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Finding the Perfect Paint Brush

by eatyourstoup


You've been saving neopoints for what seems like forever! You've been avoiding the Wheel of Extravagance, Poogle Races, and the Lever of Doom at all cost. But finally, the day has come. It's time to paint your most beloved pet, and you have enough neopoints to paint it whichever color you want. Now the question is which color? With almost fifty paint brushes (and counting!), this makes the decision a bit harder. This guide here, though, is to help you find which color suits you and your pet best. Here, we will go through the more popular colors and give you the benefits and consequences of painting your pet.

1. Yuck! What's that smell? Smells like a new color to me! Swamp Gas! Who knows what TNT was thinking when they made up this new color! Unfortunately, finding one of these paint brushes is very hard to do, and is limited so far to only two pets. The price can go higher than 6 million too! Besides the cool look, I'd say this paint brush is not worth it unless you are willing to be rid of all your hard earned savings.

Benefits: Rare and no pet will look like yours.

Consequences: VERY expensive, and limited to few pets.

2. Zombie! It's a new craze. Seems like everywhere you go now, there are more living dead pets lurking, waiting for their next brainy victim. While the color is popular around most pet owners, the color choice is quite expensive. The paintbrush is estimated anywhere from 4,600,000 to even higher! Not only that, but after painting, the pet will have cravings for brains and might go as far as to attack another one of your pets! This brush does have some benefits, though, as your pet will become more obedient and become more popular in the Haunted Woods.

Benefits: More clothing, obedience, and popularity for your pet.

Consequences: Expensive to paint and pets will become vicious and hungry for brains.

3. This color is one of my new favorites. It doesn't come with clothes and is a bit simple, but unique all the same. It's the Maractite Paint Brush! On average, it is a cheaper alternative to a Zombie pet. Not only that, but at night time it glows, good for young neopets afraid of the dark! The cool and ancient looking designs will have you fitting in with the local Maraquan crowd in no time.

Benefits: Cheaper than Zombie, good for neopets afraid of the dark.

Consequences: Still expensive to an average player and might keep other pets up at night from the glowing.

4. -trumpet fanfare- Introducing, the Royal Paint Brush! Now, who doesn't want their pet to look their best. And this paint brush shows it. Not only that, but owning a royal pet also shows off how rich you are in Neopia. At an estimated 1,750,000 neopoints, we're getting a bit lower on prices! One of the many nice features about this color is that the look and clothing for each gender of every species is different. Princes and princesses! Because of this, they might even be invited to special dances and balls. But be prepared, it made change your pets' attitude a little bit. Becoming royal may make them feel entitled to "special" treatment. Now your plain omelets just won't do, and there is NO way he/she is going to play with your other filthy pets. This doesn't happen to most pets but if it does you might regret your choice.

Benefits: Your neopet becomes high ranking with nice clothing, good manners, and invited to special events. Also, it is a cheaper option.

Consequences: It might just turn your pet snooty!

5. SPLASH! Who wouldn't want to be painted Maraquan? You get to explore the seas, meet new underwater friends, and maybe even search for sunken treasure! As soon as you look at the price, though, your heart sinks a bit. This paint brush is valued at 9 million. Hopefully, you'd find enough treasure chests to make up that money! It's a beautiful color, but does bring up a few problems. Your beloved pet will have a hard time on land. Fins aren't made for walking! Plus, Maraquan isn't customizable unless you get special clothing (excluding backgrounds, trinkets, etc.). But just thinking of all those adventures makes you smile... Is it worth it?

Benefits: Go on long adventures undersea, find treasure, rare and beautiful color.

Consequences: Your pet will have a hard time on land and you will have hard time finding it things to wear.

6. What's that in the sky? It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... A Faerie neopet? Yup! It sure is! What once was a very rare color has turned into a more popular color after the Faerie Paint Brush became a plot prize. The prices fell and some players felt like their pets weren't worth anything and turned to blame Hanso. But don't blame him! It's a good thing that the color has become a bit cheaper for the rest of us! Now more faerie pets can play together in the sky. The only bad thing is that this might be a problem to beginner fliers that have never had wings before. Take caution when teaching them! If you are a bad owner, it also gives them a chance to fly away easier. :-(

Benefits: The color has become cheaper over the years and flying is good and fun exercise for your pet.

Consequences: Watch out for pets new to the sky!

7. "WAAAAAAHHHHHH! BUT I WANT A BABY PAINT BRUSH!" screams a little neopet nearby. I can't blame them either. To be a little baby forever and never be responsible for anything? Sounds good to me! Although, it may not be good for the user. Constantly, you will have to clean up after them, teach them, feed them, and take care of them like a baby. And, similar to the Maraquan paintbrush, you can only clothe them in baby proof clothing.

Benefit: Adorable and not too expensive at around 585,000.

Consequence: Having to take care of a baby forever!

Now, of course, their are MANY, MANY more paint brushes. These were just a few of the most popular, which, on the downside, also tend to be the most expensive. But that doesn't mean that great colors like Christmas, Cloud, Silver, and other colors are to be looked down upon. Actually, while saving up for a Desert paintbrush for my Gelert, she's silver! And my other pet is in the labbing process. Plus, my Kau is Christmas painted. So just because you have a pet that isn't painted a million neopoints doesn't mean they're not worth a million neopoints. I hope this guide has been helpful in your choosing of paint brushes. And if not, I hope it was fun to read. And if it wasn't fun to read, then why are you still reading this?

Anyways, always think before you paint!

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