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Plastic Flowers

by dayoflove


A small figure trudged through the snow, a bouquet of Rowzez and Scented Hearts clamped in its mouth. People glared at it and shuddered. The figure’s worm-like tail flicked from side to side. A worried expression crossed the Xweetok face. Was he too late? He quickened his stride and pushed past a Brown Kougra. The Kougra’s face turned to disgust and he landed a solid kick in the Xweetok’s side.

     The Kougra hissed at the Xweetok. “Mutant.”

     The Xweetok didn’t care about the pain. He didn’t care about the undeniable fact that he actually was a mutant. He just had to keep going.

     The Xweetok closed his eyes and tried to remember a happier time. A time when things weren’t so grey and empty, a time when he didn’t have to worry...


     “Mommy, Mommy! Come look, come look!” A Baby Bori danced around in circles, overflowing with smiles and giggles.

     A tall girl laughed and jogged over to the small Bori.

     “What am I looking at, Misty?” the young girl asked, laughing merrily.

     “These.” The Bori gestured around her. The ground was littered with flowers. She picked up a large group of Pebeanjays. She hopped up and ran to show her brother.

     “Leo, Leo! Look what I found!”

     A Green Xweetok looked up from his book and smiled as the small Bori ran towards him. Suddenly, the Bori tripped and fell. The smile vanished from the Xweetok’s face and he ran towards the child. He helped her up and the tears dropped from her eyes. The Pebeanjays were crushed and the small child was crying. She was crying so much. She sobbed and tried to fix the purple flowers. Her brother hopped up and ran in the opposite direction. The tall girl tried to comfort the crying Bori. The Xweetok returned, something clamped in his jaws

     “Oi there, Jitters! Look here!”

     The child looked up and the Green Xweetok dropped a bouquet of Rowzez and Scented Hearts into the Bori’s lap. The Bori ceased crying and smiled again. She threw her arms around her brother’s neck.

     “Thanks, Leo.”


     The Mutant Xweetok let out a sob as the memory left him alone in the snow. His torn ears drooped and his tail hung low as continued through the snow. All the way through Happy Valley, he was greeted with shrieks, looks, insults and pain. Whenever he came to close to someone, he received a sharp kick or a stamp. Just before, someone had stamped on his paw and left him limping through the snow. Nobody cared for him. Just because of a crazy colour. He shot with another memory, one that was not so pleasant...


     A Green Xweetok slowly pushed a door open, glancing around himself. A Petpetpet Carrier hung from his jaws and he snickered around it. The Cooties inside of the Carrier were getting agitated and were launching themselves at the walls of the Carrier. The Green Xweetok dropped the Carrier on the floor and unscrewed the lid. The lid popped off and the Cooties began to leap out. The Xweetok shut the door and snickered. He ran off and hid. A young Bori walked down the hall, licking a Strawberry Brucicle. She pushed the door open and shut it behind her. Suddenly, a bloodcurdling scream filled the Neohome and the Bori ran out of her room, scratching like mad. The small Xweetok fell on his back and rolled around laughing. A shadow loomed over him and he opened his eyes and his laughter died out. A tall girl with black hair stood over him, eyes narrowed. The Xweetok’s ears drooped and he followed the girl out the door.


     The Mutant Xweetok snapped at the air. The tears flowed and they just wouldn’t stop. He began to sob loudly and curled up in the snow. He shivered and shook as the sorrow overwhelmed him. He stood up slowly and limped towards the entrance of the Ice Caves. There were whispers all around him and he could feel the eyes watching him.

     He didn’t care. Someone threw rocks at him. He didn’t care, though. He just wanted to keep moving. Hopefully it wasn’t too late. Hopefully, when he got to the top, she’d still be there, all smiles and laughs. He closed his eyes and another memory hit him, like a Super Attack Pea to the face.


     A large pile of Toxic Sludge sat on the ground, a disgusting smell filling the air around the two Neopets. A Green Xweetok grinned mischievously and pulled out a handful of it, waving it under a young Bori’s nose. She pulled back with a disgusted look on her face.

     “Stop that, Leo! That’s gross!”

     The Xweetok grinned evilly.

     “I dare you to eat it.”


     He shoved it towards her again.

     “Go on. I dare you!”

     She shook her head and her nose crinkled up.

     “There is no way I’m eating that! You do it!”

     The Xweetok rolled his eyes and poked his tongue out and licked the sludge.

     His fur began to change colour and the fur on his tail began to fall off. His eyes turned yellow and his fur became mangy.

     The little Bori let out a scream and pointed at her brother.

     “You... You’re a Mutant! Are you...”

     “Am I alright? I’m fine! Better than ever! And I LOVE this new colour.”

     He shoved the sludge in front of her face and laughed.

     “Come on! Or are you a coward?”

     Her face screwed up at the word “coward” and she took the sludge and shoved it in her mouth. Her eyes went wide and she hit the floor. She was out cold.

     “Misty, are you alright?” he asked, calling her by her proper name. “Misty, say something!”

     There was nothing spoken.



     The tears just won’t stop now and everyone won’t stop talking. Words fill the Xweetok’s ears, but they’re just a blur, like the faces of the pets around him. He can’t stop sobbing, but he won’t let go of the flowers and he won’t stop moving. He needs to keep going. He needs to reach her. He needs to get to the top, to see his sister, all smiles and laughs. To see that girl who cares for him, even though he messed up so terribly. He needs to fight the tears, the blizzard and the words of the pets around him. He has to keep going. Because it’s his fault his sister is this way. It was a stupid dare. It was all him. It was all his fault.

     Suddenly, he breaks through the snow and there is light all around him. He glances around wildly, until he spots a small Neohome, poking out from behind a tree. He begins to run, ignoring the aching pain that is shooting through his legs. He heavily breathes the frosty air in, ignoring the pain in his ribs and feeling cold spread around him. He runs faster and faster, until he reaches the little Neohome. Smoke billows out of the chimney and all is quiet. Was he too late?

     He pushes open the door and a Spardel trots up to him slowly, ears drooped. He pats the Spardel on the head and wanders down the hall. He stops at the third door and slowly pushes it open. A girl with black hair places a hand on his shoulder. Her eyes are moist and she looks as though she hasn’t slept in days. The Mutant Xweetok moves over to the purple bed in the centre of the room. A small Bori with chocolate eyes stares up at him. He drops the bouquet of flowers into her lap and she smiles wide, scooping them up. He smiles.

     “Hey Jitters, you’re going to live until those flowers wilt.”

     The tall girl stands behind him, smiling and nodding.

     “They’re plastic flowers, Misty,” she adds.

The End

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