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NeoTeen Magazine Issue 1

by rivercity_3601


In this issue: new make-up and nail tips from Usuki herself, advice, and an interview with cutie Garin about being a part of The Curse of Maraqua, Hannah and the Pirate Caves, and his personal life!

Segment 1) Looks:

The neoteen idol gives us her own make-up tips!

Make-up Must haves?

Usuki: On the show Usuki, I'm pretty glamourous, but in real life I'm a really laid back neopet. But I definitely would would have to have moisturizer and maybe some lipgloss.

What do you think is a good look for the first day of school?

Usuki: Well, you kind of want to make a good first impression, I guess, so I would say be yourself and do what you like to do, go for a neutral look like maybe some cute pink lip gloss and mascara.


Usuki: I kind of like glittery and light nail polish colors, like glittery red nail polish and some red or purple nail polish.

Thanks, Usuki! Remember to catch Usuki on NeoTeen Channel at 6:00 every Friday night!

Segment 2) Advice:

Hey, NeoTeen! Okay, so there's this one guy who keeps on neomailing me and talking to me on neoboards, but when I meet him up at the Coffee Shop with my friends and his friends, he acts like I don't exist. I don't get it? Help!

From: Miranda, Neopia Central, 15, Wocky

NeoTeen Advice Editor: Hey, Miranda! Neoboys are super duper weird! And to be honest, they really are from another planet! But the thing is, whenever they're with their friends, they act totally different than when they are alone. So try to catch him when he's alone or ask him to go to the NC Mall, just you and him or something. Good luck!

Hey! My best friend has been blowing me off this whole entire week! It's like I barely see her anymore and I'm her best friend! She's starting to hang out with another group of neogirls that I really don't like. And I'm scared she's soon going to start acting like them! Plus, she NEVER answers my neomails or replies to my posts on neoboards!

From: Lizzie, 13, Roo Island, Grundo.

NeoTeen: Hi there, Lizzie! Sorry to hear about your friend, but since you say she isn't neomailing you, talk to her about it next time you see her or try to send her another neomail and tell her what's going on, but if she doesn't want to listen, then she's not really a best friend, is she? Good luck!

Hi there, NeoTeen! There's this one neogirl from Neoschool, and she's super mean! Even though we don't have Neoschool and are off on summer vacation, she still neomails me rude stuff and is so mean to me! What do I do? ):

From: Serina, 12, Maraqua, JubJub.

NeoTeen: Hello, Serina! So, you say there's a mean girl who's bothering you? Stand up to her, neomail her and tell her you're not going to take her rude and pointless comments! Don't be scared! She's no more special than you are! And if she keeps on being rude, then report her to TNT and/or tell your owner(s). Trust me, do it if things get out of hand. Good luck!

Segment 3) Interview with NeoStar of the week: Garin!

You all know how cool Garin is! Well, don't you guys want to know about his personal and star life? Well, NeoTeen has it all with this exclusive interview with Garin!

NT: Hey, Garin! How are you doing? Busy day, huh?

Garin: Hey, I'm good, thanks, and yeah, it really has. I had a photo shoot and premiere at the NC Mall running away from screaming fans; my security guard had to call five more. It was crazy!

NT: Wow! Crazy. Could you tell us how it was to film Curse of Maraqua?

Garin: It was actually pretty fun! It was pretty crazy, but we actually did film in Maraqua. But we did it in Bubbling Pit Road because Kelp Square was filled with a bunch of people so we had to do it in an empty spaced area to make it seem like it was destroyed. All the cameras were underwater cameras and I had to wear an oxygen tank and flippers, but the CGI guys did an awesome job at editing that out. It was an amazing experience.

NT: Wow, that's amazing! How was it like working with the co-stars?

Garin: Jacques is actually really one of my best friends. He was so awesome; when we weren't filming, we'd always have lunch at the Golden Dubloon because we were shooting some of it in Krawk Island. And Isca, Captain Scarblade, King Kelpbeard, Caylis, they were all so amazing and welcoming; it was an amazing cast and crew.

NT: Speaking of Isca, there was a rumor for quite some time about you two.

Garin: ( chuckles) Yeah, I know, and there was nothing going on, but you know we still go out to lunch and stuff together, even though we're pounded by neopaparazzi. She's a really nice neogirl.

NT: What about Hannah and the Pirate Caves? What was that like?

Garin: That was a great time; we shot everything in Krawk Island. It's great working with Hannah and the rest of the cast and crew. Armin was the clown on set, so he would constantly make jokes, even though he wasn't in the movie. He visited us for a few days from Terror Mountain.

NT: Anything with you and Hannah?

Garin: She's a great girl. (:

Well, readers, there you have it! If you wanna find out more, catch us on our guild, NeoTeenMag located in Neopia Central! And catch us next week right here in the Neopian Times! Stay tuned!

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