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Spending Your Altador Cup Prize Points

by hereforgames14


Good morning, Neopians! I'm your ever-creative guide, Joht! As you can see, I am a stylishly simple blue Wocky, and I'm here to tell YOU about the Altador Cup Prize Shop. Yes, that magical place that opened up at the end of the Altador Cup. You go there to receive your participation medal, or trophy to the winning teams, but that's not all! Every Altador Cup Player gets a certain amount of points to spend at the prize shop, depending on how many of what type of games they played.

The Prize Shop has a variety of prizes for you to choose from, and I understand you may need some help deciding. "But I haven't even been to the Prize Shop yet!", you say? Well, my good friend, you don't have to. Choosing your Altador Cup Prizes doesn't, or at least shouldn't, involve staring for hours at all of the prizes trying to decide which one is worth it No, wouldn't it be better to just know what to spend your points on as soon as you walk in the door?

"Well, then how do I decide?! I don't know WHERE to start thinking!" Oh, don't worry. There are three simple questions you need to ask yourself in order to decide what to spend your prize points on.

1. How many games did I play?

2. Why did I play in the Altador Cup?

3. What do I like to do?

"...what does that have to do with prizes?" Oh my, don't you look dumbfounded. *chuckles* Don't worry, it will all make sense shortly. You see, what you get for your Altador Cup Prizes is extremely important. You can't just choose the one that looks the shiniest or the most dangerous. There are no refunds in the Prize Shop; once you buy it, your points are gone. That's why you need to ask yourself these questions. To further explain, I will give each question a separate section.

Part One: How many games did I play?

In the Altador Cup, every game is worth a certain amount of prize shop points (as long as you didn't submit a very low score). To be specific, one game of:

Winning Yooyuball= 12 Prize Shop Points

Drawing Yooyuball= 6 Prize Shop Points

Slushie Slinger= 6 Prize Shop Points

Make Some Noise= 1 Prize Shop Point

Shootout Showdown=1 Prize Shop Point

Therefore, if you won 50 games of Yooyuball throughout the entire Cup, you have 600 Prize Shop Points. It's that simple! Now that you know how to, the first thing you need to do is calculate how many Prize Shop points you have in total. I'll give you a few minutes.

*takes Borovan break*

Alright, are you done? Good. Now, you need to figure out just exactly what your prize range is. While it is definitely wonderful that you managed to play 50 games of Yooyuball, unfortunately, that is not enough for a Paint Brush. Not even close, I'm afraid.

In general, if you have less than 1,000 points, you will be in the range of Small Trinkets, some clothing, mugs, school supplies, or maybe a book. Even though you don't have that many points, you still have quite a selection.

Those of you with 1,000 to 5,000 points can expect the same thing, just in larger quantities. You may be able to afford a stamp, which are very likely to inflate if you leave them in your Safety Deposit Box for a few years. If there are items that exist solely for this range, they will probably not be re-released on the site.

For everyone that made 5,000 through 15,000 points, you did a lot of hard work! You should definitely be able to afford a stamp or two. Don't go straight for it, though; there are other items that might be worth it! Not many people get into this area of prizes, so things are definitely worth a lot of value. Be sure to check out any wearables too! If there are any trinkets or plushies in this range, I would be wary. Unless you're a collector who wants to keep it, leave them. These things are very hard to sell back to the public.

15,000 Points and up! You all are amazing! To reward you for your hard work, the Altador Prize Shop has a few special prizes just for you! This could be anything, from books to petpets to paint brushes! Keep in mind, you're not all going to be able to afford everything. Paint brushes can go anywhere in price, but they're usually very high. Expect to go for the third or maybe second most expensive thing.

Part Two: Why did I play in the Altador Cup?

Our reasons all vary greatly here. You may say it was because you love your team, because you didn't know what it was, because you wanted a new experience, or maybe even just because you love Yooyuball. Any way you look at it, everyone's reasons affect their prize making decisions.

If you joined the Altador Cup because you loved your team, then this choice should be easy for you! The Altador Cup usually has multiple selections for the teams that played! You could stock in bulk, or if you're an every-team lover, buy one of each! It's supporting your favorite teams and everyone else, which is what the Altador Cup is all about!

Now if you joined the Altador Cup for a new experience, I'd recommend getting a large variety of prizes! Instead of only getting things that specifically have to do with teams, branch out! Buy a guide on playing Yooyuball, grab a chocolate, maybe a souvenir cup too. Grab a program on your way out, and don't forget to grab a toy for the little ones at home, too!

Lastly, if your love of Yooyuball drew you to the Altador Cup, then the prize shop should help you live through that long off-season. Grab everything Yooyu involved that you can! Cereal, play pens, wood carvings, even the petpet itself!... if you're lucky.

Yes, now you see it! There are many reasons to get all sorts of prizes! "Yes, I see it now, but there's so much! How do I narrow it down?" Don't fret, I planned for that question too. Which is why we move onto section three!

Part Three: What do I like to do?

You now realize that choosing your Altador Prize points involves far more than you thought. You need to seriously sit down and sort through all of this mess! While it's true that every team lover will want to buy their teams gear, do you really want to buy a Jersey if your pet is unconverted or buy a statue for a neohome that you don't even own? Exactly. To buy a prize that you really want, you need to LIKE it.

For those of you who like to collect things, the more rare and strange items should probably stick out! While that book may be worth more Prize Shop Points, practically no one will buy that play pen! It should make a perfect addition to your gallery.

To our restockers, that paint brush probably looks pretty good right now. Wait, though! In a few days, that paint brush will have deflated a few million neopoints. It might be smarter to grab that stamp or book instead, things that are going up on the price scale.

Everyone that likes to draw or write can obviously appreciate the detail placed into the toys available, but are they your best choice? Wouldn't you much rather have a wonderful limited edition set of erasers? Pick up that paper weight, you wouldn't want your story flying away after you just finished erasing your mistakes!

Remember, everyone, you don't want to buy a prize you don't like. You worked very hard for your points, and you won't get another opportunity for another year! You don't necessarily need to earn tons of money, as long as you're happy with what you bought. The Altador Cup can be a stressful time, especially just after the season ended. Just relax, plan ahead, and be prepared. Do that, and your only worry will be those awful long lines. *shivers*

That's all for now, Neopia! I hope you leave this guide with a thorough understanding on how to choose your prizes, and a new appreciation for simple blue Wockies. Your caring guide, Joht.

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