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Fancy A Game?

by kazeblaze120


“Is it your first time here on Roo Island?” says the porter of the Rainbow Express, the main train to get from Neopia Central to Roo Island. It does happen to be your first time on this small, peaceful island. “Well, since it’s your first time here, I would be glad to give you the grand tour!” the kindly pink Blumaroo says. You decide to accept her offer, and away you go into the lovely Roo Island.

“Now, to your left is the souvenir shop; we have tons of lovely Roo based items there for sale, so be sure to drop buy before you leave. Our fuzzy dice are the talk of the world right now! And here is the Roo Island Property Shop. If you ever need a Neohome, come here! There are amazing deals! If your pets are a bit bored, you can look to your right and see the magnificent Coloring Pages, or even take a spin on the Merry Go Round,” she explains to you. However, along the entire trip, something has caught your eye. A magnificent castle in the middle of the island stands before you. You can’t help but to ask.

“Why, that is King Roo’s Castle!” she tells you. “Don’t worry, though; he’s not like King Skarl or anything. He’s a very kind king. In fact, he simply adores dice games! Why don’t you drop by and see if he wants to play? His favorite game is Dice-A-Roo, a magnificent game that really tests your luck!” As you enter the great doors, you see a sign that reads “You must be 13 or older to enter.” Luckily, you happen to be old enough, so you make your way through the halls. You’re greeted by the magnificent King Roo himself!

“Fancy a game of chance? Only 5 neopoints a game!” he exclaims. You can’t help but say yes! “Perfect, my friend! Now, let me explain the rules to this game. It’s really a cinch, but there are a few tips and tricks to make as much money as you can! Huddle up close, and I’ll give you the details...”

How to Play:

“Well, this game is actually quite simple to play. First of all, there are five different levels. It goes in this order: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Silver. Oh, and of course the Secret Die, but we’ll get to that later. Get a check mark symbol on your die and win neopoints in your pot. Your pot is where you keep your winnings from this game, and it isn’t added to your actual neopoints unless you collect the pot, which will end the game! Get an x, and you lose neopoints in the pot. Luckily, your pot cannot go into the negatives. A skull and cross signifies loss, but if you’re lucky you may survive. Get an arrow, and you may advance to the next die! Or, possibly not if you’re unlucky. Now to begin, start off with the red die.”

Red Die:

“Now my friend, this is the first die you will roll. Of course, you may have to roll numerous times to level up! The neopoints prizes are slim here, and you won’t win much. I highly suggest that you don’t collect your pot here. You can get all of the results I explained beforehand. This die isn’t very interesting since the ante is so low. And do be disappointed if you lose here; it’s all luck! Many people lose on their first roll! It’s not uncommon.”

Blue Die:

“Again, this is a rather drab die. You can get any of the results I explained beforehand, including a new result: Nothing. Yes, that’s correct. Nothing. Nothing at all, zip, nada. The winnings are a bit higher, but so are the losses! I don’t suggest you collect your pot here, either! Oh, and even though the opening page picture says it, you cannot get the Item die on the Blue die. The die is a lie! Prizes wait on your next die, Green!”

Green Die:

“Now, here is where things get spiced up! You can get any of the results I explained beforehand, including a few new results! You may feel a gust of wind in the Mystery die (who knows what happens; even I can’t figure out myself!) or you may get a prize of the Item die! The Item die often rewards low rarity food items or faeries, such as Neo Tacos, Mud Pies, Tomatoes, Bottles of Water, Churros, and many other food items. Why is this so good now? Well, the items you get from this die can often sell for around at least 300 NP, which is much more than you paid! If you’re lucky, you may even find a Negg, which is an easy 1,700 NP profit! Faeries are even better profit, often selling for around 2,000! These items are separate from your pot, and once you win them, they’re yours to keep! Amazing, isn’t it? But that’s not the best; we still have two more dice to go!”

Yellow Die:

“This is where your heart will start pounding. You’re truly in the high rollers club now! In addition to food prizes, you can now win lottery tickets from the Mystery die (with numbers randomly assigned)! Lottery tickets are not actual items, though, and like the other items they cannot be taken away once you won them. Once you win them, they are automatically entered into the Lottery, where you can wins thousands of NP in prize money! I just thought I should clarify that, since many people come to me in confusion about where their tickets went. Now don’t go taking your pot yet, though! The best die is up next, along with the sixth Secret Die wait!”

Silver Die:

“Now this is where you may just have a panic attack! Now you have a chance at the jackpot! If you ever want to know what the current jackpot is, look down at my passing Blumaroo friends! Occasionally, one may say something along the lines of: xxx is such a lot of Neopoints! The numbers where the xs are positioned is the current jackpot! Now you may want to open up your inventory in another tab here to deposit your items without interrupting your game (even though if you leave, you game will be saved). Now, if you roll the Mystery die, you may get a surprise visit from the Pant Devil, who will relentlessly steal your items if left in your inventory. You wouldn’t want to lose your recent winnings, would you? All rolls are possible now including the Jackpot die! The Jackpot die, of course, wins you the Jackpot and a snazzy avatar (the Dice-A-Roo avatar to be exact)! Now about that Secret Die...”

The Secret Die: ?

“Now, I would like you to know something.... There is no sixth color. The Secret Die is actually disguised as a Silver die! If you roll the Secret Die and roll the Jackpot, your jackpot will become 10 times its original worth! So a 25,000 NP Jackpot would become an amazing 250,000 NP! This only occurs in about 1 in every 10 rolls, so cross your fingers! The 10 times multiplier is a great way to get on the High Scores listings and to win yourself a sparkling trophy for your use lookup. Now that the game is cleared up for you, there are only a few more things I must say...”

Ready for Battle:

“Advisor Broo used to be my advisor, until his shameful plot to overthrow me was revealed! He still aims to seek revenge on me for stripping him of his title of advisor, so he sometimes comes into the castle to try to fight me! If you catch him in here, he will surely challenge you to a fight, also. He has 130 HP and is very dangerous to mess with! Trust me, I would know if anybody! Of course, if you are looking for a fight, stay around and play for a bit! He shows up quite constantly, in fact he’s been quite the nuisance lately.”

Tips and Tricks:

“My my, what a fabulous explanation!” explains your tour guide. However, there are maybe a few more things you should know!

“Personally, I don’t like to collect my pot ever. It ends your game, and the prizes are often much better than the neopoints you may earn.”

“Don’t always listen to the Blumaroos that pass by. Only the ones that talk about the jackpot are reliable.”


“I can haz nachoz?”

“Since you’ll be clicking a lot to play, pay attention to see if you get any random events! The codestones I’ve gotten easily make up for any losses I’ve ever encountered. Who knows? You may even find a paint brush or something better!”

“And lastly, your pets may get tired of this game, as odd as it may seem since it’s so fun. If they do, simply wait a day and you can play again! I guess even the best games can bore pets. I’ve heard that taking your games slowly can keep your pets entertained for longer!”

"If your jackpot is high enough, you may win a shiny new trophy!"

“That’s all I have to say! Good luck, and have fun!” she says as she walks off to the express.

That was very kind of them to help you! Now you know all the tips and tricks to a game that many people overlook simply because of its cheap cost. Of course, there’s not a second to waste! You pick up that die, and are astounded by your roll!

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