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Wonderful Wishing Well

by blackwater444


On a dusty little path not far from the Neopian Plaza sits a quaint old well. From this locale you might enjoy the pleasant view, savor the sweet scent of marigolds or pause to appreciate the chirp of Pteris flying by. Certainly you should enjoy a taste of the sweetest, most pure water found anywhere in Neopia! You’d be remiss however, if you neglected to make a wish while in the vicinity of the wonderful Wishing Well.

Since the beginning of time, Neopians of every species and color have been flocking to the well, not just to savor its healthful water, but to pay homage to Well’s remarkable ability to heal, rejuvenate and well, to grant wishes. In a moment of reflection, one tosses a few coins into the Well; the amount is not as significant as the humble appreciation of consideration towards the granting of your wish.

Since I began visiting the Wishing Well regularly, I’ve received around twenty items. I usually win a couple of times a month. A few of the items I’ve won are: Perfect Gazebo Background, Jhudoras Bluff Background, Spring Path Background, several stamps and at least a couple of Bag of Peanuts. People are always asking me, what’s the secret to winning at the Wishing Well?

So what is the Secret? I really don’t know; but I set off on a small journey around Neopia questioning the wise ones to see if I could discover the secret of the Wishing Well. The Island Mystic seemed a bit startled to see me, but still he approached the question with deep mysticism. His reply, “You will eventually realise that you must play Gormball,” only left me more confused. No matter, the Techo Master would surely know something about the secret of the Wishing Well. He responded, “Wax on. Wax off.” Hmmm, WAX, now we’re getting somewhere!

Cap’n Threelegs said, rather insistently, “Some say there be gold buried in the ruins of Maraqua...” But I asked about the Wishing Well, oh, never mind... Maybe Igneot could help me discover the secret of the Wishing Well. After all, a cavern and a well have some similarities. His profound reply left me nearly speechless. Here, come closer so I can whisper it to you. Igneot said, “Like the darkness this can be overcome.”

After many hours of meditation and more importantly observation, I have drawn a few of my own conclusions.

Consistency. You can’t win if you don’t play. I make approximately ten wishes, twice a day, every single day. Some people believe that once you have won one time it is easier to win again. I believe that after you have a wish granted once, you remember to wish more often and that is why there are so many repeat winners.

You can only be granted items with a rarity of 89 or less--so much for winning that morphing potion. It’s the job of the wisher to discover and wish for those items that will be most meaningful to them. I should also remind you that you must ask for the exact item name. I like to make a list and keep it updated with plenty of newly released items. Of course, the easiest thing to do is to just repeat the wishes of previous winners, but you will certainly be limiting yourself.

Wish amount is another variable. I like to make my first wish 21 Neopoints and consecutive wishes at 22, 23, 24, etc. up to 30. Some wise souls have surmised that amounts less than 21 Neopoints don’t win and wishing for more than seven items at a time is pointless. I tend to agree with both of those observations as the wishes I’ve had granted have all been for the following amounts: 23, 24, 25, 26—meaning neither my first two wishes nor my last four wishing amounts have ever won! However, I choose to continue to make 10 wishes in consecutive amounts; call it stubbornness.

The note at the Wishing Well says, “Now the Well will give out prizes four times daily instead of two!” Winners are still only chosen twice a day, at 7 am and 7 pm NST, however two batches of five are chosen at each time, for a total of 20 wishes a day. There are not too many things more fun than receiving a Neomail from The Neopets Team just after 7. Normally, I get a bit nervous when I receive a TNT Neomail even though it’s likely an item return, auction notice, Neopian Times rejection or what not, but when I receive a mail immediately after seven, I feel very happy.

“Congratulations! Your wish has really come true! That donation of 26 Neopoints you made to the Neopian Wishing Well was worth it, because you have been granted the following item: Jhudoras Bluff Background. It will be in your inventory when you go to Neopets next. Thanks a lot, and hope to see you soon! The Neopets Team”

For a while I believed timing was one of the reasons I was winning regularly. I thought by wishing in the hour immediately prior to the winners being chosen, I was increasing my chances. Additionally, there were thoughts from other people who believed that wishing immediately after wishes were awarded increased a person’s chances. At this point, I don’t think the time of day you wish is a factor in getting your wishes granted. Although, wishing just moments before wishes are granted does give you either immediate gratification, if you win, or at least immediate knowledge that you didn’t win. I believe it is pure chance and the best thing you can do is wish consistently and often.

Truth is, I don’t really know the secret; for all I know you’d be better off buying a scratch card. Potentially winning twice a month may not be the best of motivation for some. However, for me, for a paltry sum of 510 Neopoints a day for my 20 chances, I enjoy the bountiful, wonderful Wishing Well.

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