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Born to be Wild

by skittyfan100


Dedicated to Quilavasid, a true Lupe lover

Princess Angel Eyes rose from her Earth Faerie Canopy Bed. She stretched and yawned, then walked over to her dresser. She picked up a Symol Powder Puff and carefully puffed the pink powder onto her violet-brownish fur. Then she carefully applied Dark Red Lipstick, Midnight Blue Eye Shadow, Lavender-Scented Perfume and brushed her long, luscious fur with her Coral Comb.

     She sighed happily as she looked in the mirror. What's more satisfying then looking into a mirror and having a gorgeous RoyalGirl Lupe look back at you?

     A Yellow Buzz came in, an issue of the Neopian Times in his hand.

     "My lady, your requested issue of the Neopian Times is here," he said.

     "Oh, thank you!" said Princess Angel Eyes with glee. She snatched the issue and plopped down onto her bed. She loved to read of the fabulous fantasy tales, articles on make-up and perfume, and funny comics (especially ones about how Royalgirl Aishas have hooves, not shoes!).

     As the Yellow Buzz exited, there was a peculiar story that caught the Lupe's eye.

     It was a story about a Lupe who was dressed in bows and dresses and treated like a doll. He got tired of it and lived in the wild, and enjoyed a wonderful life living in the Jungles of Mystery Islands as "The Jungle Lupe".

     Princess Angel Eyes was amazed by this story. She read it about seven times, neomailed five fanmails to its creator, and couldn't stop thinking about it all day.

     At dinner, Princess Angel Eyes and her parents, the King and Queen, were feasting to their hearts' content. A seventy foot long table was filled with plates of Lupe treats, meat, chicken, pasta, and all the other foods you could ask for!

     The King and Queen were having a discussion about some annoying Miamice in the palace.

     "I heard the exterminator has caught half of them, but I have no idea what to do with them now!" said the King. "I have them locked up in a cage in the throne room, but I can't keep them there forever!"

     "Why not take them to Mystery Island?" said Princess Angel Eyes. "The Jungle Lupe can take them, and teach them to be strong warriors, or maybe fruit fetchers, or maybe he can even teach them how to swing on vines!"

     The Queen and King were glaring at her with surprised looks on their faces. The Queen's Gingerbread Lupe Treat fell out of her paw in shock.

     "What on earth are you talking about?!" said the King.

     "I... I'm sorry, Father," said Princess Angel Eyes. "I just read this really great story in the Neopian Times today and-"


     Princess Angel Eyes eyes filled with tears. She ran out of the palace, crying her heart out. The King slapped his forehead, angry that he let himself loose his temper at her again. The Queen, being the shy Lupe that she is, just kept eating her mashed potatoes, hoping her daughter would return and they would forget all about what just happened.

     Princess Angel Eyes ran into her private garden, the place she always went to cry. She plopped down onto the Faerieland Garden Bench and began to cry into her paws. Why couldn't her father just accept her big imagination?

     She lay down on the bench and watch the clouds. It always made her feel better. The clouds reminded her of a story she once read in the Neopian Times about a Faerie Cybunny who would dance across the clouds, but it caused rain on Neopia.

     "Arf! Arf!"

     Princess Angel Eyes looked down. Her Faerie Warf, Princess Warf, stood next to her, the issue of the Neopian Times she was reading before in his mouth.

     "Thank you, Princess Warf," said Princess Angel Eyes and she took the Neopian Times from her mouth and began to read the stories she missed earlier. One caught her eye.

     It was a series about a pack of Lupes in the wild who constantly argued.

     "I didn't know Lupes lived in packs in the wild!" she said to Princess Warf.

     That night, Princess Angel Eyes lay wide awake in her Earth Faerie Canopy bed. That story just kept running over and over in her bed. For some reason, she craved to do something absolutely crazy and wild, just to get the taste of freedom.

     And she did.

     She got up from her bed and removed her long purple gown and jewelry. Then she sank her claws into her fur and rubbed them around wildly. When she looked into the mirror, she looked like a violet, brownish colored Lupe with crazy, messy fur. Nobody would know it was her.

