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15 Things Your Kiko Will Appreciate

by roversydneygirl


It’s Kiko Day! Once again, we celebrate those bobbing balls with big hands and warm personalities. There really is no Neopet that could even claim to be a Kiko. They are just like no other. So, to celebrate these wonderful but crazy creatures that inhabit a place that would just be called ‘Lake’ without them, I decided to put together a list of 15 things that your Kiko will love, along with their prices. Prices are estimations of cost of the item from an owner-owned shop, not a Neopian-owned shop. Here we go. Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any accidents, incidents, or injuries that may occur by the result of improper usage of the items listed here today. Thank you.

1. Rainbow Kiko Plaster

It still remains a mystery; how all Kikos break their head on the same spot at birth. Many theories exist, but not one has been proven right. But one thing is for sure; you don’t want your Kiko to look boring with that plain old bandage, do you? No, I didn’t think so. So, go grab a Rainbow Kiko Plaster, and all will be well and brightly colored. Estimation of price: 23,000 NP.

2. Candy Feast

Yum! All Kikos have a sweet tooth and this is sure to satisfy it. From its candy cane to its cupcake, it’s sure worth a few hundred neopoints. And, not to mention, its rarity is 101! Your Kikos will fall in love with it and you’ll be able to buy more of them, because they’re so cheap. It’s a win-win.

3. Kiko Lake Team Water Bottle or Maraqua Team Water Bottle etc.

Now, we know this item is retired, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find it! For only 7,400 NP, you’re sure show to your team spirit and cool off your Kiko. Just don’t forget, if your Kiko gets too hot, you can pull off the top and pour some cool water on them. Relaxing!

4. Niten Hiroru

Hiiii yaaa! Niten Hiroru, the Kiko ninja, defends part of Neopia. Not much has ever been seen of him but despite the fact he doesn’t have legs, he is a fairly good ninja. This trading card will surely be the best you’ll ever see of him (since he has thousands of adoring fans), if you can find one and afford it for 18,000 neopoints.

5. Magical Chokato Chia Pop

Oh, so you want a Chokato Kiko, do you? Well, I bet you didn’t know that a Magical Chokato Chia Pop could turn your plain Kiko into a Chokato Kiko! I’m telling the truth; these magical pops do many magical things. Just don’t give your Kiko (or any pet besides a Chia) any other pops, because bad things happen. I doubt that you can even afford this pop, though; it costs 2,000,000 NP. Note that the pop only turns Kikos into Chokato form.

6. Kiko Match Home Version

Yesss! Finally, after all that waiting, you can bring Kiko Match home with you! Now, you don’t have to leave your home to play the spectacular matching game! For 1,900 neopoints, you’re getting all that fun for the cheapest price! So, go on out and get your Kiko this home version, and make him or her the coolest neopet on the block.

7. Kiko Sludge Bomb

BOOOM! That was your bomb after it hit your opponent, and it exploded into a pile of sludge. Yes, very violent, we know. But, funny all the same. Just light the fuse before you throw it or else your opponent will receive a free bomb. For just 13,000 neopoints, you’ll teach the meanies a lesson they won’t forget.

8. Kiko Day Cake

What better way to celebrate a day than to have a cake dedicated to the day itself!?!? I say, we dig into this delicious green cake before the meepi-I mean pizza gets here. *looks around cautiously* So, um, go Kikos! Dig in! *creeps away silently before getting pulled into a hole dug by small, pink, fingers* Cost: 15,000 NP.

9. Kiko Care

Obviously, if you’re going to have a neopet that’s prone to injures, and you don’t want to keep having to take trips to the doctor, you should know how to take care of your beloved pet’s boo-boos. There are many books about taking care of your Kiko, but this one is most trusted. So, go use 550 of your precious neopoints to buy something that’ll really mean a lot to your neopet.

10. Steel Kiko Helmet

If you want to have a strong, well-defended Kiko, you’re going to need some armour. And this helmet will definitely do the trick. It has a heavy-duty steel outside with molding inside, so one size fits all Kikos. The ear plates are hand crafted out of pure platinum and the eye holes are hand carved. This is one protective helmet. So, go down to Defense Magic and pick up one today for 890 neopoints.

11. Dive Into Kiko Lake Poster

That’s right, dive in! For just 65 NP, you’re sure to love that red Kiko on a raft. After seeing this poster, you’ll want to go visit Kiko Lake and ride a raft just like the lucky Kiko on the poster. And you’ll be able to with all the NP you saved from buying that poster from where you did. So, go on out to the nearest store and buy one today.

12. Pulling Face Kiko Gnome or Yellow Kiko Gnome etc.

There are many Kiko Gnomes to choose from, and you’re sure to find one that suits your personality. The estimated costs are from anywhere between 4,500 neopoints to 10,000 to 61,000 to an unknown amount. But one thing’s for sure, any gnome will definitely spruce up your garden.

13. Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy

If it exists and you can find it, the Hidden Tower is the place to go to get this squeeze toy. For 300,000 NP, this item is not a bargain, but it does deflect all water attacks cast on you in the Battledome. So, if you find this mythical ‘Hidden Tower,’ this’ll be yours. But the Hidden Tower is just like Jelly World; it doesn’t exist. ;)

14. Orange Kiko Sofa

If you’re tired of sitting on the floor in your Neohome, this comfy couch with matching green throw pillows will surely relax you. At 2,900 neopoints, this sofa will be there for you without emptying your wallet. So go ahead, buy that couch. And that armchair, ooo, and that TV, oh, and that vanity, and...

15. Non-Magical Blue Kiko Squeeze Toy

So, you remember that mythical Hidden Tower and its overpriced items, right? Well, no worries, because now, you can impress, and fool, your friends with this non-magical toy. It looks much like the real one, but for only 900 NP, it’s not even a quarter of the price. What a bargain. The only problem with this is that it is a toy, not a super water-reflector. Sorry!

All right, there you have it; 15 things that will make you, quote, ‘the best owner in the whole wide Neopia.’ Yes, it is true; neopoints can buy everything and anything.

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