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The Destruction of Faerieland: Fact or Fiction?

by shipooply


With the recent collapse of Faerieland, many scientists, including the lab ray scientist, have been looking upon why the damage to the area of the now new Faerieland was kept to a minimum. According to studies performed throughout the secret laboratory, statistics show that Faerieland should have created a gigantic crater on the face of Neopia, destroying everything in its path with the only survivors deep underground in Moltara. However, neither of those has happened. Neopia has stayed as normal as possible with the collapse of the city in the clouds and all other Neopets are still survivors. What intrigued all scientists was the one question; How?

1. Due to the solid foundation of Faerieland being clouds, many scientists have speculated that the force produced by the city after plummeting 10,000 feet had no effect as the water held in the clouds simply vanished into evaporation created from the fall, leaving nothing but the faeries' existence and fresh water sources on the land surrounding the incident.

2. Throughout “The Faeries’ Ruin”, the descent of Faerieland had been extremely slow. According to many calculations, the descent of Faerieland began on September 22, 2010, (22nd of Gathering Year 12) and officially collapsed on November 25 2010, (25th of Storing Year 12). Meaning, Faerieland dropped from an altitude of 10,000 feet to ground level in a matter of 65 days, at a rate of 153.8 feet per day, meaning Faerieland only travelled at an approximate rate of 6,41 feet per hour or 0.00121401515151515152 miles per hour. At that rate, the amount of force produced on the land at the point of contact from the plummeting Faerieland would be 0,16N, almost the same amount of force produced by dropping an object weighing only 16 grams! Therefore, the images predicted by the plot are false, as there should not have been an extremely huge explosion created by the fall and nothing should have been destroyed.

3. The mere existence of Faerieland is actually unknown. Like the Hidden Tower, many people have not actually seen Faerieland. Therefore, it is hard to believe for many people that Faerieland actually exists. Was Faerieland only but an illusion created from the reflection of light off of Maraqua? If Faerieland never existed, how could there be a war and a huge explosion? It was all a myth. The only Faerieland we know of today was a new tribe of faeries discovered not too long ago.

4. Why live in clouds when you can live on land? What are the advantages of living on a cloud? Sure, it might be nice and fluffy, perhaps even cool with the wind breeze, and the view must be amazing. However, what if you were afraid of heights? Living high up in clouds wouldn’t be that awesome after all. There’s also the weather! Up in the sky, it is usually cold, and clouds are water; therefore, it will certainly be always wet or snowy, which is why many other Neopians, and certain faeries, decided to live on land before going to the clouds. Land is solid, and you don’t have to be worried about falling, except tripping over a half-crushed can of neocola. There are also many things to do on land, such as swimming in Kiko Lake, taking a stroll in the Lost Desert, vacationing on Mystery Island, mining and exploring the underground system in Moltara, or taking a hike in the mountain areas of Neopia such as Altador, Terror Mountain, and Tyrannia. With so much more to do on land, it was guaranteed a move was eventually going to happen, which brings me to my next solution.

5. Faerieland itself existed; however, the plot was a spoof. It was known that many of the faeries were fed up with living high up in the sky, where a lack of oxygen really put a toll on their bodies. Many faeries were always lightheaded and never enjoyed the moment. It was said that a vote was made to move Faerieland to the ground, which would be a long and complicated process. The vote ruled in favour of the move and within the next day, under the powers of Queen Fyora, Faerieland began its descent. That theory is highly possible as the descent was really slow and took much of the power of Queen Fyora, leaving her exhausted after it all. The amount of power put into the move was overwhelming at the moment Faerieland touched Neopia, which created the huge explosion.

6. Neopia itself elevated, rather than Faerieland falling. With a weird world out there, who knows what could happen. Perhaps the spell created was actually used on the land of Neopia, pulling it closer to Faerieland until both met? The force of the spell would have had to be extremely strong, which resulted in the mass explosion once the spell was broken.

7. The sky and higher up was already taken over by Virtupets and Kreludor. Being 10,000 feet in the sky above Neopia means being 10,000 feet even closer to the evil Dr. Sloth! Scary! Who would want that? For sure, not those peaceful faeries, and Jhudora, of course. Being another part of Neopia in the sky, there could have been a possibility of a war between Virtupets and Kreludor against the faeries. Smart move for the Faeries? Yes. Smart move for the other Neopians and players? No. A lot of us Battledomers would have loved for a war like the Battle of Meridell to happen again. And high up in the sky? Way cooler! The power and evil of Dr. Sloth against the royalty and kindness of Queen Fyora: who would win this awesome and epic war? (That should one day happen!) The good side or the evil?

8. This is getting pretty long, so this will be my last theory that I will post. The economy. With all the recent deflation in huge products, buying land and houses on Neopia has been at its all-time low! With all the money raised in the supposedly “Hidden Tower”, Queen Fyora was able to purchase an entire new and improved city, even with an upgraded Wheel of Excitement and a new hiding spot for the Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity!

As we can see, many theories have been created as to whether the crashing of Faerieland was actually planned, or really just a crazy event that happened because for whatever reason the Faeries made it happen... That is, if it really happened. Could have been those Meepits, you know....

When the Lab Ray Scientist isn’t zapping pets, he is back at his desk trying to figure out the real solution as to why Faerieland is now literally, FaerieLAND and not FaerieCLOUDS. I hope many of you fellow readers also try and figure out the real mystery as to what happened here.

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