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A Habitarium Guide for Slow Computers

by silly_mistake


Habitarium is a really fun game and a wonderful way to make neopoints. This guide is designed for people that are somewhat experienced with the Habitarium and know how things work. If you are new to the Habitarium, I suggest that you read another guide before reading mine. In this guide, I will show you two methods for playing on your slow computer. Both of these methods work great; you will just need to find the one that works best for you and your computer.

Method 1: Working with only Nesters

How your Habitarium should be set up:

First off, you should probably clear out all items you do not need. For example, decorations, extra storages, hospitals, barracks and food items are not necessary to keep in your Habitarium. Your Habitarium should mostly be full of nests. You should keep one storage unit out and as many houses as are necessary for your P3 population.

Your P3s:

You should have at least 2-3 soldiers depending which level you are at. Maybe about 5 soldiers if you are at Level 45 and higher. The rest of your Habitarium should be nesters with equal nests. I always leave one P3 space empty just so I can see what my eggs are when discarding them.

So what you should be doing is having your entire nest set out, with equal amount of nesters in them nesting. (You should also check to see if they are upgraded as far as your Habitarium Level will allow).

Earning Quick Experience (XP):

This is where the trick is. Once each nester is done with each egg (the bar should be full, and when you pick your nester up the egg should be shaking) you discard the eggs you don’t need. I suggest you harvest at least enough eggs in your bag to repopulate your Habitarium when your P3s die. For example: Keep 5 soldier eggs, 5 worker eggs and about 20 nester eggs or more if necessary. Although we are not working with workers, we still want to keep some handy.

Method 2: Workers, working

How your Habitarium should be set up:

Again, you should probably clear out all items you do not need. For example, decorations, extra storages, hospitals, barracks and food items are not necessary to keep in your Habitarium. Your Habitarium should only have one or two nests, and maybe 2 or 3 storages, and also enough houses to support your P3 population.

Your P3s:

With this method, you are only working with workers and soldiers. One or two nesters may be necessary to repopulate when your P3s die. Again you should have about 2-3 soldiers or about 4-5 if you are over level 45.

Earning Quick Experience (XP):

This is your trick, what you need to do is pick a corner of your Habitarium that has nothing over there. Place your 2-3 storage units over there and block them off with fences, bushes or other small decorations, so your P3s can’t walk over to them. (This method is just cutting down the animation of your P3s walking back and forth to the storage units.) It does not make your P3s work faster!

Other Useful Tips

Items you should avoid:

So your computer is super slow and you have this annoying lag, right? Well, you should at all costs avoid all those pretty NC items. As cute and fun as they are, the animations are what is making the game impossible for you to run on your computer. You should also avoid some decoration items that don’t cost NC such as Lucky Four-leaf Clover Patch and other unnecessary large decoration items.

Keep your Habitarium looking nice:

If your nest, storages and houses are decaying, you need to have your soldiers or workers fix them. If you are working with Method 1, it’s very important your nests are always perfect. The nesters will make eggs faster.

Under Attack?:

If you are under attack by pests, you should first focus on whom you want your soldiers to fight first. If you are working with Method 1 and some pests are attacking your nests, you need your soldiers to go over there and fight them first. Pests will actually eat the eggs, causing your egg to crack open and be useless. If you are using Method 2, you should move your soldiers to fight off pests that are attacking the area of resources you are harvesting. Remember, some workers will automatically fight off some pests themselves.

Always Upgrade!!:

Always upgrade your P3s, houses, nests, and storages. Upgrading them will help you a lot. Upgrading P3s will help make them work/nest/fight faster. House upgrades will allow you to host more in one house and storage upgrades will allow you to hold more resources.

P3s Have Jobs for a Reason:

Your P3s have jobs for a reason. Workers should only be gathering resources, nesters should only be nesting and soldiers of course should always be fighting and constructing buildings. Your nesters and workers really should not be fighting and nesters should never be working.

Prolonged Play, Playing in Low Quality and other things

It is not ideal for you to play for long periods of time. Having your computer run the Habitarium for extensive periods is only slowing down the game more for you. Refreshing might help quite a bit, but it’s best to take 1-2 hour breaks in between playing. This might be a nice time to take care of your pets, play some Key Quest or play some other fun games.

Playing in low quality might be very helpful. It doesn’t always work for everyone, but it’s worth a shot right?

It is also not ideal to have other things open while playing. I highly suggest exiting out all other open programs and other tabs you have and just focusing on Habitarium for the time being.


Thanks for reading. I hope that this guide will help you and keep your computer lag free. Now you can play Habitarium and earn neopoints in a more enjoyable way.

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