     She walked over to the balcony and leaped down. Her room was high up, so it was a long fall, but she kept herself from screaming and landed safely on all for of her paws.

     She backed up a made a huge leap over the hedges. She looked back at the huge, beautiful stone palace, then looked at the deep, dark scary woods.

     "Just once," she said. "Just for one night. Just to get the taste of freedom."

     She ran into the woods, happiness and the feeling of freedom beginning to rush through her blood.

     Once she was deep in the forest, she climbed onto a small cliff, opened her mouth wide, and began to howl to the shining full moon like it said in that story she read. An unusual yet amazing feeling filled her as her howling voice echoed through the dark pine trees. This was the feeling of freedom, and she wanted more of it.

     She climbed down from the cliff and came to a dirt path. Walking down it was a Red Chia, humming happily.

     Princess Angel Eyes licked her lips, then let out a load roar. The Chia spun around, screamed, then began to run.

     Princess Angel Eyes began to sprint after it. She was ten times faster than the poor creature, but she let it go ahead, just for the fun of it.

     Soon the Chia stopped to catch his breath. Princess Angel Eyes stopped too, and decided to end the race.

     "You're safe..." she growled. "For NOW." Then she slowly slipped into the bushes, the Red Chia quivering with fear before it ran off, screaming.

     "That was so fun!" laughed Princess Angel Eyes. "I like being wild!"

     Princess Angel Eyes spent the rest of the night letting her wild side loose. She chased other lost Chias, small petpets, and for some reason, even her tail. She climbed other cliffs and let out long howls, each one longer than the last. She even started jumping from cliff to cliff, barking wildly as she did it. The feeling of freedom overwhelmed her.

     Princess Angel Eyes was chasing a Miamouse, when she heard a strange voice as she was passing a huge cave.

     "Stop right there!" the voice said.

     Princess Angel Eyes skidded to a stop. An Electric Lupe crawled out of the cave and took a good look at her.

     "You look wild," said the Lupe. "Determined, a great stamina, and willing to get down and dirty. We could use someone like you in the pack."

     The Electric Lupe crawled back into the cave.

     Princess Angel Eyes darted through the forest towards home. That one experience with that other Lupe spooked her right out of the forest.

     Princess Angel Eyes soon returned to the balcony. Using her long, pink claws, she climbed up the walls, hopped back into her room and crawled under the covers of her Earth Faerie Canopy Bed.

     "That was the best night of my life," she whispered to herself before falling asleep.


     The next morning, Princess Angel Eyes was extremely tired from having such a long night of howling and chasing. She threw on a Woodland Archer Dress and trudged downstairs, not caring for makeup. When she got downstairs, the Queen and King immediately stopped chatting and stared at her with surprised looks.

     "Honey, why in Neopia is your fur so tangled?!" said the Queen.

     "I don't know." Princess Angel Eyes lazily yawned.

     "You march upstairs right now and don't come back until you look like a proper princess!" said the Queen, pointing towards the staircase.

     Princess Angel Eyes groaned, then trudged back to her room.

     "If I lived in the wild, my fur could be as messy and as tangled as I wanted it to be," she moaned to herself before taking her Coral Comb and beginning to brush.

     She brushed for two hours, struggling to keep in the screams of pain. Why was it so hard to get out knots?! She wouldn't have to deal with this in the wild.

     Finally, after two more hours, her fur was silky, and her face was covered with makeup.

     She trudged down to the Dining Hall, her stomach half empty. When she got there, so were the seats and most of the plates.

     All that was left was half of a Chocolate Chia Pancake. She sighed, gobbled it up, and then walked to the throne room to see what her parents were doing.

     When she got there, her father was sound asleep in his Royal Throne, while her mother was busy staring at some Miamice trapped in a Sturdy Petpet Cage. She walked up to her.

     "Are these the Miamice you were talking about?" she whispered.

