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Get Your Pets to Eat Broccoli

by jj2277


Everyone knows that broccoli is an extremely healthy vegetable. It has tons of the vitamins and minerals that pets need to stay strong and happy. However, if your pet is like most, he or she is probably more interested in eating chocolate and candy than broccoli. I know my pets are like that!

Lucky for you, my health-conscious reader, there are a variety of interesting ways to add broccoli to every pet’s diet. I have listed some foods with broccoli for your pet to enjoy. Some of them are very healthy dishes that will give your pet the nutrition he or she needs. Others are very interesting broccoli variations that may appeal uniquely to some pets. Still others are not exactly health foods, but they will train your pet to eat broccoli so that you can move on to the more nutritious dishes. For example, if you are learning to ride a bike, you start with training wheels to get comfortable. Once you have learned to ride with the training wheels, you take them off and can better adjust to riding a bike. Similarly, once your pet gets used to a food with broccoli, you can give him or her healthier options with pure broccoli goodness. So without further ado, here is a list of twenty foods with broccoli.

1) Broccoli and Cheese Pizza

Not every pet may like broccoli, but almost every pet loves pizza. This is a great treat to give your pets for lunch or dinner (or breakfast if you are feeling particularly generous). With delicious melted cheese on top, your pet will be begging for more.

2) Jacket Potato with Broccoli

Potatoes and broccoli compliment each other quite nicely in this yummy dish. Who doesn’t love potatoes?

3) Broccoli Achyfi

I know what you are thinking: how can broccoli and soda be a good combination? Well, that is definitely a fair reservation to have. Um, I am sure that some pets out there like it. Maybe. Possibly.

4) Snow Broccoli

Snow broccoli is the perfect way to get your pet to eat this vegetable, even if he or she does not care for the taste. As long as he or she drinks water, your pet will enjoy this broccoli variety. Also, it is quite refreshing on a hot summer day.

5) Beefy Broccoli

To the person who decided to put together beef and broccoli: I commend you. This is an absolutely delicious combination, with enough protein to keep your pet going the whole day.

6) Cosmic Broccoli

Broccoli of the cosmic variety may taste like your average broccoli, but it looks really cool! If your pet longs to spend hours in Virtupets Space Station, this is the kind of broccoli that he or she will love most.

7) Broccoli and Cheese Pasty

Mmm, pastries are yummy, even with broccoli in them. This flaky pastry will seem like a treat, but it will also train your pet to enjoy broccoli.

8) Large Pesto Cauliflower Broccoli Delight

This smoothie has delight in the name. How bad could it be? It has the added bonus of encouraging your pet to eat another healthy vegetable, cauliflower. This also comes in a regular size for pets with smaller appetites. In fact, you may want to start your pet on the smaller size, just in case he or she does not care for this interesting smoothie.

9) Undead Broccoli

Undead broccoli is a very unique alternative to standard broccoli. It is not green in color like regular broccoli, but blue and purple. The pieces greatly resemble human brains, and would particularly appeal to Halloween pets (quite obviously) and your more adventurous pets.

10) Earth Faerie Broccoli

This piece of broccoli is quite literally magical. It probably tastes magically sweet and delicious! Plus, it has wings, so your girly-girl pets will love it. Of course, this is my Faerie Cybunny Raheilia’s favorite broccoli treat.

11) Cheesy Broccoli Bite

Cheese and broccoli make a wonderful pair in this nice bite-sized snack. It is a great introduction to broccoli because if your pet doesn’t care for it, it’s only one bite of unpleasantness.

12) Broccoli Crepe

Who doesn’t love a good crepe? Besides, the crepe can easily hide what is inside of it. I am by no means preaching dishonesty, but you could neglect to mention what kind of crepe this is. Just a thought.

13) Broccoli Kebab

Alright, I’ll admit it: this is basically just broccoli on a stick. However, everything is more fun to eat in kebab form. This healthy snack is also deliciously slow-roasted, bringing out the best in broccoli.

14) Pineapple and Broccoli Pie

Ok, I am going to be perfectly honest with you, my dear reader: this looks absolutely disgusting. I guess if your pet REALLY likes pineapple, this may work. I doubt it, though.

15) Broccoli and Mustard Sandwich

Everything tastes better with mustard. It is, in my humble opinion, the best condiment. So dress up boring old broccoli in this delicious and nutritious sandwich. It will keep your pet going all day.

16) Bacon and Broccoli Omelette

If you want to completely negate the health benefits of broccoli, just add bacon! This is definitely a yummy way to start the day.

17) Broccoli with Sprinkles

I take back what I said previously; the best way to negate the health benefits of broccoli is to add sprinkles. Still, the sprinkles do make broccoli seem more appealing. It’s so cute and colorful!

18) Ergy Broccoli

What an interesting form of broccoli this is. It glows and apparently it tastes like grapes and carrot juice. I don’t know about you, but I’m sold!

19) Organic Broccoli

I did not think there could be a healthier alternative to broccoli, but here it is. There’s nothing better for your pet than broccoli in its organic form.

20) Broccoli

Now that you’ve trained your pet to enjoy this veggie, he or she may be willing to try plain old broccoli. I personally find it delicious.

By feeding your pet any of these interesting broccoli options, you will have your pet eating this green, tree-like vegetable in no time. If you are lucky, your pet may not complain that much about eating this healthy veggie. And if you are really lucky, your pet may even grow to love it.

Thank you so much for reading my article! If you have any comments or questions, I love random neomails. (:

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