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Top Ten Vegan Stores in Neopia

by luv_my_pets_666


There are dozens of shops around Neopia - but sometimes I wonder if they think we're all Skeiths and Grarrls who will eat just about anything (no offense to them!). I can't be the only one who's read the description tag on the Blumaroo Steak from the Spooky Food store and lost my appetite. Or even the tag on the Giblets Gravy from Neopian Fresh Foods: "Do NOT look up what giblets are - you WILL regret it!" Food should be something we enjoy, not something that makes us scared of reading the ingredients list! There's no need to worry, though; not all food is like this. There are plenty of stores in Neopia that sell items that don't contain other neopets, neopet byproducts like eggs, milk and honey, or anything from petpets. You just need to have a good eye and some patience while you're on the lookout! Most people call products that only contain plant based foods vegan, but you don't need to be vegan to enjoy these Neopian stores. If you're not, think of them as a challenge to try something different!

So let's get going by counting down the top ten vegan stores in Neopia that will leave you wanting more food on your plate and glad no neopets made it onto it!

1. Neopian Health Foods

The friendly Quiggle in the Neopian Health Foods store may be known for selling fresh organic produce, but the great part is that most of his stock is actually vegan! The store is nearly always stocked with vegan cheese, which is a great alternative to cheese made from the milk of Kaus. He also sells fresh produce which means plenty of fruits and veggies. A few examples are pears, peaches, watercress, and cucumbers. You can also find snacks here like trail mix. I'd also recommend the wraps. There are so many, but I'd say the Koi Kelp Wrap is my favourite!

2. Exotic Foods

If you travel to Shenkuu and look for the waterfall, you should find an orange, white and yellow shop. You'll recognize it by the purple carrot on the red flag on the roof. Exotic Foods has plenty of vegan options. The Nimmo's speciality seems to be tofu, which he sells prepared in a variety of ways. You can buy it extra firm in the shape of a Korbat, satayed on skewers, or just fried. Some other popular vegan dishes here are the Grilled Enoki, the Lotus Artichoke, and the Spicy Cabbage Pancakes. Exotic Foods also sells vegan vegetable platters in the shape of petpets. The word vegan is right on the description, so you can't go wrong. Before you leave make sure to try a Ginseng Popsicle for dessert and a little energy boost!

3. Fruits of Brightvale

You'll notice the Fruits of Brightvale shop the second you step into Brightvale - how could you not when the roof is actually covered in fruit? If we could live off of just fruit this would be the number one best vegan shop in all of Neopia! Unfortunately we can't, though, but you can come here for breakfast and dessert. Most of the fruit is served whole, but they also sell it sliced, in jam and in juice. My favourite fruit would have to be the Grenelon; I love how it sparkles.

4. Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop

You'll need to go to the very top of Terror Mountain to find this shop. Since the whole mountain is practically covered in snow, this store seems to take advantage of that natural wonder - which is great for us because nearly everything it sells is vegan. Try the Snow Pizza or a Snow Sandwich. Hopefully you're not sick of snow after that big climb up here!

5. Tropical Foods

You can find Tropical Foods at the bottom of Mystery Island. Since it's almost always warm on the island, it's very easy for the residents to grow fruit, which is exactly what most of this shop is full of. Half of these plants I'd never even heard of! I wonder if the Nimmo behind the register has to keep an identifying book handy. You can buy fruit and root vegetables in their usual forms but also in grogs, salads, potions, and tea.

6. Qasalan Delights

Venture into Qasala in the Lost Desert and you'll find a striped green tent. Qasalan Delights is full of unique desert food. Food with the terms Qasalan and Qando are definitely a running theme here. The Qasalan Flatbread Delight really lives up to its name. If you've been missing ice cream lately, how about try the Fruity Shaved Ice before you leave?

8. Lost Desert Foods

In the City of Sakhmet you'll find another desert themed food stall, but this one is very different from Qasalan Delights. Most of the food here does happen to be made of sand, but it is flavored with juice to taste like what it resembles. The Sand Orange really surprised me at first! If given the option, I'd try the sand food and stay away from the scorched and mutant food here. It may be vegan, but it looks a little unpleasant.

9. Neopian Fresh Foods

While the Neopian Fresh Foods store may be known for its Kau burgers (I think the outside gave us a clue on that one), it also usually has a few vegan items if you come in right when the Chia restocks his shelves. Juices, nuts, fruit, root vegetables, oatmeal, granola bars, popcorn and potato wedges are a few examples of the variety of vegan food you can find here. This is also the only store that carries Vegan Turkey Dinner, a fake turkey made out of tofu surrounded by vegetables and cranberry sauce.

10. Chocolate Factory

While most of the chocolate sold here isn't vegan (because it has Kau milk in it), there is enough that this place is worth a mention. Maybe it's also because I'm having a chocolate craving! Anything with 'dark chocolate' in the name is vegan. Sometimes you have to double check - but I asked the Kiko myself and he assures me that he doesn't put whey or skim Kau milk powder into any of his delicious chocolates.

Just because these were my top ten doesn't mean they have to be yours. While scouring Neopia, I came across plenty of great stores that sold vegan food but didn't happen to make it onto the list. Maybe I'll need to make a second top ten in the future! In case you want to check them out on your own, be sure to visit Molten Morsels in Moltara, Fresh Smoothies, Hubert's Hotdogs, The Coffee Cave, Slushie Shop, The Neopian Neggery up in the Ice Caves, Tyrannian Foods, and Cafe Kreludor.

Best of luck on your food eating adventures - and remember, if you don't want to eat it, you don't have to. There are plenty of other options.

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