     "Yes," whispered her Mother. "Your father and I are afraid that the only way left to get rid of them is to scare them away!"

     Princess Angel Eyes knew just what to do. She grabbed the lock and ripped it off. The door swung open, and the Miamice ran free.

     "Angel Eyes!" yelled her mother, not caring that the king was now awake. "Look what you've done!"

     Princess Angel Eyes didn't answer. She just opened her mouth wide, her sharp wide teeth shining, and let out a loud....


     The Miamice fled the palace, screaming.

     Princess Angel Eyes was proud, but the Queen was passed out, and the Kings eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head!

     "....Go to your room," he said.

     "But why?!" said Princess Angel Eyes. "I scared all the Miamice away!"

     "GO TO YOUR ROOM, NOW!!!!" he roared.

     Princess Angel Eyes trudged to her room, mumbling to herself like a young irritable Skeith.

     She slammed the door behind and flopped onto her bed where Princess Warf was sleeping. She pouted for a few minutes, then took out an old issue of the Neopian Times and began to read it.


     When night fell, Dr. Gelert came in.

     "What are YOU doing here?" growled Princess Angel Eyes, not looking up from her copy of the Neopian Times.

     "Your father neomailed me asking to come over and give you a quick exam," said Dr .Gelert. "Now put that copy of the Neopian Times down so we can get started. The sooner we begin, the sooner we'll finish."

     Princess Angel Eyes put down the issue of the Neopian Times.

     The doctor pulled out a flashlight and looked at her eyes, ears and throat. Then he took out a Battle Duck Notepad and a Blue Draik Pencil (don't ask me why).

     "Tell me, Angel Eyes, why did you roar at all those Miamice?" he asked.

     "Because they needed to be scared out," she answered.

     "But you're a princess. Princesses don't roar."

     "They do if they want to."

     "But why would you want to?"

     "Because I wanted to scare the Miamice out for my parents!" This doctor was getting under her skin now.

     He slapped his Battle Duck Notepad closed and announced, "I know just what's going on here."

     "Oh, you DO?" she replied in a sarcastic tone.

     "Yes, I do," he replied. "It's a common problem. You're just lost in your own little fantasy world. Just avoid all fantasy and fiction, and you will soon return to your normal self."

     He picked up the issue of the Neopian Times.

     "Not reading the Neopian Times will help," he said. Then he began to leave.

     "GIVE THAT BACK!" she screamed, trying to snatch it from him. "I'M NOT DONE READING IT!"

     He quickly closed the door. Click! She was locked in her room.

     Emotions swirled inside her. Anger and sadness built up inside. She knew what she had to do, and this time, she knew it was the right thing to do.

     She removed her Woodland Archer Dress, messed up her fur again, then ran over to the balcony.

     "Goodbye, Mother, Father, Princess Warf, and everyone else," she said to herself. "It's time for freedom."

     She took a huge leap off the balcony. Her messy violet-brownish fur shone in the moonlight. She landed safely in a pine tree, if you don't count the pine needles that were pinching her. She leaped down and began to run through the forest.

     "I'm free!" she cheered.

     She crashed into something and fell to the ground. When she got up, she saw she had bumped into a Yellow Lupe with a monocle on his eye!

     "Watch where you're going!" he growled. Three more Lupes were behind him, one ghost, one checkered, and one electric.

     "Hey!" said the Electric Lupe. "That's the Lupe from yesterday I told you about!" She walked up to Princess Angel Eyes. "My name is Aykeru, the yellow one is Chamnako, the checkered one is Retreads, and the ghost one is Soul. How would you like to join our pack?"

     "Yes, yes!' said Angel Eyes, overwhelmed with joy. "My name is... erm... Angel."

     "Come on, Angel," said Retreads. "There are some Chias hiking on the other side of the mountain!"

     They all began to dash off through the trees. The feeling of freedom filled Angel again, and she knew that now she was going to have it forever.

     And that was only the beginning.

The End

Thank you to my two guild members who let me use their Lupes in this story!

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