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Illusen the Kadoatie #3: Little Mooty

by skittyfan100


Oblivia was at Neoschool, and her owner was in washing dishes in the kitchen. So what else was there for a Kadoatie to do but scratch up the Rainbow Couch in the living room a little, then take a nice, long nap on it?

     I slowly opened my eyes. I slowly lifted my paws to them, then I wiped the moisture out. Then I let out a loud yawn.

     Then, the strangest thing happened. A target appeared on my stomach (I was lying on my back), and a zig zag of orange hoops appeared in the air above me. Then a Mootix appeared out of nowhere, and began to fly through the orange hoops.

     "Mootix Drop!" I said sleepily.

     The Mootix reached the end of the hoops, then pulled out a blue and yellow parachute. Then it slowly floated down onto the target, making a perfect bullseye. Then the target and the hoops disappeared.

     "Alright, pest," I said. "Your game is over. Now get off my stomach!"

     The Mootix made a huge leap into my mouth.

     "Sorry, but I'm YOUR petpetpet now!" it cheered.

     "WHAT?!" I screamed. (Which was very hard with a petpetpet wriggling around in my mouth) "I don't want to live with some Habitarium pest!"

     I heard the door close, then Oblivia walked into the living room.

     "I'm home, my Kadoatie angel!" she said. She scooped me up and hoisted me into the air. Then she looked at the Mootix in my mouth.

     "You got a Mootix?!" she said with joy. "How wonderful, and I didn't even have to pay for him! Let's call him... Little Mooty!"

     She put me back on the couch.

     "I'll go get some snacks. Then you, Little Mooty, and I can watch some Neovision!" She ran to the kitchen.

     Little Mooty jumped out of my mouth and into my fur.

     "ITCHY!!!" I screamed. I scratched wildly. My entire body was crawling with itchiness.

     "GET OUTTA MY FUR!" I screamed.

     "No way!" said Little Mooty. "Your fur is so warm and well brushed. It's a Mootix dream!"

     I got an idea. If he liked clean, well brushed fur... let's just say, it was time to get down and dirty!

     The next morning, after Oblivia left for school, I jumped out an open window into the front lawn. I spotted a nice big mud puddle, then I leaped into the air.

     "Goodbye, Little Mooty, or should I say, Little Pest!" I yelled.


     Mud splashed all over the front yard as I belly flopped into the mud puddle. I climbed out then rubbed the mud out of my eyes. My green fur was now brown, sticky, and oozing with mud.

     Little Mooty jumped onto my forehead.

     "Hey, Illusen," he said. "Do you think maybe you could skip the mud baths? It makes your fur all slippery!"

     "Oh, sure," I said. "I won't jump into mud anymore."

     "Great!" Little Mooty jumped back into the muddy fur on my back.

     I walked over to the kitchen window, the smell of cookies steaming from it (Oblivia's owner loves to cook and bake). There was a Scented Hearts Flower in a pot sitting on the windowsill. I jumped up and pushed it right off.


     I dove into the soil and began to roll around in it. It stuck to my fur, making it look like a chocolate fudge covered chocolate ice cream sundae. Little Mooty jumped to the top of my head again.

     "Dude!" he said. "'Quit making your fur all dirty! It's so uncomfortable and hard to move in!"

     "Sorry, little fella," I said. "I promise not to make my fur any more dirty."

     Little Mooty jumped back into my fur. But I wasn't done yet!

     I jumped into the kitchen through the window and sneaked past Oblivia's owner, who was busy squeezing oranges into orange juice to go with her chocolate chip cookies.

     I walked down a long, cold stone staircase to the SDB. I walked through the rows and rows of shelves items from useless junk to paint brushes Oblivia's owner was waiting to retire and become much more valuable.

     I finally got to a shelf full of perfume bottles. I climbed to the top and took a bottle of Skunk Perfume with my tail. I held my breath, then I used my tail to spritz it all over me.

     Little Mooty coughed and gasped for air.

     "What's wrong with you?!" he screamed.

