imagine a situation pops up in which you need your pet to be fierce and powerful to intimidate your enemy or the random event monster that showed up out of nowhere. By removing its casings, this pet quickly transforms into a daunting foe. The soft gold becomes cold silver, the pretty pink eyes become burning red, and the smooth sides become tangled with wires. With its powers of transformation, this is just the right pet for any situation.

User Comment: “The smooth metal and amazing colour palette remind me of my favourite scenes, in Neopia and otherwise. LOVE.” --ingina3

#7--Draik (560 points)

On the outside, the Robot Draik looks just like any other Robot--the classic metal casings with a pop of red accessory components--but this is yet another pet with a surprising look on the inside. Instead of the wiry innards of most Robots, this one utilizes stylish and chic new technology colored in silver, gold, and a stunning turquoise. The wings, tail, and ears are covered in a beautiful patchwork of microchips and circuit boards while the head sports a masterfully crafted golden plate. The most magnificent feature, however, is the body which is fashioned from a turquoise, gel-like (jelly-like?) substance of unknown origin.

User Comment: “[I like] the Draik because it has that weird water blue thing incorporated, which makes it unique from the rest.” --christian_boy_cookie

#6--Grundo (580 points)

The sleek new gel technology seems to be in vogue this season as evident by our next winner, which also dazzles with transparent turquoise innards. The Robot Grundo adds a touch of green and the awesome sparkle of electricity to the classic color palette on the outside, and takes the breath from audiences on the inside. As fascinating as it is to view the inner workings of this Robot pet, let’s not forget the gold-ringed, red eye-bulbs and powerful, yellow antennae-bulbs that complete its look, not to mention the obvious appropriateness of this particular color-species combination.

User Comment: “I love the Grundo. His eyes are adorable and big, and the blue container in the center of him looks like an aquarium!” --sunfunrun

#5--Gnorbu (595 points)

The Robot Gnorbu, available in both the retro and updated models, is cased in silver with a darker metal ruff. Its eyes and foot-plates are red, and other accent components are radioactive green in hue. A colorful control panel is positioned conveniently on its chest (you know, in case it becomes sentient and you need to force an emergency power down). Remove the casings, and you’ll be struck by the simple beauty of its interior design. A few gold and red-edged blue plates hold together an abundant rainbow of tightly-packed wires in red, blue, and turquoise. Just watch out for that buzz-saw tail!

User Comment: “They look fluffy even though they’re metal. =D” --hitchhiker

#4--Poogle (650 points)

The interior of the Robot Poogle is much more sinister with its grey and red color scheme. Two tiny but intense red bulbs burn from its eye sockets with laser precision. And don’t get too close because this pet is equipped with a sharp set of teeth. Why does a Robot need teeth? We’ll leave the answer up to your imagination. With the casings on, this pet is no less menacing. The design of the sleek violet-blue and dark grey pieces give the impression that one is gazing at a live Poogle in a very terrifying wardrobe from a galaxy far, far away. The yellow eyes peer out from beneath an eerily familiar mask. This is one Robot fashion that is sure to give nightmares!

User Comments: “The Robot Poogle looks like it can look into your soul and see all of your secrets, luff! :3” --zer01n

“The Poogle color just brings out the inner geek in me and reminds me of an evil villain... I’m sure we’ve all heard of.” --hipeople_123

#3--Ogrin (780 points)

One of the newest Robot designs to be released, the Robot Ogrin has quickly gained popularity and weighs in at number three in our poll. Its casings are gold with turquoise accents. The headpiece is beautifully crafted to give a new, fiercer, more polished shape to the Ogrin form. It includes two long spikes on top, glaring yellow eyes, and a cold blue light/transmitter in the forehead. Under the casings, the wiring and the plates which contain it are silver and bronze in hue. The eye-bulbs and shoulder joints are a soft red, almost pink, while the forehead-bulb and hip joints are bright green. The design also includes two “ears” made from coils of an unknown green, glowing substance. Their functional purpose, while undoubtedly of utmost importance, remains elusive, but their aesthetic purpose is clearly to increase the “wow” factor.

User Comments: “Cased Robot Ogrins are my uncontested favorite Robot pets. They look like they are fashioned from gold and precious stones.” --kissy_08

“The Ogrin is just amazing. I’m not a huge fan of Robot pets, but I’m investing in a lab ray to try and get one.” --namoton26

#2--Kacheek (810 points)

If anyone claims that Robot fashion can’t be fun, just point them in the direction of the Robot Kacheek. This pet’s casings are designed to resemble a space suit complete with a clear portal window looking in on a realistically styled face. How adorable is that? Another portal in the belly provides a means of communication and displays information such as coordinates for owner-enlightenment. While technologically unnecessary at this point, a red-balled antenna on the top of the head adds to the fun of the robo-spaceman look. The space suit is white and black, giving it a modern feel and a neutral palette that can be paired with any number stylish accessories. In the newest model, all of the outer casings excepting the helmet portal can be removed for access to the colorful wiring which is contained by silver plates. Overall, this is a cute, fun, and functional design!

User Comments: “The reason I love the Kacheek is ‘cause you can still see its happy expression peering out the glass. It’s a clean white, and the black really makes a statement.” --sunset_glory

“Not many pets can pull off a look as tough as Robot and still manage to look this cute.” --kooky_user

“Love the helmet.” --rikunova

#1--Ixi (1000 points)

Feel free to gather around and gaze in awe at Neopia’s number one metal masterpiece, the Robot Ixi! The outer casings of this ingenious design are sleek and shiny in a sophisticated color palette that incorporates a dull turquoise, black, and navy blue. These dim-colored casings set off the beautiful violet-red eyes. Even in its futuristic form, this pet manages to maintain an air of innocence and curiosity. But wait until you see the transformation that takes place when the casings are removed! This pet, like so many Robots, has a surprise in store on the inside, and this time it’s an alarming alteration. The Robot Ixi goes from being sleek and sweet to intricate and intense. Silver plates hold together all manner and color of wires, tubes, buttons, and bulbs, the eyes are revealed to be burning yellow lights, and the cute muzzle is replaced by a flat and sinister grill. With such diverse looks and the possibility of obtaining the vintage model, it’s no wonder the Robot Ixi is the most sought-after and stylish bot in futuristic fashion!

User Comments: “I’ve always loved this pet, even before the conversion. He just looks like he’s perfectly ready for battle, but now, with the ability to take off the outer armor, it’s even cooler. That radiator-like face is the stuff of nightmares...” --xanthera

“...Ixi are my favorite. ^^ Love the greenish color they chose and how it looks like it has laser vision. B)” --elloyellow99

“In the unconverted version, I love how it looks like it’s staring menacingly at you.” --garche4291

“I think the Robot Ixi is just spiffing. The eyes really compliment the green of its plating, and while very adorable, the Ixi looks like he could mess you up if he needs to!” --meepit_for_president

Now that Neopia’s seen these glorious feats of fashion and engineering, I know that mad scientist is going to get a lot of business! While these top ten are powering down for the evening, let me just say thank you to all those who participated in this poll by submitting your votes and comments. Just don’t forget to check out Serbris’s petpage if you want your vote to count in the next Paint Brush Polls. Wait a minute, what’s that sound? Uh-oh. Who set the toaster next to the bath tub? (And why do we even have those items here?)

*Click, click, click. Whiiiiirrrrrrr... Ka-BOOM!*

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