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A Home Away From Home

by psychicstarstorm


So you've come to enjoy Neopia and all it's worth. You may love the knowledgeable land of Brightvale, but also have an appreciation for such a sinister place as the Haunted Woods. Maybe you like the awe inspiring structures in Altador. Or maybe you happen to like Shenkuu for the calm environment. Either way, many of you readers have come to find a home in Neopia. But have you ever tried living on a place away from Neopia? If so, Kreludor may be right for you.

Kreludor is the moon which orbits Neopia, though most if not everyone on this planet should know that. But Kreludor is actually home to the species known as Grundo. Grundos are small alien creatures that were once enslaved on the Virtupets Space Station (often just call Virtupets). The Grundos were later freed and many left back to Kreludor, though a few went to stay in Neopia. Of course, a few Grundos have also stayed at Virtupets.

The gravity on Kreludor can be hard to get used to. Making one small jump can send you quite high, but children often enjoy this. The amount of breathable air is about the same as Neopia, at around 90%. Of course, there's no weather in space. So there’s no need to worry about storms.

When looking for a home, it's best to stay far away from the mining site. It can get very loud over there and the sentry robots on duty aren't too friendly. Your best bet is to stay near the "town", which is a small, orange spot on the moon. Though it doesn't make up a huge portion of Kreludor, the citizens are very kind and welcoming to new people. But you might want to beware. Those native to the moon will ask you many, many questions about Neopia. They love hearing about the neighboring planet.

If you are already planning on moving to Kreludor, you might want to know about a few popular areas. Kreludor is very family oriented, so you'll see me use the phrases "for the kids" or "family friendly" or some variation of those things. One place like this is known as Cafe Kreludor. You could consider this place a rival to Grundos Cafe on Virtupets. The chef, a small orange Grundo, makes many delicious treats. This place is known for a family friendly atmosphere, no pun intended. They serve great drinks, sweets and pastries for both you and the kids. Not too big of a fan on sweets? Cafe Kreludor also serves fruit, salads and so much more. It's perfect for all ages. Come on down and grab yourself a Lava Latte.

Another place to visit is the Booktastic Books store. In case you can't tell, this place sells books of a wide variety. Well, sort of. Most books here are about Kreludor. One book could be about the history or another could just be about a few Kreludan cookie recipes. But there also many fantasy, drama, sci-fi, and many other genres to keep you entertained. The authors of these stories are absolutely amazing, so you most likely won't be disappointed. Not to mention the prices here are so low. Time to pick up a good book!

Lastly, we have Kreludan Homes. This place sells furniture and garden items. The owners are also sometimes kind enough to help furnish your home or build something for you, so you might want to give a hint about that. Most items here are orange, purple or grey, the colors that represent Kreludor. Many pieces can hover or glow in the dark; however, there are still many pieces that will suit your needs. Though some of the things can be pricey, they are all quite comfy and can be a perfect match for your home. They can also be used to add that splash of color to any Neopian home.

I also would like to mention the Neocola machine and the Kreludan Mining Corporation. They're just outside of town, but it's still best not to go there alone. The Neocola machine really has no reason to be there but it is. If you have a Neocola token, it may be a good idea to try the machine out. Based on what investigators have found, it isn't dangerous. At least, it doesn't appear to be. The Mining Corporation is currently, well, mining. For what, we're not sure. But we certainly aren't okay with this. It's still best to stay away, though. Being zapped by a robot apparently hurts a lot.

Kreludor certainly is a great place to live. It has its suburban areas for those who like to be in the big, active places. It has plenty of small but close neighborhoods too. You can see Neopia from a distance whenever you want and the sight of it really is lovely. Oh, and there's the excellent Team Kreludor.

For those who don't know, the land of Altador holds a sports event every year known as the Altador Cup. Teams from every land come to participate in the event. Even Kreludor and Virtupets join in. Team Kreludor has been getting better and better since they joined. The team is currently made up of Derlyn Fonnet the Purple Gnorbu, Qlydae Wegg the Orange Grundo, Zenor Kevix the Blue Grundo, Jurin T the Red Ruki and Coco Metrone the Spotted Ogrin. Team Kreludor started off getting into 9th place the first year and sat out the second. Apparently, that absence helped, because in the next years they went from 6th to 4th to 2nd. Team Kreludor is certainly not a team to underestimate.

And there we have it. A few reasons as to why Kreludor can be a very nice place to live out your years. Perfect for large groups of Neopets or a lone pet wanting to buy a home. People are friendly, and the area is great. Hopefully this helped an unsure Neopian find the place to call home. If you haven't taken a visit, you should sometime. You might find it out of this world!

Oh, I'm very sorry for that joke...

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