     "I promised to not make my fur anymore DIRTY," I said. "I didn't say anything about STINKY."

     "If this is how you treat your fur, I guess I may as well pack my bags and find another Kadoatie who has respect for how she looks," he said.

     "Yesssss!!!" I whispered to myself.


     I looked down. It was Oblivia, and she looked angry! I jumped down, and Oblivia quickly grabbed her nose.

     "Phew!" she yelled. "This so isn't like you! You're getting a two hour long bath, right now!"

     As usual when I got bad news, my ears twitched.

     "Why me?!" I whispered to myself.

     And so, just like Oblivia said, I was stuck in the bath tub for two whole hours. Halfway through the bath, while Oblivia was scrubbing my fur, rubber gloves on her hands and a clothes line pincher thingy on her nose, Little Mooty jumped onto the ledge of the bath and giggled.

     "You can't outsmart a Mootix!" he said. "I may be small, but my brain is large!"

      Oblivia took out a Goldy Bath Sponge and scrubbed my back so hard it nearly burned all of my fur off, and Little Mooty laughed wildly.

     "Why me..." I growled to myself.

     That night, Oblivia and I were watching Neovision in the living room. As she went to the bathroom, Little Mooty jumped in my ear.

     "You know, if you hate baths so much, you shouldn't have rolled in mud, dirt, and skunk perfume," he whispered.

     That's when I snapped. My anger was no longer bottled. I smacked Little Mooty out of my ear and onto the couch.

     "I DID THAT SO I COULD GET RID OF YOU!!!" I screamed.

     "W-what?" said Little Mooty. His tiny eyes filled with tears.


     "Oh... I understand," said Little Mooty, the ocean of tears in his eyes now splashing all over his green cheeks. He jumped off the couch and into a small hole in the wall. I lay down on the couch in relief.

     "Finally!" I said. I hadn't felt this relieved since I escaped from the Kadoatery!

     The next morning, I woke up really early at 6:00 AM. This was unusual because I usually woke up really late.

     I woke up early because my skin and fur felt really, really strange. There was no little itch that I usually felt!

     "Little Mooty?" I asked sleepily as I lay in my Disco Petpet Bed. "Are you okay? Why aren't your little feet itching my skin?"

     I got no response.

     "Little Mooty?" I asked worried. "Where are you, Little Buddy?!"

     Then I remembered what happened last night. Tears began rolling down my cheeks.

     "What have I done?!" I cried. I ran out into the hallway. Unlike me, Oblivia and her owner were early birds. Her owner was in the kitchen making a grocery list and Oblivia was in the living room watching early morning shows on Neovision. I ran into the living room and over to the hole in the wall.

     "Little Mooty!" I yelled into the hole. "I'm sorry! Please come back!"

     Oblivia picked me up and carried me into the kitchen.

     "You HAVE to see this, Illusen!" she said. She pointed to her Habitarium on the kitchen table. "It's a Mootix who dances!"

     She was right! In the middle of the Habitarium, a Mootix was dancing, lots of other petpetpets gathered around, cheering. Olivia put me on the table next to the Habitarium and left.

     "Little Mooty!" I cried. "Is that you in there?!"

     The Mootix stopped dancing and looked up at me.

     "I thought you didn't want me to be your petpet, and I was a 'little pest'," he said.

     "I'm really, really sorry!" I said. "You were just so itchy... I didn't mean what I said! Please come back to me!"

     Little Mooty smiled. He opened a secret door in the ground of the Habitarium and hopped out. Then he climbed into my fur, and hugged my skin.

     "Friends forever," he said.

     "You bet, Little Buddy," I said happily. "I promise I'll be careful to keep my fur clean."

     "And I'll try to be less itchy," he said. "Now, if you excuse me, I have to practice my dancing."

     As he leaped and danced across my skin, it burned with itchiness. But I ignored it, jumped off the table, walked to the bedroom, climbed into my Disco Petpet Bed, and took a nice long nap, knowing I had a new friend for life.

The End

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