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Top Ten Wearables For Babies

by auraichadora


I'm sure everyone's at least seen them: the adorable big eyes and smiles of the Baby Neopets. Whether we traded for them, let them be zapped by Boochi, or saved forever to get one of the brushes from the elusive Hidden Tower, many users have fallen in love with these adorable pets and now own at least one. However, for customisers such as myself, the challenge comes in dressing them up in the cutest fashions, as many normal items can't fit their small bodies. However, with the addition of the NC Mall, customising Babies has now become easier!

What's to follow is my top ten of the best wearables for Babies, both NC and NP, based on my personal usage and what I love to see on other Babies. Since this is based on my opinions, the best way to find the perfect outfits for your Baby is by trying out your own combinations!

10. Sweet Dreams Crib – NC - 150 NC (currently in the NC Mall)

What baby doesn't need a crib? This light purple crib with a star motif is cute for both male and female Babies, with a cute Nova and Petpet mobile to entertain as they drift off to sleep. While it takes up two foreground zones and a background zone, it can be combined with any background in order to create a mural effect. It's a non-retiring NC item and at 150 NC, it's a nice staple for any Baby pet that's affordable to boot.

9. Bear – NP – Approximate price at writing: 6500 NP

Made wearable in 2010, this cute item was once a common junk item in the gift shop but now makes a perfect toy and companion for your Baby. Sitting off to the side in the lower foreground zone, this little trinket adds a little more cuteness to an already cute pet, as well as looking nice in almost any outfit combination. At an approximate price of 6500 NP, it's also very affordable for anyone on a budget or can play a few games a day.

8. Polka Dotted Pink Background – NP – Approximate price at writing – 600 NP

Fitting better for female Babies, this simple background not only allows for more trinkets to be placed without too many distractions, it's also an interesting “mural” companion for the Sweet Dreams Crib. Since its release, the price for this background has dropped dramatically, now falling below 1000 NP, so if you own a female Baby – and further still the Sweet Dreams Crib – this is the second cheapest item on the list and perfect for the budget conscious customiser.

7. Storybook Background – NP – Free/No-Trade

Honestly, this item should be up higher, but due to some lack of use of it, it's being placed a little lower on the list. However, for Baby users, this should be part of your closet! Not only is it cute – after all, what Baby doesn't love reading stories? - it's also free! By going to the Grundo Warehouse and redeeming the code FB25Kfans, this background is automatically placed into your inventory. It is also an interesting “mural” piece for the Sweet Dreams Crib. No one can beat free, so give this background a shot.

6. Valentine Baby Bonnet – NC – Was 150 NC (currently retired)

This, and the companion Valentine Baby Dummy, were the first to be released exclusively for Baby pets. While frilly, pink, and covered in hearts, it's still cool enough for male Babies to wear and looks absolutely adorable on every species. However, on the downside for current Baby owners, the bonnet is currently retired and has yet to be re-released either through the mall or mystery capsules. This may change in the future, since TNT has shown that almost anything can be re-released, but we may not know until next Valentine's Day if this will be re-released.

5. Sparkling Rainbow – NC – Limited Edition Item in Rainbow Mystery Capsule (200 NC – Currently in NC Mall)

Besides being perfect for almost every customisation, this is a cute background item for Babies as well. The cute, transparent colors allow the background to still peek through while enhancing it with the rainbow spectrum while it floats gently over the Baby like a rainbow halo. The issue in obtaining this item is that it's a limited edition item from the Rainbow Mystery Capsule, which means there's only a small chance per cap opened to get the Sparkling Rainbow. This is not a recommended item to anyone who can't afford to open multitudes of capsules!

4. Faerieland Garden Background – NP – Free/No-Trade

Just like with the Storybook Background, this is another freebie background, but while better for female Babies, it's also compatible for many regular customisations. With a simple waterway and path, Babies can crawl around in nature all day with a rainbow above them, or can become a cute “mural” piece for the Sweet Dreams Crib. Best part: it's free! By redeeming the Burger King Canada code F213 (up to eight times, and yes, you can even enter this on your side accounts since it is non-tradeable), you can get this adorable background for your Baby. Can't argue with free!

3. Baby Valentine Blankie – NC – Was 150 NC (currently retired)

This is currently the only handheld released for Babies, although for some species (such as the Xweetok), it is a blankie perfect for lying down and taking a nap instead of holding for security. While still having a heart theme since it was released for Valentine's Day, the red and white colors makes it even more perfect for male Babies compared to the frillier Valentine Baby Bonnet, and versatile for almost any customisations for the little bundles. However, like the bonnet, this item also retired at the end of the Valentine season and may or may not be released next year. Time will tell.

2. Valentine Baby Dummy – NC – Was 150 NC (currently retired)

The companion to the Valentine Baby Bonnet, the heart shape and pink-and-red colors was perfect not only for the holiday, but also for matching the love and adoration we have for our Babies. The dummy is by far more versatile than the bonnet, since it can be used no matter what customisation is being done with very little distraction, and the cute sucking animation gives off that lifelike appearance. However, like the other Valentine items on this list, it also retired and has yet to be re-released. Out of the three, this is the one I feel should be re-released due to the ease it has in customisation... and it's just way too cute!

1. Baby Pajamas – NC – 150 NC (Currently in the NC Mall)

The must have item for EVERY BABY! The first piece of clothing to ever be released for Babies was an adorable, neutral-color, pair of pajamas. All Babies needs at least one pair, and the Baby Pajamas fit each species cutely to boot. Like the Sweet Dreams Crib, these are non-retiring and are affordable at 150 NC, so no matter on when you get a Baby, as long as you have access to the mall there will always be clothes to fit.

That's it for my top ten wearables for Babies. Of course, since your mileage will vary, try and find the best items that work out for you! You may even find that they are just as cute wearing nothing but their own paint brush clothes! Good luck, and have fun!

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