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"You are what you eat."

by emilees


If you’re new to Neopia or have recently noticed the abundance of edible pets, you may be wondering to yourself how they all came to be. To be frank, the answer to your question is amazingly simple, “You are what you eat.”

      You have pets like my own, the chocoholics. Yes, chocolate, the delicious yet dangerous sweet, treat. That one thing that majority of people would love to find on their doorstep on an early, winter morning, other than a warm apple pie, of course. Also, as many of you may already know, chocolate and having a sweet tooth are a very, very dangerous combination, and obviously my Ogrin had to learn that the hard way.

     It all started on his first birthday, that’s when he was introduced to chocolate, the milky, smooth, delicious substance. By his best friend he was tossed a large box covered in shiny Altador Cup themed wrapping paper. After briefly admiring the detailing, as any little boy would do, he demolished the packaging, tearing from right and left, crumpling and rumpling the paper until it was seemingly unrecognizable. When he got to the middle, he paused, smirked, and yanked out a huge box of tiny, chocolate yooyuballs. Shifting his other presents aside, he began to devour the entire box of chocolates. He was amazed that they were all filled with different substances. Some were filled with nuts; some with peanut butter, there was the mousse filled and the strawberry ones, oh and of course the cherry ones. The list seemed to never end as he continued to relish all the old flavors that suddenly tasted new, all because of chocolate.

     It was the next day when he returned to school that he decided to take the long way home. He began walking through the marketplace, browsing here and there until he finally found what he was looking for, a quaint candy, primarily chocolate based shop. It was here that he discovered that there was more than just plain, old milk chocolate. So, as expected he stocked up on a little bit of everything, scouring around to make sure he had picked up at least one of every type of chocolate, and every type of filling to purchase. As he continued to walk and notice chocolate shop after chocolate shop, he browsed and purchased from every one, until amazingly he only had one neopoint left of ALL of his birthday money. Staring at his nearly empty Sloth themed wallet, he was disappointed but also extremely pleased with himself. After all, he had just bought almost his entire weight in chocolate treats. So, with a smirk on his yellow face he sprinted home, dragging his shopping bag behind him.

     However, he was a smart little fellow; he knew I wouldn’t be pleased that he spent his entire birthday stash on chocolates, even though he had one WHOLE neopoint remaining. So, as most little boys do, he found a few nooks and several crannies and stashed his goodies away for safekeeping. Naturally, though, in the end I found out. So, in small hopes of convincing him healthy eating was the road to take, I sent him to a class at the Academy on Krawk Island, hoping that if I entered him into a few strength and defense classes, I could prove my point that chocolate is not always good for you, especially when it is not eaten in moderation.

     Six months had passed, so I thought my little plan had worked, at least until I caught him in the kitchen scrubbing chocolate stains off of his adorable, yellow face. *face palm* So, I sat him down and began my rant, on how he had to quit eating nothing but chocolate. I had been going on for a good ten minutes when I really, really looked at him. It was then that I noticed the chocolate wasn’t just a stain but his cheeks, and it wasn’t coming off because, well, it was his face. Shocked, I rushed him to the Neohospital, hoping they’d have an answer for him. An hour or so had gone by and my poor little pet had endured around seven different tests, and I was feeling antsy, and extremely unnerved when Doctor Gelert finally walked in. All I remember him saying is, “You may want to sit down for this....”

     It was then that I was told the answer to his change was simply, “You are what you eat.” The doctor went on to explain that he had eaten so much chocolate, that simply, now he was in fact chocolate. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing, my little pet was turning... err, was chocolate? After the shock wore off, I finally started asking questions, one of the more important being, “Are there any other cases like this?” It was at this that the doctor chuckled. After he caught himself, he said, “Why yes, many of the Chias that derived from Mystery Island are well, what they eat.” I needed no more explanation than that, and after thanking the doctor a million times, headed home with my little... no longer yellow Ogrin in tow.

     After tucking him into bed, I went and got out my Neopedia, flipping through the pages. Finding nothing, I then went and browsed through the booklet I was handed when I myself visited Mystery Island. It stated:

     You Are What You Eat – Visitor’s Edition

     Although it is not a new occurrence to the Islanders, we would like to inform you of a widespread “disease” of sorts here. Considering, as Islanders we have to scour for food on the Island, our diet consists of mostly fruits and vegetables. This being said, you may have noticed aside from the traditional Island apparel many of our Islanders appear to be foods. The explanation is simple; Chias have been born and raised from our Island for centuries. Most Chias have one food they eat all of the time, so, naturally they eventually turn into that food. It is extremely common here, and basically for us normal. So, dear visitors, please do not be alarmed by our food-y friends. Enjoy the Island, and the wonderful things that happen here!

     Many of these foods include:

      Tomato, Avocado, Peach, Lemon, Lime, Apple, Pea, Orange, Onion, Pineapple, Thornberry, Blueberry, Pear, Chokato, Aubergine, Grape, Asparagus, Carrot and Durian.

     (For an updated list, please check in with the Rainbow Fountain, thanks!)

     After getting the information I needed, I closed the booklet, put it back on the shelf and let out a big sigh of relief. This wasn’t unheard of; I mean, of course, chocolate at the time was somewhat uncommon, but hey, it could’ve been worse. I mean, hey! He could’ve turned into dung or something.

     Of course, later on he turned into total chocolate, complete with whip cream and white chocolate hair. However, he will always be my little yellow Ogrin, and I will always be his owner. In the end he accepted his change, and finally learned his lesson about chocolate, late, but ah well, life went on. Happily, in fact.

     Just remember: “You are what you eat, and sometimes you become what you eat.”

     Which then leads me to my closing question:

     Did sponge pets take too many baths?

The End

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