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The Hardships of Faeries

by alex_bubbly


Illusen the Earth faerie was cleaning up her nest from the unneeded leaves and decay that were left over from the storm earlier that day when she heard a knock at her door and a faint clearing of the throat. Why would someone be bugging me right after a storm? she thought to herself. Shouldn’t everyone be at home cleaning up?

     “Illusen... I really don’t mean to bother you. I know you’re busy trying to make everything tidy again, but I really do need your help.” Illusen turned around to see a young Bruce with a tear slowly sliding down his cheek. She felt bad for the little guy so why not see what he needs.

     “What is it that I can do for you, er... I’m sorry, I don’t seem to remember your name.”

     Looking slightly more hopeful, the Bruce spoke his name.

     “Oh, I see. Well, Juniper, what is it that I can do for you?”

     “Well, during the storm I was playing outside in my yard with my petpet Triffin, and when there was a big gust of wind, he got taken away from me. I was wondering if you could maybe make a potion or something that would get the wind to bring him back to me. I went to you before the other faeries because you’re the earth faerie and you can control the wind. I’m really sorry if I’m being a bother; it’s just... I-I really loved Triffin.” At first Illusen wasn’t going to help Juniper, but seeing the look on his face and all of those tears that had begun to trickle down again, she just couldn’t say no.

     “Well... I suppose I could help you. You have to go and get me the materials I need, though.”

     “Anything to get Triffin back, Illusen! Thank you so much. You’re the kindest faerie I know.” After Illusen told Juniper about each item she needed to make her potion (Tree root, dirt, five pebbles, and air in a bottle) she went back to cleaning her nest.

      No more than ten minutes later did Illusen hear another knock on her door. She turned around and standing in her doorway was Juniper, huffing and puffing up a storm, clearly out of breath.

     “Ah, thank you, dear child,” chimed Illusen.

     “I tried to go as quickly as I could. I don’t even know how far the wind might have taken him and I-I-I’m just so u-upset and-and I d-don’t know what I w-would do without h-him!” Juniper started with a whole other round of tears. Illusen, being the good faerie that she was, went up to Juniper and took him in her arms, whispering words of reassurance in his ear, telling him that everything is going to be fine and not to worry.

     “Now don’t you underestimate my powers,” said Illusen, “No matter how far away Triffin is, I can certainly get him back to you. That’s a promise.”

     “Thank you so much, Illusen. This really does mean a lot to me,” said Juniper.

     “Juniper, while I’m working on this potion, why don’t you go on home and eat something, alright? This might take me a while and I don’t want you staying here with me while you’re hungry. All I have to eat is leaves, beetles, and rocks. I won’t do anything until you come back, alright? Go on now.”

     “Thanks again, Illusen! I’ll be back as soon as I’m done eating.”

      When Juniper was out the door and out of hearing distance, Illusen let out a huge sigh and said to herself, “The things I do for some people.” Once she had gotten herself something to drink, she set to work. Illusen stood on her tip-toes in front of a shelf full of books and took one of them down. The book she got down was titled Potions for Unexpected Occasions. She leafed through the book before yelling out AH HA! and smiling to herself. Illusen read the directions very carefully before pouring in all of the ingredients one by one and preparing herself for the enchantment she had to recite in order for the potion to actually work.

     “Take these things and bring to me

     A gust of wind, of which I need

     To free a small Bruce of his misery.”

      Even though the enchantment wasn’t very creative, it still worked. As soon as she was finished saying the last line, the pot which contained the ingredients started to glow and overflow with bubbles the color of the sky. Each bubble contained an image of a gust of wind. Before the potion got out of hand and did what it had to do without being commanded to, Illusen bottled it up. Once it was bottled, she thought she could get away with taking a small nap, but she thought wrong. No sooner had she bottled it than she sensed someone in her nest. When she looked down, she saw bright blue eyes staring up at her. She looked to the sky and sighed.

     “You’re back already... ” It wasn’t a question. It was a statement.

     “Well, of course! I tried to eat as fast as I could, but my mom kept me a few minutes late to help her clean up. Sorry if I’m late!” Juniper certainly had perseverance, Illusen gave him that.

     “Oh, you’re not late, trust me. I just finished bottling up the potion. Would you like to go outside and do the honors of releasing it?” Illusen didn’t even need an answer. She could tell by the look on Juniper’s face that he definitely wanted to be the one who let the potion go to get his Triffin back.

     “Yes, yes, yes! Oh, thank you, Illusen!” Juniper hugged Illusen around the ankles. Illusen found herself becoming more fond of the boy and feeling sorry for him because he lost his only pet, and probably only friend.

     “Come along then.” Illusen led the way through the doorway into an open field area with enough room as to not disturb the other villagers with the wind.

     “Alright then. Juniper, what I want you to do is just take the lid off of that bottle when I say and quickly step back.” Juniper did as he was told and once he stepped back to the side of Illusen, they both looked up at the swirling of the air. The wind howled and spun around them before taking off in the east. Before Juniper could ask Illusen any more questions, he heard it. The faint, but so obviously there, sound of a giggling petpet.

     “TRIFFIN!” Juniper yelled before running to the middle of the field. The wind swirled a few more times around Juniper and Illusen before going upward and dropping Triffin into the arms of Juniper, who squealed with joy. Illusen smiled before turning and starting to walk back towards her nest.

     “Illusen... where are you going?”

     Illusen turned around and looked down at Juniper.

     “I am going to take a nap. All of that work really tired me out, you know!” she replied.

     “Oh, alright then. Do you promise to come and play with Triffin and me tomorrow? We were thinking of having a tea party!” Illusen smiled to herself.

     “Sure, Juniper. Tomorrow it is.” And Illusen walked off towards her nest in search of nothing but the comfort of her bed.

The End

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