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All About Ogrins

by oobajooba


Introduced on the 27th of December 2005, Ogrins may be one of the least popular species of Neopet available; however, there are those, including the author of this article, who hold them in high esteem. If you do a search in the search bar for 'Ogrin,' you can see that they are shy, but very inquisitive and interesting companions.

So, if Ogrins are so great, then where are they in Neopian culture? Well, there's a simple answer to that: everywhere! If you've been around Neopia long enough to remember the Journey to the Lost Isle plot, then you'd have seen Captain Rourke. He and his crew, including a famous Roxton A. Colchester III got their ship, the SS Primella, stranded on an island full of giant petpetpets after a terrible storm. The group of very different pets managed to work together under his leadership, and repaired the Primella and escaped the island.

Another Ogrin in Neopian culture is the Ogrin Master. He was in Faerieland when the Faeries turned to stone during the Faerie's Ruin plot. This wise Ogrin also decides who makes the Shenkuu Guard by assessing their martial arts abilities, and features in the game Top Chop as such.

On top of being so involved with plots, Ogrins are also great athletes, featuring in that which everyone is talking about right now: the Altador Cup. Coco Metrone currently plays for Kreludor as a defender, and she was a runner up for Rookie of the Year in 2008. On top of that, Orie Dinelle, the Brightvalian goalkeeper, is also an Ogrin. With four legs being better than two, these ladies show the determination of Ogrins everywhere.

Ok, so Ogrins are lovely, and you want one. But do you want boring blue, or brilliant baby? Rubbish red or robotic... well, robot? There are 30 brilliant colours for you to choose from, and if you ask this author, here are some of the best:

Robot – I love the design for the Robot Ogrin. The colour of the casings, and the wonderful lights and wiring underneath the casing. Even if you don't want Robot in the end, it's a brilliant colour for customisation, or even just hiding your pets face while he's hungry before being fed gourmets or Armoured Neggs.

Plushie – Some people are disconcerted by the eyes, but that aside, the artwork on the Plushie Ogrin is beautiful. The colours work so well together, and the purple of the mane and ruff is just gorgeous.

Rainbow – The way the colour changes towards the feet of this Ogrin is stunning. Add to that the dark mane, and you've got the prettiest rainbow pet around!

Mutant – Well, this colour is just terrifying. The artwork is... well, stunning is just about the only word to describe it! Some love it, some hate it. The general feel of the Mutant Ogrin is very creepy indeed!

There are also many many Ogrin items floating around Neopia. Many of them are very pretty, and functional, too. Here's a selection:

Baby Ogrin Plushie – Why didn't I mention Baby Ogrin previously? So I could mention it here, of course! This item is absolutely adorable, and the green is amazing with the yellow underbelly. Your pet will love this cute toy!

Full Ogrin Armour – Every pet in Neopia gets its own full armour, and why should Ogrins be any different? The gold colour on this battledome equipment looks brilliant, and while it doesn't block enough to be especially useful in the battledome, it is an excellent addition to any Ogrin collection.

Ogrin Rain Set (Ogrin Galoshes, Ogrin Rain Hat, Ogrin Rain Slicker) – This set is perfect if you want to take your Ogrin to the beach. You can go to Mystery Island, Kiko Lake, Krawk Island, or any of the other lands by the sea, and be sure that your pet will stay dry!

Ogrin Transmogrification Potion – Well, if you don't think much of the mutant colour for Ogrins, you can see the beauty in the bottle for this potion. The angles of the bottle give it a sleek look, while the feet and eye give it a touch of creepy, and a hint as to what is inside the bottle. Whether you're interested in using it or not, this item would make a great addition to any collection or gallery!

Yellow Ogrin Ears – Now, every pet can pretend to be the best species. If your pet longs to be an Ogrin, or you regret your species choice, then have no fear!Unfortunately, these ears are currently available in yellow, but this item gives the appearance of those iconic ears, without the price tag of a morphing potion.

Captain Rourke Plushie, Captain Rourke Usuki, Rourke Plushie – Well, who could mention so many Ogrin items without including these three? They commemorate the strong leadership of Rourke, and are absolutely adorable! My personal favourite is the Rourke Plushie – it's so soft and squishy! If you own an Ogrin, they would love to play with these wonderful toys! Even if your pet isn't an Ogrin, these are still some of the prettiest plushies in Neopia. No matter what species you pet is, they will love these toys!

There are also a number of Ogrin shopkeepers you can choose to guard your shop or gallery. From the Ogrin – Knight shopkeeper who wears the wonderful Full Ogrin Armour mentioned earlier, or the adorable Ogrin - Pink Slime Slide shopkeeper, getting into a sticky situation. Ogrins have also appeared in many site features, possibly the most notable being the Caption Contest, in which they have featured many times. Be they gnomes or presents, Ogrin sure do seem to get into shenanigans a lot! As well as this, despite being one of the least popular Neopets species, Ogrins seem to be fairly popular with writers. At the time of writing, thirty-eight articles, stories and comics in the Neopian Times have 'Ogrin' as a keyword contained in them.

So, now you know everything there is to know related to Ogrins. It's up to you whether you want one or not, but this author recommends that you do!

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