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All About: Famous Kougras

by spirit_wolf589


Kougras were created on the tenth day in the Month of Hiding, Y2. They were discovered deep in the jungles of Mystery Island. They may look menacing with their massive paws and huge teeth, but they are herbivorous Neopets, eating mostly the exotic fruits found on the island they lived on. And, as expected, there have been many Kougras popping up, getting themselves into the Neopian Times for their heroic deeds. Through extensive research and many interviews, I have compiled a list of information about the most famous Kougras around.

Jake the Explorer

Yes, Jake the Explorer. He is a thief, hired by whoever decides to hire him, and off he goes to obtain whatever item said hirer wants him to obtain. He goes searching for wondrous treasures in the ruins of Geraptiku, getting himself in many sticky predicaments. You can find him in the game Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island. He is not seen in any plots, and only has one tiny, four page comic on him. In this comic, Jake the Explorer is seen finding the Mystical Tiki Idol that protects King Kawillawoa's people. He is promptly captured, tied up, and fed to an evil Techo's Geraptiku Fly Trap. Read the ending to this epic adventure at

Commander Gormos

Commander Gormos was introduced in the Return of Dr. Sloth plot. He was hired by the evil Sloth to lead his army. Dr. Sloth ordered Commander Gormos to exterminate Gorix and Cylara, two young Neopets. Gormos, for the first time, questioned his leader's orders. And he couldn't do it. He would not let himself become a monster. He ended up letting the two Neopets escape. This makes Commander Gormos one of the best, most heroic, and kind Kougras on the face of Neopia.


Linae was featured in the Cyodrake's Gaze plot. She didn't have a major role, except in Chapter Four, when she was asked to recall everything about the night Hoban disappeared. She is a pink Kougra who enjoys the game Kou-Jong. This is probably why she hosts the game Kou-Jong, which can be found in the Games Room.

Revenant of the Dunes

This is a creepy looking Desert Kougra that can be found in Neoquest II. He is the third boss in the Lost Desert, and probably the easiest to beat, though this is no reason to go out looking for him. Do not forget, he is a boss, and he is not one to be trifled with.


Rorru is a pretty Kougra that runs the Haiku Generator in Mystery Island. The Generator is updated daily. There are only two Rorru items that can be found are a Rorru Plushie and a Rorru Figurine. Not much else is known about this Haiku-loving Kougra.

Fire Paw

Fire Paw is a Kougra that was abandoned in Tyrannia and taken in by a group of Scorchios that treated him kindly. Now, as an adult Kougra, he has an amazing resistance to heat. He also looks very much like the modern Magma Kougras. He is available as a Neodeck card.


Oscar is seen in the Tale of Woe plot as a big bully towards Bruno. He doesn't like the Gelert because they both are interested in the same girl - Lily. It also doesn't help that Lily obviously likes Bruno much more than Oscar.

Tyran Far

Tyran Far is another Kougra that lives in Tyrannia. He resides on the far side of the Tyrannian Plateau. He, like Fire Paw, looks much like a Magma Kougra, though he is not. Tyran Far is a mighty warrior who is just waiting for another fighter to come along and challenge him, one who can be deemed worthy of his blazing weaponry.

The Masked Intruder

This Kougra may look evil, but he is not. He was introduced during a Defenders of Neopia comic, chapter five. He is in the last slide saying, 'Can you help?' We also see the Masked Intruder in chapter seven with a very stretchy blue Chia. He ventures into a cave and finds Tekkitu the Witch Doctor's creepy staff. Tekkitu then said some foreign words and brainwashed the Masked Intruder into being evil.

Zeirn the Electric Kougra

Zeirn was involved in a nasty, freak lab ray accident. Not entirely a bad thing, because now Zeirn is able to harness the power of a storm and use it to do incredible things. Zeirn can fly, though this is the only ability we know of that he has. Zeirn can also be found on a very expensive yellow Neodeck card.

Random Ugga Smash Guy

I had to add the random Ugga Smash guy. He is a Tyrannian Kougra with the evil glint in his eye. He is only seen in the game Ugga Smash, found in the Games Room. In this game you smash other cars till yours is the only one left running. This Tyrannian Kougra must be a master - he looks pretty confident in that picture, don't you think?


Brynn is an orange Kougra, a guard of Brightvale. She is first seen in the Faeries Ruin plot. She is a guard who caught Hanso, an Ixi thief, pickpocketing in Brightvale many times over. She is a very important character in this plot. She helps Hanso and Xandra retrieve the artefact, put it together, and "save" Faerieland. She was appointed Captain of Queen Fyora's guards. Queen Fyora herself often sends her and Hanso to search for ancient faerie artefacts, hoping to never have another catastrophe like what happened to her homeland happen to another persons.

Well, there you go. All my information on famous Kougras and their amazing feats. I hope this will make you realize how awesome these incredible species are, and maybe it will even make you go out there and adopt a Kougra yourself.

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