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Six Tips to Applying for Pets

by littlebitlux


Applying for pets is almost a necessity in the process of getting your dream pet. If you’ve never done an application before, you might be wondering just how to go about it. Well, below are six tips to making sure you maximize your chances to adopt. Enjoy!

Get to know the pet: As simple as it may seem, you might want to check up on the pet you’re applying for. If the owner is very attached to the pet they are putting up, you’re going to need to prove you will take care of them. Even something as simple as knowing the correct spelling of the pet's name or the correct gender gets you major brownie points. These simple things may seem like no brainers, but the owner will notice. If the owner sorts through a dozen applications with simple mistakes, then the fact that you paid attention sets you apart from the start. Be smart and double check everything before submitting an application. It can be the difference between getting your dreamie and getting passed up completely.

Be honest: Lying is never a good idea. So why try it when applying for someone’s pet? If you plan on putting the pet on a side, make sure you let the owner know. They will appreciate the fact that you were honest from the start. It’s better to let them know up front than have them find out later. Another thing to keep in mind is that owners who frequently adopt out pets talk to each other. If you lie to one owner, the chances of them warning others about you are greater than you think. It may hinder your chances to get a pet, but it can also earn you major points.

Artwork is always a plus: Are you good at art? Writing? A fan of NC items? Use it to your advantage. An owner will always appreciate the fact that you’ve created beautiful artwork for their pet. It shows that you care enough about adopting their pet to put in the extra effort. If you’re good at writing, then something as simple as creating a character can also get you a second look. Write up a story featuring their pet as your main character. If all else fails, prove to the owner that you care about your own pets by dressing them up in clothing and NC items. Little things add up to show you’re the best owner for their pet.

Be realistic: Are you applying for a Draik on a week old account? Look, it’s normal to hope and dream that your personality and charm will be enough to convince an owner you’re the right person to adopt. But you need to be realistic about what you can adopt. Owners look for users who have well rounded accounts. Somebody who puts a lot of effort into their account is more likely to be picked over somebody who hasn’t tried at all. Make sure that your account reflects the pet you’re trying to adopt. Owners certainly won’t appreciate somebody who hasn’t tried on their account trying to adopt the pet they worked hard to earn.

Don’t bother the owner: The last thing any owner wants is somebody pestering them about their pet, let alone forty. Make sure you read their rules and Q&As before neomailing them. Believe it or not, the answers you need might be in there already. And NEVER ask an owner if you’re being considered or when they’re going to pick the new owner. It’s stressful enough to deal with picking somebody to adopt your pet; adding stress won’t win you any favors for the pet you’re applying for.

Remember the owner is still the owner: Even though the owner of your dream pet is giving their pet away, it is still their pet, meaning they can pick whoever they want to adopt. Don’t throw a fit if you’re not the one who gets to adopt. It makes you look immature and only confirms to the owner that you weren’t the right choice. Also keep in mind that the owner has the right to take their pet off the adoption circuit if they feel nobody is fit to adopt. Adopting a pet out is a big decision, so make sure to put yourself in their shoes before you start firing off angry neomails.

The application process: There are two types of applications often used for adopting out pets: Neomail and petpage. The type you choose is entirely up to you and can often help you showcase your qualifications to adopt. Below are a rundown of each application and what you should include in each to maximize your chances to adopt your dream pet.

Neomail application: Less formal than a petpage app. It’s exactly what it sounds like, an application through a neomail. Before anything else, you have to introduce yourself. Give them your name and a little background about yourself and your neopets history. Second thing you should do is tell them what your plans are for their pet. Include if you do artwork or stories in this part. Third thing to do is thank them for giving you a chance to apply. Make sure you are polite and don’t come off too pushy. And above all else, make sure you spell everything right. It makes you look noobish if you have spelling errors in your application. If your application runs more than one neomail, you might want to consider a petpage application.

Petpage Application: This is an application put on a petpage of one of the pets you already own. It gives you much more room to write about your plans for the pet and go into detail. This type of application shows you’re willing to put time into adopting this pet. If you have artwork of the pet or a story, this would be the place to include it so the owner can see what you’re capable of. Though remember you are never obligated to make a petpage application. The choice is completely yours.

So there you have it! Six tips to adopting the pet of your dreams. Remember that it is up to you to prove that you are the best owner for the pet. Be yourself and be honest. There is no greater joy than knowing you earned the pet through hard work and just being yourself. Good luck adopting, everyone!

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