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Usukis Who Crave a Little More Love

by sonny_iz_cute


Finally! It’s the day every Usuki Lover dreams of. While everyone is off at the Annual Usuki Doll Convention, staying in line for over twelve hours just to buy the newest and greatest member of the Usuki Collection series, a Solid Gold Usuki Doll with a matching solid gold tiara and necklace wearable* for your special little neopet, don't forget to dig deep inside your toy box and give a little love to those Usuki Dolls that aren't on every little Usul's birthday list.

Bat Thing Usuki

This slightly adorable, but way more frightening Usuki vaguely resembles a Darigan Usul, but instead wears a tattered red toga and has large bat ears. Okay, I’m sorry Darigan Usuls, it’s nothing like you. Sure, this Usuki may be a rare find, but maybe that's a good thing. Who wants to cuddle up at night next to a bat thing?

Caylis Usuki

We all know Caylis isn't exactly the most welcoming Aisha in the ocean, but this Usuki really makes her even scarier. I think for most it may be the pink nose that just throws them off when they look at this doll on their mantel. Or maybe it’s the collar that slightly resembles a beard. She does look a little gnomy, doesn’t she?

Jhudora Usuki

Jhudora is the last faerie I would want staring at me in the middle of the night, so maybe that's why when the little Usul girls opened this particular Usuki Doll on Christmas day, it stayed in the box, in the toy box, under all the other Usuki Dolls that are just a little too frightening. I'm sure Jhudora isn't a fan of hugs and her Usuki Doll doesn't look too keen on the idea either.

Jungle Vines Usuki

I’m not too sure where to begin with this Usuki. She seems to happy being trapped in a large vine; her face is just not right here. I don’t see too many fun vine swinging adventures in Tyrannia happening with this particular Usuki. Maybe just keep this one in the back of your display.

King Skarl Usuki

A request by King Skarl himself no doubt, but it's just all sorts of wrong. This poor overstuffed Usuki Doll. This is just another doll you're just not too excited to wake up next to in the morning and he too doesn’t look like he’d enjoy a hug either. Be sure not to tell any bad jokes around this doll; you don’t wanna know what might happen. Keep him in the back too.

Magical Hair Usuki Reject

Ah, the nightmare of every little girl this side of Neopia. You can still see the joy on their face when they opened one of the hottest new toys of the year, the Magical Hair Usuki, but once they got their favorite pair of Quiggle Scissors to those purple locks and it never grew back... you'll never erase that face out of your memory. This one’s best to probably donate straight to the Money Tree. No need for more bad memories.

Reject Snowager Usuki

I don't know why anyone would give this Usuki reject to their neopet; you'll give the poor thing nightmares. Best just leave this one at the store, that is, if it's not already buried underneath every Usuki you own. Let’s even put this one under the Bat Thing; keep it away from all your good Usukis.

Shop Wizard Usuki

Sure, everyone loves the Shop Wizard, but there's a reason he's a JubJub and not a Usul. This poor little Usuki doll is drowning in that oversized cape and those cute little ears are hidden by that cone shaped hat. No one's going to think you're cool when you show up with your Shop Wizard Usuki. Best keep this one hidden behind the others with Skarl.

Vira Usuki Doll

This Usuki Doll is another frightening one. Whoever decided to take all the scary villains of Neopia and attempt to bring them to a cute plushie form didn't do such a good job with this one. This doll is almost as scary as the real thing. This one may want to stay in the toy box with Jhudora.

Carniverous Plant Usuki

And finally we have this unique addition to the Usuki collection, most likely given to you by your crazed friend who has a level 5 million habitarium* and is always asking you to repair their resource tiles three times a day even though you’re only allowed to help them once. Either way, this Usuki doesn't look all too cuddly and what happens when the plant closes its mouth?!

* Is not an actual new item, but if it were, it would probably go out of style in about a week when the new platinum Usuki comes out.

**may be an extreme exaggeration and is in no way meant to be taken literally.

So while you’re off oohing and ahhing at all the new Usukis to add to your already overfilled gallery, think back to all the ones sitting back at home, wishing you’d ooh and ahh at them and brush their unloved fur. They may be a little frightening, but they want your attention too. And who can deny those big Usuki eyes? Well, except for maybe the Jungle Vines Usuki, and that Skarl Usuki; you know what, never mind them, just go get that solid gold Usuki before they all run out. Quick, before some wandering ghosts or the Pant Devil takes them all.

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