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Courtesy on the Neoboards

by chax1414


New to Neopets? Or perhaps you are just new to the Neoboards! These boards are various topics that Neopians everywhere may use to comment on certain events going on, their shop sales, and avatar lending! With so much to do, it can get a little difficult to remember all the important rules you should follow. Today, I will list some plain and simple rules any Neopian should follow whilst on the boards.

1. Stay on Topic

I feel like this is the most obvious rule, but also the one most broken. To put the in obvious format, if a title for a board says "Altador Cup," please refrain yourself from posting a board title similar to, "Selling a new potion! 46K!". That will get you angry people that appear to have spoken to too many Meepits that day. HAHAHAHA... but seriously don't do it.

2. Be Kind

Yes, another obvious rule. If you are nice and just go with whatever is happening, people will likely respect you more. But if you keep complaining that there isn't a new plot or that you didn't get the paint brush you wanted, chances are people will start to look at you like you are one to avoid.

Also, don't get on other people's boards and trash them. They have an opinion, and you should respect it. And if they are doing something wrong, report it and let it be. Don't make it more than it has to be.

3. Don't Spam

Say you all of a sudden feel the need to sell that Baby Paint Brush that you have always wanted to get rid of. You post once on the Trade board, and nobody seems to be responding to you. You occasionally bump it, and when nobody responds you get agitated. You then begin to post on other boards with the same product being advertised, and then you post even more boards. People will start to get VERY annoyed, and it will definitely not help selling your product. Rather, just put in on trades, advertise it a few times, but don't spam it.

Being a "troll" isn't a very good label, so try not to get stuck with it. Basically, being a "troll" means that you post a lot of different and unnecessary topics that people get very irked with.

4. Proper Sentences, PLEASE

You go on a Neoboard and see somebody post the following comment:

"OMG LOL Get out yr so wird and no1 lyks u"

These sorts of things tend to get on others' nerves very quickly. This is usually what people do to get attention. But things like these will get you reported. It is good to always use proper sentences on the boards.

5. Don't Make Too Many Boards

Say you just posted a thought about the new plot, and you realize you want to share something else, so you create another board. Well, two is probably too many in just a few minutes of each other. People don't like when they see a lot of the board authors are the same username. It is also not very nice to do this as everybody should have boards to express their opinions.

Also, making too many boards that have nothing to do with anything (trolling) will get you reported. It is not very courteous and should be treated as a very important rule.

6. Stay CALM

Everybody has opinions, and some people disagree with these opinions. So if a person posts on your board telling you that they don't agree with you, the best thing to do is kindly argue your point. Don't lose control, though, and bring out a fight. Fights are never good on the boards. They can turn very bad very quick and also get a few accounts in trouble. The best thing you can do if you are starting to feel angry is leave the board alone and don't return to it. It will probably just ignite another brawl if you return to read all the comments that have piled up while you are away.

7. Boards that COMMAND Attention... don't fare well

Occasionally, I see boards that say "COME QUICK" and "MUST READ." I don't like these, because they usually end up being a really offhand point to the topic at matter. And even if they are something to do with the topic, all it proves is that you just want people to see what you think, and that makes a lot of people angry.

The best thing you can do is just not comment on it... that is, if you actually click on it. Let the trend die down and resume as normal.

8. Emoticons! :)

Yes, yes, emoticons are a fun way to express feelings on the boards. They are good, but also have bad effects. They are overall just really fun to use and put in your board titles and posts. But if you use them too much, they tend to get real old real fast.

It's fine to use them a few times in the title, but if your board posts are FILLED with smiley faces and unnecessary Meepits.... *gets dragged away*




*crawls out of hole* I'm back! So I guess the Meepits are fine to use. Just don't overuse the... er... other emoticons. But don't get me wrong, I LOVE emoticons and I am guilty of this sometimes myself. :)

9. Don't Complain or Beg

It is so annoying when people just COMPLAIN and BEG. I'm very sorry you didn't get the item you wanted. Don't tell me about it. And begging can get you reported. If you ask for people to give you NeoCash, for example (this is against the rules too), then you will get a lot of angry responses.


I felt like saving this rule for last. It should be most obvious. I enjoy having fun... it's fun.

So please take all these rules into consideration and you will be more of a happy camper on these Neoboards! Your results may vary, but hey, might as well try 'em, am I right? ;D

Just joking with you! Thanks for reading!

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