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Sophie's Guide to Ixi Day

by amitybelle


Tarla invited us to participate in her Tour of Mystery event last year, where we uncovered mist in exchange for exclusive prizes; she also runs the Shop of Mystery on Terror Mountain. Hanso, a former member of the Thieves Guild, who we were at first unsure of, helped save Faerieland during The Faeries' Ruin, and Ilsa Ellits is a prominent member of Meridell's Altador Cup team. Of all the Ixi in Neopia, my favourite is most definitely Sophie the Swamp Witch. Well-known since her involvement in The Tale of Woe, she now lives alone in the Haunted Woods with her Meowclops, spending her days creating potions. What does she recommend doing to celebrate the day dedicated to her species? Read on to see what she says...

Play Sophie's Stew

There is a game in Neopia which features me; Sophie's Stew. I know this game taunts many of you when it's featured in the Daily Dare, but when you're not competing to beat the score of AAA, it can be quite fun, I promise!

The aim is to help me get my ingredients into my cauldron without dropping them on the floor. As usual, my inquisitive Meowclops isn't far from my side, and is immersed in wandering back and forth hoping for you to drop an ingredient on him, which he will then devour. Each ingredient will affect my Meowclops in different and interesting ways, and depending on what item he eats, may even add to your score.

If you're wondering what kind of potion calls for delicious ghost marshmallows, less-than-desirable tongue wraps and piles of dung, keep wondering. You didn't think I was going to divulge my secrets, did you? Ha!

If you really don't enjoy Sophie's Stew (yes, I'm disappointed), a few other games where you can find Ixi include Chemistry for Beginners, Shapeshifter and Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway. Well, Bruno isn't an Ixi, but he is my brother, so it's a special game to me.

Visit Meridell

I don't often venture far from my home, but ingredients for potions aren't found exclusively in the Haunted Woods, you know. Meridell is the perfect location to find Mortogs, potatoes, and never underestimate the Meridell Rubbish Dump when looking for that extra something to liven up a potion; I particularly enjoy using strange green seeds in my concoctions. A visit to Kayla's Potion Shop is a stop I like to make, to see what the residents of Meridell deem necessary.

There is an abundance of Neopian lands to visit, so why Meridell in particular? Although they can be found almost anywhere in Neopia, this is where the Ixi originally came from, so Meridell is a special place to my species. If you have time to visit a while (which more often than not, I don't), there are a few games to check out, including the aforementioned Shapeshifter. I do not advise participating in Kiss the Mortog... awful creatures, really. Don't bother visiting Ye Olde Petpets, either. You will find nothing of interest there, which brings me to my next point...

Adopt a Meowclops

You may not think this Petpet has much to do with Ixi; perhaps it doesn't, but these inquisitive little creatures make the best companions for me, and I believe any Ixi would enjoy their company.

Mine is always by my side and is the only friend I need. Despite living all the way out here in my swamp, I never feel alone with my Meowclops near. Eager to help me mix my potions, he cheers me up when I am down, plus having one eye is most certainly not a disadvantage - he can detect the smallest of movements to warn me of a potential intruder or danger. I must reiterate, any Ixi can benefit from this Petpet; they are truly wonderful creatures.

Ixi in the Battledome

Sophies Magic Hat, Sophies Wooden Spoon and Sophies Elixir are all items you should consider equipping yourself with before any battle. As you may already know, I was taught magic by Ilere as a child; my items and potions are very powerful.

Other useful items which can be used against your opponent include the Enchanted Ixi Wand, which takes its magic from the spirit of the forest and is a force to be reckoned with. Ixi Indestructible Blade is true to its name, and Studded Ixi Battle Boots will protect your feet while the sharp studded bottoms can be used as a weapon.

From a young age, I have known how important it is to be able to protect and take care of yourself. Don't wait until it's too late - train now and prepare yourself for anything.

Read About Ixi

Two of the most interesting books available, not only on the subject of Ixi but in all of Neopia, are Sophie, A Biography, and Sophies Cookbook. Try out a few of my recipes; I promise they don't all call for wee woo grubs. If you want to learn more about me, my family or my time with Ilere, the former is for you. I don't wish to personally divulge anything right now, however. I have lived through many hardships and today is for celebrating, not dwelling in the past...

The Ixi Ghost Legend is one of my favourite books. Living here, I see them darting through the trees from time to time. They like their solitude as much as I so never come too close, which suits me fine. The Ixi Book will teach you all you need or want to know about my species; if you're looking for a story, Briar The Ixi is a captivating tale.

As you can see, there are so very many things to do and reasons to celebrate this Ixi day. As for me, I'm going to curl up in my rocking chair with my Meowclops and an assortment of Ixi acorns to nibble on. Oh, one more thing, I appreciate you reading, but do not take this as an invitation to take a visit to my shack; I don't take chances and I will turn you into a stink beetle.


Err, Sophie means well... I think what she meant to say was, Happy Ixi Day!

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