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A Guide To The Side - All About Side Accounts

by draik_bianca



We've all heard it somewhere.

"Sorry, I can't vote for you, I'm on my side."

"I just need to transfer some neopoints to my side."

"Click Here for my side account!"

These are common things you may see on people's user lookups, or even on the boards at any given time.

Seeing people ask so many questions about side accounts in the editorial has inspired me to write this guide, and hopefully I can clear many things up, including clearing TNT's list of editorial questions regarding side accounts ;)

This guide does not only have information for the people who have no idea in all of Neopia what I'm talking about when I talk about a "side" or "side account", it is also for the people that are still scared to log into their side account out of fear they might accidentally break the rules.


There is a simple difference between the two, a main account is generally the account you use most. You do your dailies here, you play games and enter competitions on this account.

A side account on the other hand, is an additional account you are allowed to create, mainly for extra storage purposes, including being able to keep more pets and being able to have another gallery to display your treasured items.

You may keep one main account and four side accounts, bringing the maximum accounts you may own to five.


Look at it this way. If there were no rules regarding side accounts, someone could play games on all of their accounts and make a lot more neopoints than the person with only one account, if they knew the answer to Lenny Conundrum or the Mystery Pic, they could enter on all of their accounts and hog the prizes.

That's not very fair, is it? :(

But TNT's rules for side accounts are in fact fair, and you should be happy that they're in place, as it gives everyone an equal chance at Neopets and makes sure there are no cheaters. :)


I'll be honest, there is a long list of things you can't do. But hopefully you understand the reason why from reading the section above.

  • Play ANY games (this includes Key Quest, Habitarium, Tombola, The Fruit Machine, any plot/event games and wheels unless specified)
  • Visit the Snowager, Deserted Tomb, Coltzan's Shrine, Faerie Caverns, Advent Calendar, Giant Omelette and any other place that may award neopoints/sell-able items unless specified
  • Enter Mystery Pic, Lenny Conundrum or any spotlights that award neopoint prizes
  • Sell any items in a shop on a side account
  • Sell anything or earn any neopoints (you must transfer any neopoints or sell any items on your main account)
  • Buy from any shops (this includes standard shops, Hidden Tower and marketplace shops)
  • Use the trading post or bid on an auction
  • Redeem any items given away in the Grundo Warehouse unless specified
  • Collect bank interest

Overall, unless TNT shouts in big words that it's okay, steer clear of anything that gives you items or neopoints. ;)

But don't worry, there are plenty of things you can do on your side accounts!


  • Keep four pets/Adopt pets from the pound/Transfer pets/Create pets
  • Use the lab ray/petpet lab ray
  • Go to the Healing Springs
  • Buy/redeem NC and any NC items
  • Chat on the boards
  • Enter the Beauty Contest/any spotlight that only awards trophies
  • Build a Neohome
  • Enter/create a guild
  • Visit the Soup Kitchen
  • Train your pets/use the Battledome
  • Complete a faerie quest
  • Send neomails/add neofriends
  • Have four side accounts


If you get a random event that has awarded you neopoints or an item, don't panic! No one can control where and when a random event may strike, so you are free to keep any neopoints or items you gain from a random event. But if you intend to sell it, remember to transfer it to your main account.


Again, don't worry. Everyone makes mistakes. But if your account shows you've been doing this a lot, TNT may get suspicious and you might end up in hot water.

But if you really are having trouble telling your accounts apart, you could always:

  • Change your neopets theme through preferences on all of your accounts (for example, have it set to blue on your main account, and red on your side account).
  • Set your active pet to something you will know is on a certain account.
  • Name your side account something that doesn't look similar to the name of your main account at first glance.


Yes, this is allowed. But you need to take note of a few very important things; otherwise you may be mistaken for cheating.

  • Make sure the shop on your ex-main account has been cleared of items completely.
  • Transfer your neopoints in the bank from your ex-main account to your new main account.
  • Maybe make a little note on your user lookup that the account is no longer your main account so other players don't get suspicious.
  • Take special care that you don't play any games or do your dailies while on your ex-main account.

Also, make sure you aren't switching main accounts very often. If you are the type to switch your accounts, make sure you only do it once a year, twice maximum. There are often harsh consequences if you've been cheating, and you don't want to be caught up in that category!


So now you know what a side account is, you know you can only own four besides your main account, and you know what you are and are not allowed to do.

So no need to freak out about having more than one account, or having more than four pets you would one day like to own. Just sit back, relax, enjoy the game and remember not to play games on your side accounts!

I hope that everyone learned a thing or two from this guide, and if you have any more questions, please feel free to neomail me. But if I can't answer the question... *looks towards the editorial*

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