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Summer Days Deserve Summer Drinks

by vortex_paula2


Since it is now the beginning of July, the month of Swimming, many Neopets plan on taking a dip in the refreshing ocean waters, lying on the sandy beaches of Mystery Island, and perhaps afterwards, playing a competitive game of Beach Volleyball. And after all that hard work, it’s nice to cool off with a cold beverage. However, the process of picking that beverage can be complicated and almost confusing, what with such a grand variety. That’s why I’m here to help you choose the perfect summer drink.

When most people think of relaxing by the poolside, they usually picture someone sipping an iced cold drink with a little umbrella in it, and perhaps a lemon wedge on the side. Traditionally, the obvious beverage to pick would be a tall glass of cold lemonade, with a bendy-straw and a slice of lemon on the side, for decorative purposes, of course. For those who’d like to stray from the classic ever so slightly, there’s also a choice of limeade, which is just like lemonade in every way, except instead of using lemons, it uses limes. For those who feel a bit adventurous, though, there are other alternative versions of the ever-popular drink, such as Grapeade, made with hand-squeezed grapes, Chokatoade, made with hand-squeezed Chokatos, and Inkade, which, if you follow the trend, would be made of hand-squeezed ink! Also, Tigerade is always available, which has the delicious flavor of Tigerbuggles. If you’re looking for something tangy, Phearade is a good choice, but if you’re in the mood for something sweet, Juppieade is probably a better choice. If you feel like a sour drink, then Lemoranade is the best option for you. All of these alternative drinks have the experience of drinking lemonade, while not actually drinking lemonade.

Another classic drink is the milkshake. Neopian milkshakes come in a vast variety—thirty flavors, to be exact—so there’s bound to be a flavor you’ll enjoy. Some of the more agreeable types are Vanilla, Chocolate, Butterscotch and Neopolitan, but if your Neopet seems grown-up enough, perhaps you could let them try a Coffee Milkshake—the bitterness of coffee combined with the appetizing taste of a milkshake. For those of you who are more fruit-friendly, I suggest Strawberry, Banana, Cherry, Lime, Peach, Raspberry or Kiwi. Of course, there are also some flavors that most can’t wrap their heads around, like Date, Pastrami, and Mutant, but different people have different preferences, no matter how gross those preferences might seem.

Are you a Neocola or Achyfi type of person? Either way, both brands are great to drink on a hot summer day in July. Just drop an ice cube or two into your cola can, or you could put it in the fridge or freezer ahead of time. While Neocola has fresh flavors (think Diet Neocola, Cherry Neocola, Apple Neocola, Grapefruit Neocola, and Raspberry Neocola), Achyfi is certainly bolder, to say the least. Playing it safe and going for familiar flavours such as Lime, Raspberry, Strawberry, and even Banana, is always good. However, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you could dare to pick the unconventional flavorings of Bacon, Jumbleberry, Tarragon, Celery or Broccoli, though I wouldn’t recommend the one that’s flavored Dirt.

Those with milder palates always appreciate a simple juice. Whether you pick Orange Juice or Apple Juice, Goparokko Fruit Punch or Qando Fruit Punch, it seems to make a day out in the blistering heat so much more bearable. You can never go wrong with Raspberry Cranberry Juice, Stramberry Juice, or with the sweet taste of a Pink Peachpa Cooler. Banango Punch has a tangy sort of taste to it, and is probably the only drink I’ve ever seen served with a curly straw. If you’d prefer something more tropical, though, while drinking a Coconut Cocktail you can practically hear the ocean waves as they splash upon the shore, then retreat just as quickly. With a Pineapple Breeze in your hand, you can almost feel the spray of the seawater splashing upon your face. Sipping a Blue Cocofizz can make you feel as if you were transported to a tropical paradise of your own (and it also turns your tongue blue!). It truly takes you to a whole other place. In the mood for something classy? Fizzy Apple Juice has that sparkling-drink sort of refinement, while still tasting like the Apple Juice you know and love. Also, you have a couple of other carbonated choices, like Bubbly Harffel Fruit Juice, Bubbly Roseatte Juice, Bubbly Rhuby Fruit Juice, or Bubbly Twirly Fruit Juice.

If you simply can’t live without your Borovan, but you’d rather not drink a scorching hot beverage on such a warm day, Iced Borovan is the next best thing. But because Borovan isn’t everyone’s cup of, well, Borovan, there are such things called Smoothies. The Smoothies from the Smoothie Store can be delectable, but maybe not quite the thing you’d picture yourself drinking on the beach. Fortunately, there’s a Tropical Fruit Smoothie, which is guaranteed to help cool you down on those summer days when you need it the most.

Still insisting on something fancy? Benyeroberry Parasol Faerie Punch, Twirly Fruit Parasol Faerie Punch, Fresh Faerie Fruit Parasol Punch and Thornberry Parasol Faerie Punch are all delicious mixtures of Faerie Punch, and they all come with their own little umbrella! After all, there’s nothing quite as snazzy as a tiny parasol in your drink.

Hopefully, I’ve helped you discover a whole new world of pleasant summer drinks. Now you won’t have to spend your time sitting by the water with a thirsty throat and an unhappy stomach. With these new, and in some cases, quite exotic, flavors, your lazy days lying on the beach might just be twice as enjoyable. Can’t you picture it already? You’re looking out at all the Neopets swimming in the water as you twiddle with your straw absentmindedly. You pull your drink closer to your lips to take just a small sip of that drink that lays right in front of you, and it’s as if there’s an explosion of flavour in your mouth, tropical and refreshing. Ahhhhhhhh... There’s nothing quite like it.

Or, then again, you could always stick to water.

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