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How to Make Your Neopet a Princess

by seanman1224


Want to know how to make your neopet look better than before? Maybe even like a... princess? Well, read on and take all these tips to mind and watch as your neopet turns into royalty!

Tip #1:

Buy some neocash! There are so many items in the NC Mall that would greatly help your journey in making your neopet the greatest princess in all of Neopia! For instance, buying a $10 neocash card at a local store will give you 1,000 neocash! That’s enough to buy a whole outfit! If you are a starter at NC, be sure to check out the NC Mall boards! Before you start to buy, make a picture, or preview, of what you want her to look like.

Tip #2:

Paint her. You want your neopet to feel like a princess? Make her look like one! If you are like me and you want the clothing to pop out, not the color, try a solid color. Many people enjoy painting their pet white. The most common: a white Kacheek. If you want paintbrush clothing along with neocash clothing, try to paint her royal! You cannot feel like a princess without looking like one!

Tip #3:

Buy a petpet. What is a neopet without a petpet? If you are poor, but want to give your neopet the cutest petpet ever, here are some that you can get for under 10,000 neopoints: Angelpuss, Eizzil, Petoot, Huggy, Puppyblew, Peo, or a Catamara! You do not have to take my advice, but those are some of the cheapest, cutest petpets around. To up-the-amp in your journey to find a princess, paint the petpet royal. Good thing TNT just released a Royal Petpet Paint Brush! Sadly, only a select few can be painted. Staying on the cheap end, the Slorg is adorable AND cheap! Although, good luck saving up for the petpet paint brush!

Tip #4:

Roleplay with her! If you are not into roleplaying, that is fine. Remember, these are just tips; you do not have to listen to every one! If you want to try to roleplay, but do not have any clue how, go to the roleplaying board. They work miracles in cases like these. So next decision: Is your princess neopet an evil monster or is she a flowery, girly angel? Your choice.

Tip #5:

Are you a CSS/HTML genius? Make her her own personal, beautiful, lookup! You cannot be a princess without the background. If I were a prince, I would imagine my lookup to be hardcore, medieval style. You have to look at your princess and say to yourself: “What is your personality?” Now if you roleplay, you should have that all figured out. So that shouldn’t be a problem! But if you do not roleplay, then now would be the time to start brainstorming!

Tip #6:

What is a princess without her prince? No matter what neopet, I am pretty sure they would not mind having a prince to hang out with! Even if it is their best bud, but you just call him her “prince.” Personally, I think that would be really cool! Having my best friend play royalty with me. That won’t happen, though, because that is just not what we do in real life. But anyhow, have fun making royalty with your neopets!

Tip #7:

Being intelligent is not such a bad thing. Read her books. You never know, maybe books can help her become a princess. For instance, the book, Being a Princess, would help you. I mean I do not know what gives it away, the title? Hmmm... . Don’t listen to all those stereotypes! “You cannot read if you are a princess.” Pff, you go and tell them the opposite!

Read me, read me!

Tip #8:

Toys. Toys, toys, toys! I cannot stress this enough. There is never a dull moment with toys. Want the princess to keep her mind off her wild imagination? Put a Pretty Princess Quiguki in front of her and you have a happy princess! Trust me, I know from experience, it works every time! Sure, this may not help her become a princess, but even princesses need a day off to play... right?

Tip #9:

Add some trophies to your neopet's lookup! Make her feel... superior. There are a few ways to get trophies on her user lookup. You can draw and enter the beauty contest! In my opinion, that is the easiest way to obtain a trophy. Or if you get a pet with an insanely old petpet, you might be eligible for a PPL trophy, or Petpet Protection League. If you want to learn more about the PPL, check under current competitions. Some other few ways are to get a trophy are: Booktastic or regular book award, customization trophy, or the Pet/Petpet Spotlight!

Tip #10:

Finally, the last tip! I know it seems like there have been 1,548 tips, but surprisingly there have been only 10. The most important comes last and here it is. Make her a neohome! Sounds nice? All the other neopets will be jealous. They will so want your owner with a fantastic neohome like that! Did you know that some neohome items are neocash? Maybe instead of buying the usual clothing and drowning her in clothing, take things out of the groove and move over to the neohome section! Just giving out advice, but I think it would be pretty epic if you themed it off how your princess looked! That would totally top of the whole princess theme!

Thanks for reading my guide on how to become a Neopian princess! I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to neomail me if you have any other questions on how to become the best princess in Neopia. Have fun roleplaying, painting your neopet, dressing her, and doing every single thing my ten tips said! Remember, if you do use this guide for certain things, I’m not going to hunt you down to make sure you followed every step correctly. Nobody can tell you how to make your neopet a princess!

This is seanman1224 signing out.

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