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The Beauty of Brightvale

by babygirl122187


Also by mythem

Why, hello there, fellow Neopian. You look quite confused – do you not know what day it is? We know that the fireworks can seem quite alarming if you are caught unaware and unprepared with knowledge.

Today is The Discovery of Brightvale Day – a very special day that comes only once per year, on the 11th Day of Hiding (that’s August, in common speak). You might not recognize the usually scholarly citizens of Brightvale today. From when the sun first shines until the moon rises high, royalty and commoners alike abandon their pursuit of knowledge to pursue more transient diversions. King Hagan himself seems to enjoy this change the most – as you’ve already seen, he has commissioned his Royal Potion Makers to create fireworks this year!

The artists may be found displaying their latest works; the poets engaging in creative haiku-duels; the historians performing skits; the mathematicians and architects constructing marvelous contraptions; and the shop owners commemorating the founding of their town in simpler means. They host special events for their patrons’ delight, and hand out many free tokens such as paper masks and sweets. And though all of these Neopians may show their affection for their town in differing manners, they all hold one passion in common. It is time to show off their most spectacular gear and most splendid good cheer!

So what are you waiting for? Go join the festivities! Here are just a few ways to join the merriment today:

1. No good celebration can begin without adequate preparation! First, why not begin by decorating your Neohome? For those lucky Neopians that have access to Neocash, you have the fine option of purchasing the Brightvale Room in a Bag. The Bag comes with exquisite décor including a festive bed, sofa, desk, rug, tiles, and wallpaper. What a perfect time to purchase this superpack and brag *cough* display it to all of your friends! There is also a snazzy Neopoint item (King Hagan approved!) that no Neopet should do without on this holiday: the Brightvale Banner (or Brightvale flag, depending on your type on Neohome). Adding this to your Neohome will surely spice it up just in time for the holiday.

2. Once you’ve dazzled up your Neohome, it is time to dress up your pets. Luckily, there are several items to choose from. The Brightvale Books Background would fit nicely with those pets going for a green and yellow theme. But if you are seeking a more casual background, why not try the Nighttime in Brightvale Background? It has just the right amount of jovialness and excitement to get your Neopet looking magnificent before the fireworks. Once you’ve chosen your background, you are now ready to begin the difficult task of planning the perfect outfit. Brightvale Team Sport Shirt or Brightvale Team Jersey? Brynns Brightvale Tunic or Brightvale Castle Dress? There is more than an abundance of Brightvale gear to choose from. Our suggestion would be to sport the Brightvale Robe with your favorite set of trousers. Now, top it off with a Brightvale Frame and get ready for the real fun.

3. It is time to explore the many wonders that Brightvale has to offer! First, why not quiet your grumbling tummy? The Brightvale Celebratory Fruit Basket and Grilled Shishkafruit look deliciously inviting today! Add a glass of Magenorb Juice to help cool yourself down from the summer’s heat. These treats are also perfect to take outside, as the shops may be rather crowded today. We think that it’s best that you find some cozy grass, and perhaps a tree to lean against, to avoid some discomfort. Also, be sure to bring your favorite book along! Your Neopets will love hearing Bori of Brightvale or drawing on The Royal Book of Colouring for a second or twenty-second time. You may even find that you attract some new friends to your comfortable haven in the shade.

4. After your belly is full and you have perfected the art of coloring inside the lines, you should have plenty of time to observe some of Brightvale’s famous attractions. You will find plenty of entertainment about, but if you want the best of the best, just ask the locals! Care to try your hand at a bit of luck? Many citizens suggest spinning the grand ole Wheel of Knowledge. Prizes can be anything from windows, to scrolls, to shields! Your lucky Neopet may even win an increase in knowledge! Other pets may not be as lucky, but we won’t talk about that. There is also a one in three billion chance of winning an avatar. (Note: number may not be exact.)

***EDIT: “Each Gent or Madame wishing to pass through Brightvale shall visit the good and mighty King or else thou shall suffer sev...”*** Sorry folks, we’re not sure how that got in there! Back to what we were saying, then... uhh... The luckiest pets, however, will receive advice from King Hagan himself!

5. This will lead us to the main event: a jolly old visit to the castle to see King Hagan! After all, you simply cannot leave Brightvale without visiting his Majesty! One may attempt to share wisdom with the noble king in hopes of pleasing him, and it is even rumored you may win an avatar if he is impressed by your intelligence. Be advised, though, impressing the king is no easy task! We can only hope to someday be as wise, noble, caring, and brave as our king. *cough* We were in no way forced to say that.

6. Lastly, be sure to take home some mementos of the day’s fun! You can pick up the Brightvale Castle (TCG) to add to your Neodeck, and the Brightvale Bi-Weekly to remember the events of the day. Also, if you enjoyed one of the shops and are looking for work, a Brightvale Job Coupon could come in quite handy! But of course not all reminders of the festival need to be so learned and formal. Depending upon your Neopet’s preferences, we suggest either bringing home a Brightvale Castle Building Blocks set or a Brilliant Blade of Brightvale for hours of fun either at home or in dome! But remember, as the Brightvale citizens are peaceful people, your Blade must only be used in practice or defense.

We would also suggest taking home one of Brightvale's best stained glass windows... but unfortunately you cannot take these into your new Neohomes! We would be rather sad to see you carry one home without a place to put it, so perhaps we'd best just leave them to the Old Castle, where they still fit.

We hope you enjoy your day, and most importantly, discover several new things in Brightvale today!

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