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King Kelpbeard: An Exclusive Interview

by pokebuddies


Hello there, my name is Challor the Kacheek, and this interview is a very special one because King Kelpbeard has agreed to answer questions from us surface dwellers on recent topics. So I met up with the king of Maraqua at the restaurant Kelp in Maraqua and was given one of those special necklaces that allow people who live on land to breathe underwater. Once settled at our table, we ordered our drinks and told the waitress our selection from the menu, then started our question and answer session while we waited for our food. I started with my first question and it is as follows.

C: So, King Kelpbeard, you must be really proud of team Maraqua this year in Altador Cup coming in fourth place?

K: (King Kelpbeard) Why yes, it is a great pleasure of mine to see my kingdom’s Altador Cup team get its highest placement yet throughout all of the Cups. I am very proud of the team and especially the captain Elon Hughlis for pushing the team to make the placement.

C: Are you at any bit jealous of Virtupets, Krawk Island, or Kreludor for getting a higher placement than your team?

K: No, not at all. Even though Maraqua was the bottom of that particular bracket, the team still did better than fourteen other teams in the league. Also, Virtupets Space Station, Kreludor, and Krawk Island play excellently and they are all great teams. It was an honor to face them in Altador Cup VI.

C: Now I heard that after the Cup that you took team Maraqua to this very same restaurant as a reward for their hard work this year. I’ve been wondering what you discussed with the players?

K: Well, mostly I congratulated the players on their hard work, and there was some talk on strategies for next year. All of them seemed to be in good moods, although Elon Hughlis did seem very upset that the team didn’t get at least third place when I was talking to them about how great it was that they had gotten fourth place, which I think is still very good.

C: Thanks for that. Now, though, I want to talk about the newer paint brush color Maractite and your opinion of it.

K: Ah, Maractite! What a great new paint brush color.

C: Would you care to explain some more?

K: Oh, yes. Well, what I really like about the color is that it really signifies Maraqua and how Maraquans really do appreciate Maractite so much that it became a paintbrush color. I would also like to state that anyone painted Maractite is very much welcomed to Maraqua.

C: While talking about Maractite, I have some questions to ask you on the new Maractite collectable coins.

K: Go ahead.

C: Now since the release of the collectables there are eight currently and I was wondering if you collected them and if so which one is your favorite?

K: Well, to tell you the truth, I do collect the Maractite coins, which I have all eight of currently. My favorite is probably the Floral Maractite Coin, because it is very unique in its design, and it is said by coin experts that these Floral Maractite Coins were purely reserved for royal Neopian usage.

C: Really? That’s quite interesting, since you’re the king of Maraqua and the Floral Maractite Coin was purely used by royalty.

K: Indeed.

C: Do you collect any other collectable items or stamps?

K: Yes, I do collect the Maraquan category stamps, but that is the only other set I do collect.

C: How many do you have?

K: I actually do have the entire collection.

C: Really? Because even though it wouldn’t seem surprising, since you’re the king of Maraqua and all, I am just amazed. Though by having the entire collection that would mean you have the approximately 5,000,000 NP Isca Stamp and the approximately 20,000,000 NP King Kelpbeard Stamp. How did you get them?

K: Well, for my birthday one year I was given my very own stamp as a present from my citizens and I bought the Isca Stamp at a discount from a friend of mine who sells rare stamps.

C: Your citizens must really appreciate you to buy you such an expensive gift.

K: Yes, and I did thank them greatly for it.

Before we continued, our waitress came over with our meals and we decided to eat first and then continue the question and answer session. Once finished, we ordered a dessert each and continued while we waited. So I decided to start on a new topic.

C: So how does it feel having your very own collectable NC item in the Royal Treatment section as a bonus?

K: Being part of the Royal Treatment NC collectables is great, because my item King Kelpbeard’s Collectable Orb shows Maraquan royalty in it and when I see Neopians dressed with it, it makes me feel very special.

C: Do you see a lot of Maraquan citizens wearing it?

K: Occasionally I will see my citizens wearing my collectable orb.

The waitress came over with our desserts and our check which was around 200,000 NP so we spilt the bill and put in a 10,000 NP tip for the waitress. After we finished our desserts, we waited for the waitress to pick up the check so we continued our session.

C: So since we just had dessert, I was wondering your opinion on the new Milk Chocolate King Kelpbeard?

K: The Milk Chocolate King Kelpbeard is actually my new favorite dessert because it not only is a miniature version of me, but it is also made of milk chocolate.

C: Is the Milk Chocolate King Kelpbeard popular down here in Maraqua?

K: Very much. A lot of Maraquan citizens enjoy the candy that resembles their king.

Our waitress picked up the bill with the 10,000 NP tip and we left the restaurant, but I still had a few more questions to ask him for the article. He allowed me to ask another question or two on a walk back to his undersea castle, with the condition that when we reach the castle he must return to his kingly duties, so I only had time for one more topic.

C: King Kelpbeard, what is your opinion on the recent squid happenings on Krawk Island? Do you thing that this squid like creature has anything to do with Maraqua?

K: My opinion on the Krawk Island happenings are that I am worried for some of the good citizens of the island, and that it is known that a lot of squids do come from Maraqua. But I am not sure about this.

C: Do you think that citizens should evacuate the island for their own safety?

K: They may need to be evacuated in the danger going on.

C: So if they were to be evacuated, would you allow some of Krawk Island’s citizens to stay in Maraqua?

K: If they are mere citizens and not those filthy pirates, then I would, probably.

C: Do you think the squid may attack Maraqua possibly?

K: I can’t say for sure, but it is possible.

Soon we did reach King Kelpbeard’s castle and he had to return to his duties. Once we said our goodbyes, I thanked him for the interview and he was happy to be a part of it. I then left Maraqua for the surface, and returned back to my home where I edited all of the information I got to make this article. I would like to give special thanks to King Kelpbeard for this article, and hope Neopia enjoys what the King of Maraqua had to say.

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